Dark Souls 3: Lautrec is Back

Dark Souls 3: Lautrec is Back

WHAT IS THAT? WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?! I’m free! Now… I can get back to work. I am Knight Lautrec of Carim. NO ESCAPING, BANANA PREPEH TO DEH FALCON KICK! FALCON KICK! FALCON KICK! FALCON PUNCH! BAM BA DAM WOOOO GET DOWN TONIGHT *random shit* GET DOWN TONGIHT *very manly shout* Plunging attack! Okay now, the secret to this guy is you gonna wait till’ he’s just right below you… and then you go for the plunging attack. Aaand killed him in one hit! uh, the game is too easy kids, you’re gonna need a harder game if you wanna get past… ULTRA COMBO

100 Replies to “Dark Souls 3: Lautrec is Back

  1. i've decided to go with a lautrec build because i seem to get a lot of kills with a +10 scimitar lol i figured this would be perfect

  2. 0:27 You cheeky boy, didn't think I'd notice the jump from 38K souls to 0 by the second monstro aye?

  3. When you're about join aldritch faithful, but you just beat one steroid rat, and your not fighting two of those motherfuckers at once.

  4. Лотрик парировал очень круто, было бы в видео парирование со смертельным добиванием было бы круче.

  5. You should have equipped the parrying dagger as left handed weapon.
    I’m disappointed.

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