Dark Souls 3: Black Knights

Dark Souls 3: Black Knights

*Circle of life plays* *IT’S THE CIRLCE OF LIIIIIFE* Well Played! Nice Meme! KIRK KNIGHT OF THORNS ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT Sonic’s the name, speed’s my game! UR 2 SLOW C’mon step it u- GO TO JAIL UHH GO TO JAIL “Space, the final frontier” But I’m not done yet! I’VE GOT A BONE TO PICK WITH YOU

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  1. "I've got a BONE to pick with YOU!" 6:28
    Man! I die laughting at the moment they pissed this Caethus Knight! ='))))

  2. 外人さんはさぁ、もっと強い奴と戦ってる動画あげなよ いつも雑魚狩りしてるだけじゃん?

  3. Ну почему??Почему названия видео по русски написано,а коменты на инглише??втф

  4. Ahhh the black knight Greatsword, honestly one of the best weapons , especially infused with fire, to use in DS2 (only have 360 so I got that game about 2 yrs ago and been playing it for break)

  5. When people think that's heavy…

    Try using a balanced build with enough stregth and carry to hold the Lothric K GS and the Lothric K GSH and be able to fast role

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