Dark Souls 2 – Emotional Damage Run

Dark Souls 2 – Emotional Damage Run

No! No, no, no, no, no, no. This is bad. How the fuck did they break it? The guy- Fuck, this is bad. He’s gonna get me. Ah! Fucking hell… Holy shit, we’re safe. Fuck that. Fuck that. Oh my god, that’s-
That’s four things that could’ve hit me in a span of 15 seconds. What would happen if you reset the game every time you took damage? One year ago,
Otzdarva made the worst mistake of his life… … and decided to find out. He attempted to beat Dark Souls 2 completely
undamaged. He made it very far… But not far enough… Until now. How!? What!? Fuck. God fucking damnit. Motherfucker. Excuse me?! No, no, no! All my fucking life
I’ve been trying to be careful because I knew that could happen.It had never happened, but I knew it could happen. Oh, no, no… Oh, fuck… Are you-
fucking- Are you fucking-
You fucking kidding me. Whoa, oh, holy shit that speed. Where’s my-
Oh shit. Where’s my binoculars? I’m already dead. No! Not him! No, oh! Fucking hell, son of a fucking bitch. I stepped too much into the fucking pier… No! Fuck off! Fuck off, I saw it happen
and I couldn’t run because my stamina ran out. Once every fucking hundred times they will ignore the fucking tree and come right at me. Headshot. *inhuman growl* Fucking hell. Talking about headshots… Fuck! The timing was slightly off… No… Son of a fucking bitch! They never fucking do that up top. What!? *3 hours of progress lost* God fucking damnit. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. I can’t afford to hit him twice. I can’t afford to hit him, if he does the
other thing… You can follow up to that… Ah… Fuck… The timing, the timing. Not like this, not like this. He’s gonna fucking hit me again, isn’t he? (yes) Oh shit. Shit, shit. Get fucked, c’mon! Why does it take so long… Why does it take so long? *pain intensifies* It didn’t even fucking come at the place I was at. I should’ve stayed back, I should’ve
stayed back, but if you stay back… You just can never fucking get the middle ground, you need to pussy out or go for it. And I was in the middle. I don’t get it, man. I do so little damage, I don’t understand. That dragged on for so long. Oh my fucking god. I’m-
I’m done. See you guys later. Alright. This it guys. This is where the run is made or broken. When you’re feeling low,
And begin to cower, Call upon Harry
To increase your Power! Bye-bye, son of a bitch. Ugh, alright… Nice. Very… nice. The brightbug is really important. There we go. It’s really bad. Come on, stop to buff, you assholes. There we go. *massive clench* Fuck. Off. You both. That was very close. That was very, very close. No, no, no. Thank god for that little delay. Hah hahahaha! Thank you common fruit. It’s over. It’s over, guys. It’s over… “Sounds like something a racist would say.” Listen, chat, okay? I am a not a racist. For the last time, I am not. Can we move on? Thank you. Hello black man, you have to die.

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  2. Hello man. You are really cool. This challenge is amazing. I want ascked about skills. Аre you upgrade skills on your personage? I hope you answer me:)

  3. можно ссылку на его стрим пожалуйста хотелось бы посмотреть на то как он пытается пройти это

  4. знаю этого парня 13 минут но он классный, переживал о его прохождении в нарезках больше чем о чем угодно

  5. Since this is a run where losing a single hit point (from what I've seen of all FS games, a hit no matter your armor and resistance to any damage guarantees you will always take at least one point of damage when hit by anything, no hit run is pretty obvious as being part of the no damage run) will cause you to reset your game…

    What stats would be utterly useless and pointless to add to when leveling up?

  6. GG to you Otzdarva, there was a LOT of time and dedication put into this run, awesome job for enduring the pain and making it through!

  7. Может лучше вернешься на небеса к другим богам, чо ты забыл на земле
    Maybe you should go back to heaven to other gods, what are you doing on earth

  8. Otz enters Looking Glass Knight arena

    Looking Glass Knight: Im about to end this whole man’s career.

  9. Man, you are crazy,
    in the first minutes of the video, I was able to feel the suffering of this sick choice

  10. Господи как же это ахуенно. Пересмотрел этот видос уже хз сколько раз.

  11. Dark Souls 2 has too many broken mechanics, I know many ppl have beat the game but still that is too much stress…

  12. Which is more rewarding: Earning Platinum on DS3 or NOT getting the Platinum, the only trophy locked being the one earned by dying?

  13. With all that broken hitboxes in DS2… You just won Stalingrad battle singlehanded…

    Just WOW…

    I'm speechless…
    You just showed me an impossible thing is a joke…

    The next thing I will know about you that you are a father of Shepad from ME…

  14. Now don't use a pussy build and challenge everything to a sword duel (if you are aware of the twitch "kappa" emote, put that in between the parenthesis instead of this)

  15. People stress about no hit runs, I think it's pointless, but I know people have achieved it, beating dark souls without dying once is more than good enough, trying to beat it with no damage? Just causing urself stress,

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