Dark Souls ► Prepare to Cry: Remastered [Trailer]

Dark Souls ► Prepare to Cry: Remastered [Trailer]

It’s been a long time since we came to Lordran. In the years since, we’ve fought millions of battles together. We’ve told stories of gods and men. And most importantly, we know how it ends; not with fire, as Gwyn hoped, nor with the abyss, as Gwyn feared. It ends with ash, a painted world and a Dark Soul. Man was born from the dark, a soul that is kindled, flickers, dwindles and dies in the shadow of his gods. The human form is fragile and death comes quickly. But the spirit is strong, and it clings to life like only a mortal can. So, in a way, Man was not designed to become Undead. Fear of death is what lets us live. Take that away, and humanity
becomes harder to hold onto. Without humanity, you could become
more Hollow than Man. Yet a Hollow who would die for something
has nothing to fear, for death simply becomes a stepping stone to his goal. Five years ago, we told nine Undead stories. One of the strongest man ever to make it to Anor Londo, who simply fell from its rafters. Another of a sorcerer in pursuit of great knowledge, who was undone by the secrets he found. For some treasures are not meant for men. And besides, even if you find the most
powerful weapon in the world there’s no reason to think you can save those you love. Mankind will never escape the curse of the gods, so why not put your faith in them? Perhaps if we offer up our humanity, we may receive their love in return? But no, there was never any hope of that, was there? These were the stories of fools who dared to believe in something greater. Hoping against hope that their final acts could have changed fate. [Oscar]: Regrettably, I have failed in my mission… But perhaps you can keep the torch lit… There is an old saying in my family… ‘Thou who art undead, art chosen.’ ‘In thine exodus from the Undead Asylum, maketh pilgrimage to the land of Ancient Lords.’ ‘When thou ringeth the Bell of Awakening,’ ‘the fate of the Undead thou shalt know.’ [VaatiVidya]: ‘If you fall down seven times, stand up eight.’ That was the cry of the Undead, all those years ago. And, for the most part, theirs were the stories we told. But it’s not just the Undead who have
stories worth telling. For in the years since, we’ve learned more about their Lords than ever before. There are five stories I want to bring to you. The first is the tale of a chaotic civilization
doomed to fade. Another of a lonely Lord, who lost his domain of death to gods and men. And I could think of at least one who would have preferred death to the alternative. There’s the story of a soul that
persisted throughout the ages. And, of course, the tale of the fearful God
that started it all. These are the stories that enthralled millions
of us for years, and it’s a privilege to bring them to you one last time. Prepare to Cry.

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  1. These are the five stories I believe will benefit most from a Remaster. I'm committed to completing at least these five, and i'll see how it goes from there! Thank you all for bringing me this far, it's been a hell of a ride and I hope I can keep entertaining you in the years to come.

  2. You are such an inspiration Vaatividya! I have been watching your videos for over a year after I started playing Dark Souls 3, and I could not be more enthralled by this universe and it's applications.

  3. When you say remastered, do you mean just making the old ones look good, or do you mean retelling these stories with the added lore of DS2/3? Not that it matters since Gwyn is the only consistent character in all 3 games. Everyone else seems like a cameo

  4. in the upcoming prepare to cries… could you mention who makes those awesome characachers you used on the end screen at 3:34. Thank you VaatiVidya for all you do with this content!

  5. No Solaire? No Sum BRO!?
    Well at least you ARE doing the prepare to cry, and that is awsome Vati, keep up the good work!

  6. I have one question aside from all other details in all the souls series(not soulsborne). What was the choice of the chosen undead for all time? There was multiple different choices but, for example optional bosses counts as stayed alive. For dark souls 1 and 2, we can guess the true ending somehow. But for three, you said story ends with ash and dark souls… But what happens to the world? Will they make it? Will the world finds a way to restore that goddamn fire? Many people escapes to the painted world but, what happens to the people we left? For example Andre? Firekeeper? All other npc's that lives through the end of the game in dark souls 3? Yuria? So, my question is…What was the choice… the action chosen undead made…? At the end, what did he/she do? other than delivering the dark soul to the painter ash… We know chosen one defeated the soul of cinder but, about the choice? What do we know?

  7. Just wanted to say, if you fall 7 times, you only need to get back up 7 times, not 8 😉
    Can't wait to see your videos, your work is greatly appreciated!

  8. this game looks so fucking good except, i know better than to think im gonna actually enjoy this cause i dont suck balls and wont rage quit. other than that awesome looking game i would love to play

  9. Those flickering images at the end… the hand of the doll, and the hat of the hunter… and then the Moon Presence, I think? Vaati, are you doing more Bloodborne stuff on top of the remaster videos? If so, I'm on board. 🙂


  11. Yea, you really should go back and do allot more on Bloodborne, there is so much more you can cover (saw the message at the end)

  12. One prepare to cry is the best series I have ever seen on youtube. Absolutely spectacular story making and editing. The only thing that breaks my heart is that Solaire of Astora, the first of the sun bros and king of jolly cooperation, didn't make the list. I almost cried as a full grown man when the rewind comes in on the prepare to cry video. Bring in Solaire!

  13. I loved the original one more lol the hopeless tone of that one is a classic <3 but still glad youll make a new one Vaati cant wait!

  14. dark souls, blood borne, and sekiro are possibly all in the same universe, for example, the item descriptions of katanas coming from a "far eastern land" or the style of dodging that sister freid entails, i also have a theory that the "Blood of the dark soul" is used to paint the world of bloodborne, which makes sense since the entire world of blood borne is based around blood. So bloodborne is actually a painting in the dark souls universe which is dying off just like the paintings of ariamis or ariandel.

  15. 3:35 As sly as ever. that hat belongs to Gehrman, albeit quite red. Wait a second… It is a slideshow, of the doll picking up Gehrmans hat, and Gehrman facing the moon presence.

    3:39 Someone translate what it all says at the ending and curious as to why Nito and Siegmeyers cards are upside down.

  16. I really love your work with the souls and bloodborne series. I'm happy to see more of these videos coming always a interesting listen!

  17. This first one should be popping up soon yeah? I'm looking forwards to Nito. he's honestly a bit underused, and I'm interested on your take on him.

  18. Maybe I have not seen it nore can find out the andswer to why does Gwendolyn has snakes for legs? No real answer have I seen. Have you?

  19. So it end with a painting inside a painting in a world, which is corrupted by the Abyss, but also never will?

    Why is Dark Souls so confusing???

    I love it.

  20. I wonder if this was filmed in Dark souls : remastered , or Dark Souls : Prepare to Die with HD textures and other graphical improvement mods…
    I don't remember the textures being so clean and shiny in the remastered…

  21. March 2019
    Still watching this
    The original Dark Souls was released in 2011…
    Says something about how this story touches your soul huh…

  22. hi vaatividya im one of your fans from the other world i really liked and admire your hard work and effort your making for the dark souls and bloodborne fans my kind request is just to added Arabic translation some of your videos have the translation some are not and if you do an explanation to the first dark souls i'm kinda confuse with the story i know there is the age of dragons and were fought by 5 great one and thats it how when who start what happened thats what i don't know one again thank you for ur precious work

  23. We got Artorias and Izalith.
    But what is with Gwyn, Nito and Siegmeyer 🙁

    I'm gonna keep waiting if you don't mind 😉

  24. i checked your channel after a while and realize you never finish this series…..are you gonna do it? or is it just forgotten already? you made artorias and daughter of chaos but then skipped to hawkwood from ds3 and then nothing 🙁 ………

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