Could Fallout 4 and Skyrim ever take place in the same universe?

Could Fallout 4 and Skyrim ever take place in the same universe?

Tamriel: “Dawn’s Beauty” in the language
of the Altmer, or “Taazokaan” in the Dragon’s Tongue, is the continent on which all of the
Elder Scrolls games take place. Home to many diverse races and even more conflicts, Tamriel
has been host to many adventures. You’ve experienced Tamriel in your own way, but what
if you’ve experienced it more than you think? What if maybe, just maybe, the world of Tamriel
and the world of Fallout are the same? Well, to get to the heart of the story, you have
to go back to…Fallout 4. The idea of Fallout and the Elder Scrolls
taking place on the same planet isn’t a new concept to me–in fact, it’s been a
kind of headcanon of mine for the past half a decade or so. Nothing I’ve ever taken
seriously before, but now things have changed. With the release of Fallout 4 there’s new
evidence on the table, so let’s dig into it, shall we? If you manage to get on good terms with the
Brotherhood of Steel and get to tour the Prydwen, you’ll come across a fun little nook in
the back, where there’s a super mutant on a slab and some weird plants. There’s Mutfruit and…yes, that’s right, Nirnroot. Well, it’s not called Nirnroot
in the game. It’s called “experimental plant.” But look at it! It’s Nirnroot!
In fact, if you head to the nearby terminal and check out the entries, you’ll notice
that the project name associated with the experimental plant is called “NRT-001.”
NRT. NirnRooT. Case closed. Same world. “Uhm, what about the fact that there’s
advanced technology in the Fallout universe and people are using bows and arrows in Skyrim?
What about Argonians and Khajiit? You don’t see a lot of lizard and cat people in the
world of Fallout. And not to mention that the world of Nirn looks
nothing like our world, and nothing like our world has EVER looked like that.” Alright alright Patrick the Pedant, calm down.
Did I forget to mention that the events of the Fallout games are the prehistoric past
of the events of the Elder Scrolls? Somewhere about here. Or…more. Back. Back. HERE. I’m
talking thousands, hundreds of …thousands, and maybe more years in the past. Let’s start with the basics: Fallout. Specifically,
actual, radioactive Fallout. I mean, what is radiation, even? Let’s go back to school
for a second. You know that everything’s made up of atoms, right? Copper, hydrogen,
carbon, uranium–all of it, atoms. And what’s an atom? It’s just a bunch of protons and
neutrons clumped together with a handful of electrons bonded to it–usually shown as orbiting.
The bunch of protons and neutrons in the middle is called a nucleus. Now, most elements are
stable, like boring old copper and gold, which means unless someone messes with them on a
subatomic level, a gold atom is likely to stay a gold atom forever. Some atoms, like Plutonium and Uranium, have an unstable nucleus, one that
doesn’t have enough energy to hold itself together, so it’ll randomly eject protons
and neutrons off into the void. That’s why it’s called Nuclear Radiation, because
it’s all centered around the nucleus, and the protons and neutrons radiate outward. Why is this dangerous? I mean, protons and
neutrons are small. INCREDIBLY small–smaller than an atom. Well, it turns out these protons
and neutrons are kind of a big deal. When they go flying off from their nucleus, they
transfer energy to nearby atoms as they pass by, throwing their electrons out of whack,
or sometimes even causing an atom to lose an electron entirely. Since atoms are the
stuff that makes stuff stuff, messing with how they operate in any way totally changes
the things they combine into–like a potato, piece of rock, or a cell in your body. The
cell in your body is particularly important, because if enough of these protons and neutrons
are flying through you, say in the event of a nuclear bomb going off, or perhaps too much
time spent in your refined Uranium chair, they can drastically alter the matter that
makes up your entire body. This is what causes radiation poisoning, and sometimes outright
death. Occasionally radiation doesn’t kill a cell entirely, but changes the way it operates
by messing with its DNA, which can lead to mutations, or cancer. It’s the reasoning behind giant scorpions,
bloatflies, molerats, and Ghouls in the Fallout Universe. There’s some debate about atmospheric
distribution of microdoses of Forced Evolutionary Virus that may have contributed, but the long
and short of it is that radiation had a hand. And maybe, just maybe, after many, many generations,
after all the poor unlucky folk died of cancer, the right combination of radiation could lead
to Lizard people, Cat people, and jerks with normal skin and pointy ears. This brings us half life. No, not that Half
Life. I mean radioactive half life decay, which is the amount of time it takes for a
bunch of radioactive material to decay halfway. See, when a radioactive substance like Uranium
loses neutrons and protons, the atom changes into something else–something not radioactive.
That’s called decay. Some Uranium has a half-life of 4.5 Billion years, which means
in 4.5 billion years, HALF of the present uranium atoms will have gotten rid of their
neutrons and protons, which means the radiation levels will have dropped by 50%, with 50%
leftover. In another 4.5 Billion years, half of that half will be gone, leaving 25% of the
radiation that was present 9 Billion years before still in tact. So…the world of Fallout
and Skryim is screwed, right? Well, not necessarily. For one, in the world of Fallout, it’s discovered
that local species have begun to adapt to high levels of radiation. It’s unclear exactly
how they’re doing this, either by aggressive cell regeneration and cancer-fighting immune
systems, or something else, it doesn’t matter. So it’s conceivable that, after billions
of years of radiation, man, mer, plant, and animal alike would have had plenty of time
to let Darwin bolster their bodies to the point where radiation is a long-forgotten
and distant danger. But it’s actually really unlikely that radiation
remains a danger in the Fallout universe for all that long–for one thing, the Fallout
from Nuclear bombs is way, way less stable than Uranium sitting on your desk is. The
tradeoff is that it’s significantly more dangerous. Most of the most dangerous radiation
released immediately after a nuclear bomb goes off has a half-life of seconds to a few
months–so it’s basically gone by the time any of the games really start. Some heavier,
more stable particles can have a half-life of hundreds of years, but they’re in pretty
small doses compared to the more immediate hazards. The average half-life for the Fallout
of a nuclear weapon, since it releases its energy incredibly quickly, is about 50 years.
That means by Fallout 4, 200 years after the great war, radiation levels should have fallen
to 6.25% of what they were at the time of detonation. So that’s encouraging. For a real-life worst-case example, take Chernobyl,
the worst nuclear pollution disaster in history. It’s estimated that in a mere 320 years,
it’ll be habitable again. In fact, there’s still people living in the exclusion zone,
believe it or not. Probably ghouls. The point is, the world is going to be livable
and lush again. All it will take is time, and life isn’t going anywhere, because life
finds a way. And there’s going to be plenty of time for
radiation to fade, because look at this map. Nirn looks almost nothing like our world,
which could be the biggest sticking point in our little theory–or at least it would
be were it not for continental drift. You know, the idea that our planet used to be
one supercontinent called Pangea, and eventually all the different continents drifted apart?
It’s entirely feasible that our continents shifted over hundreds and thousands, or even
hundreds of thousands of years into the continents of Tamriel and Akavir. Sure, these shifts
supposedly take aeons, but who knows what effect hundreds of nuclear bombs going off
simultaneously has on tectonic movements. “But what about magic.” Pff. What do you mean “what about magic?”
There’s totally magic in the Fallout Universe. There’s an entire quest about appeasing
a ghost in Fallout 2, and in Fallout 3 there’s the Dunwich building, that’s clearly haunted.
No, there’s definitely precedent for magic in the Fallout universe. “Where’d all the technology go, then?” Well, easy. Industry and manufacturing as
we know it disappeared when the bombs dropped on October 27th, 2077. The Great War occurred
at the tail end of the Resource War, a war that was being fought over depleting natural
resources in the world. Oil, Uranium–all of it depleting at an alarming rate. A great
deal of it was laid to waste when the bombs were dropped–uranium and plutonium split
to create apocalyptic hellfire that scorched the earth into ruin. One of the last sources
of oil was torched by the Chosen One at the end of Fallout 2. The world of Fallout is
a world where technology as they know it has a shelf life unless something changes, unless
another source of energy is discovered–one that’s either renewable or plentiful. Which brings us back to magic. We know that
the paranormal exists in the Fallout universe. It’s entirely likely that scientists discovered
the paranormal and found a way to harness it. And in a world where you can levitate
things with your mind, heat your home with fire you shoot from your hands, and command
the dead to do your bidding, what use is modern technology? Hell, there’s one civilization
in Tamriel that was known for its technology, and they were wiped off the face of the planet
with nary a trace–the world of Tamriel is a world where technology gets you killed.
The Brotherhood of Steel would be proud. “Oh yeah? I’ve got one thing that beats
your theory that you can’t explain.” No you don’t. “Yes I do.” Look, if it’s the the heart of Lorkhan I
have the perfect explanation– “Nirn has two moons.” Thanks for watching everybody! Oh, and if you want more Fallout stuff, check
out some of our videos. There’s the Storyteller Lore series if you haven’t seen it. And
there’s Hidden History, where we go into all the real-world influences that find their
way into games like Fallout. Oh, and watch my video on the Institute. And some other
stuff. We have Fallout coming out of our ears.

100 Replies to “Could Fallout 4 and Skyrim ever take place in the same universe?

  1. We’ve never seen Europe in fallout. Plus, they already had the resource wars for a long time before the bombs whit Europe basically collapsing due to them.

  2. I mean…no one said they had to take place on the same planet. They could still be in the same universe, as evidenced by the presence of nirnroot in Fallout. Who says they didn’t get is from space? We already know there are aliens in Fallout. It could’ve came from them.

  3. Earth technically has a second moon – Cruithne. It's just a small meteorite satellite that orbits the sun close to Earth, but if we go by the theory that Luna (aka: The Moon) was formed from a debris field over the course of millennia, the same could happen to Cruithne, which also explains how Akavir was submerged beneath the ocean : a second fully grown moon finally reaching the correct mass would certainly raise the sea level.

  4. What if the cultural remnants of some civilizations remain. Such as the brotherhood leaving enough cultural imprint on society to Inspire heavily armored farmers warriors housed underground in the future. The legion could also be the forefathers of the empire, just a thought

  5. Weeell, you do have to consider daedra, Aedra, different planes coexisting in the same universe (oblivion realms, soul cairn), ideal masters and etc. I thought about that before, fallout being in the same universe as the elder scrolls, but no, it can’t be… unfortunately

  6. The moon is known as earths shield maybe while earth was changing into nirn a life devastating meteor probably hit the moon causing it to break into two separate pieces if you look at the moon in fallout it is pretty big compared to the two of nirn.

  7. Fallout doesn’t have magic. It can be explained by Hallucinations caused by the radiation, the chemicals, or other factors. It could also be explained by a lose of sanity that some characters in the game experienced or by how the protagonist may be a synth like in Fallout 4 and New Vegas

  8. well, fallout is a alternative timeline in our universe. while skyrim is a entirely different universe. The nirnroot is just a referense for the same makers. sorry for ruining your theory.

  9. Lone vault wanderer sounds like that little companion that would give you tips over the course of your game play

  10. allright, with the 2 moons on nirn in my mind (and even after this insane ammount of time and probably nobody will notice this) we have a small beltish/meteor shower around earth every june (and somewhere else in time, prob late october) where the planet drifts accross this part where there is supposedly an asteroid belt surrounding planet earth, now with that in mind, i can make calculations.

    This meteor shower (the Taurids) has this one huge asteroid in it, called Encke, Encke is pretty much the biggest piece of the whole shower that me know and with the idea of gravity IT MIGHT BE POSSIBLE that this Comet might become bigger after this insane ammount of time, with that, and the fact we cross the Taurids 2 times a year it might be possible so that this asteroid might become heavy enough to get grasped up by earth, and with time become even bigger (also earth will be crashed with that, but ill ignore that part) to the part that it might even draw in the moon closer so it doesnt escape our gravitational pull.

    So it is possible, esspecially with next to comet Encke having a partner (2004 TG that could hit the moon in the same timespan, creating a more distributed mass distribution from the surface of the moon) that both the moon and Encke could co exist in earths gravitational pull.

    So you could have responded with that.

    And here is something else i'd like to point out. Before modern history, the recording of human live as we would call it, by digging and collecting resources we allready found "cogs" that should not exist at the time we found them at, this could mean there was a very high intelligence level of life before human kind, we dont know nor I think we will ever find out, and I do think that if they where intelligent enough, they are not on the same level as us right now, more like late 1800's probably, but I do keep saying they did exist, I dont know why I would think that but I realise that we had a massive existence destruction event in the past, and out of that more life grew, If we as humanity get killed like the dinosaurs, maybe the next generation of life will become even more smarter than us.

  11. Dude if fallout 5 ever comes out there should be a Easter egg were you see a elf and he says what? Were am I? Oh hey traveler

  12. Bunch of negative nancy's over here smh

    So I vvill add my ovvn thoughts to this since there are plenty of examples I can give on vvhy this could not only vvork but might be the direction Bethesda is heading (or not vvho knovvs)

    1. The gods, oblivion and the dedric princes.

    For this to vvork vve have to take a step back and go into the far far far past of both franchises.
    Lets say that the nine divines and the dedric princes are other vvorldly beings capable of creating life, moving mountains and just being gods and god like beings. They created earth and left it to its ovvn devices only coming around vvhen things got so fucked they had to step in. The bible for example could have been made in one of these times in vvhich a god or prince stepped in and started to change the vvorld through divine intervention. Jesus could have been one of the nine or a prince vvalking amongst mortals. The place knovvn as hell could have been the plain of oblivion that vve see in TES IV. After some time shit settled dovvn and humans began making technology all the vvay up to nuclear povvered everything. Once the great resource vvar started and the vvorld turned into a vvaste land the divines step in again and provided the means for magic and the super natural to begin raising in povver.

    2. The moons

    I am no scientist, I haven't done any research into this BUT there is a real vvorld example I can pull from and thats our ovvn solar system. For example Saturn has a ring of asteroids orbiting it. Essentially giving Saturn thousands of moons. Lets say that over the course of time an asteroid larger than our moon but still small enough to not destroy the planet gets caught in the gravitational pull and over more time begins to be reshaped by other asteroids and the force of gravity into an orb shape. This can happen in real life and is the reason for vvhy our moon is an orb shape. The tvvo moons exerting their ovvn gravity causes the oceans to change, the vvaves become gigantic and flood thousands of miles vvorth of land essentially reshaping the continents into the form vve see in TES. After time the oceans begin to slovv and adjust to the tvvo moons gravity making the tides more like our planet.

    3. The Dunmer and technology

    After the vvorld is reshaped most technologies are completely lost. The races of mer, men, kajhit and argonians plus plants and animals sprout back and begin colonizing the nevv lands. The dunmer begin building cities under the ground and discover old vvorld nuclear technology and begin adopting it into their society. After the passage of time they begin to build robotics, machinery and even vveapons of mass destruction. Fearing that the vvorld vvould be completely fucked again the divines step in and cause the disappearance of the dunmer. Their technology being left behind gets nearly forgotten and rediscovered over and over but no man or mer can comprehend hovv it vvas made due to the nuclear povver fading over so many years.

    4 magic, dragons and ghosts

    Like Austin stated the vvorld of fallout has had its dabbling in the super natural before bethesda bought the license. After being mutated and changed over thousands of years a nevv form of life pops up. Dragons, a species of bird that has been changed into massive talking mosnters of destruction. The divines grant the use of magic to dragons for their aid in controlling the vvorld and keeping its inhabitants from creating another catastrophe like the great resource vvar and the dropping of nukes. The vvorld eater has another plan and turns his back on the divines. Ghosts are a real thing in our vvorld, energy is never destroyed it only takes another form. The energy that is our soul isn't destroyed rather gets shot out of our bodies upon death and create ghosts or spirits. In the fallout universe lets say that the amount of nuclear radiation spread through the air causes our spirits to take shape in a more sophisticated manner. Over time ghosts become a normal part of our existence if vve are not put to rest and given a blessing from the divines. Magic comes into the vvorld as a byproduct of both nuclear radiation and the divines. Men and mer learn hovv to harness and use magic making use of the radiation mutations and god given gifts.

    5 the experiments

    Nrt 001 vvas an experimental plant developed by mad scientist. After the passage of time seeds are scattered across the planet by birds, vvind. erosion, earthquakes and even animas and men taking shits. The plants grovv in abundance soaking in the old vvorld radiation and magic novv flovving through the ground and become the singing plants vve all love.

    This theory is not only scientifically plausible but could make more sense of both franchises. VVhy hasn't TES changed into a technological advanced vvorld? Because the gods have seen vvhat men can do vvith such povver and stopped them from advancing to far. VVhy is there tvvo moons and different continents? Because the shifting of tectonic plates and an asteroid becoming a moon.

    I am 100% on board vvith this as a headcanon.

  13. Why the hell everyone says that is the same planet?
    Fallout is in Earth
    The Elder Scrolls is in Nirn

  14. In the Science episode about Alduin literally eating the world didn't he prove that nirn was smaller than earth. If a meteor hit earth and took a sizable chunk with it then it would explain the smaller nirn, different continents, and the second moon.

  15. Eath technically has more than one moon there just temperary moons given enough time earth could have another moon orbiting scientist believe this to be a possibility

  16. If all of this is true, how are there different ores such as Quicksilver existing. Explain why there is also no sign of previous human life, when in fallout, clearly has huge cities and settlements such as new Vegas and diamond city. How about the mutant bugs and super mutants? Where did they go?

  17. Speaking of the two moons it could be explained that maybe our planet or another planet moved closer due to gravitational pull and that maybe it's Mars and in the universe the sun lost some of its gravitational pull and it drifted out of orbit and joined our orbit as it is red, or it could be a stray asteroid that over the time collected more and more debris and became a second body like a dwarf planet or "expo planet" I think that's the name at least hope this explains the last part

  18. It is entirely possible that a large enough astroid entered Earth's gravitational pull in that amount of time.

  19. Heart of Lorkhan, pretty much all the deadra/aedra/other divine beings. How the elves of tamriel evolve pretty much instantly with the help of these gods. Land geography is too different for man to still be the same species they are in TES

  20. But that means that everyone in the elder scrolls universe forgot how to use guns…

    Or make them

  21. Think about how long it’s been the second moon could simply be a very large asteroid that was caught in earths orbit

  22. Ik this is an old video, but is there any possibility that Nirn’s second moon could have been the result of a very large asteroid moving into Earth’s orbit after hundreds of thousands of years? Maybe if the conditions were just right, and I mean absolutely perfect, then there’s a chance that the object would’ve been able to stabilize in orbit, right?

  23. If the time between is actually hundreds of thousands of years, it’s plausible that a second moon could have fallen into orbit.

  24. Its entirely possible that another moon broke off over all that time that would explain why nirn seems to have less land mass

  25. I like to think that Kagrenac created a world outside the Mundus and that all the Dwemer were sent there. They now operate a totally technology driven world.

  26. Some comment on gods in ES but not Fallout. FO4 did have one godlike like quest with a very Lovecraftain vibe….

  27. Maybe an asteroid hit, changed the continents to help with the shifting thing, and then got turned into a new moon

  28. I always had a theory that the elder scrolls was earth but in the very distant future, like, the bombs fell, nuclear war destroyed most of what we knew, the few that did survive lived on but we had to restart, had to go back through the medieval ages, and we rebuilt, this actually helps my theory because the radiation from fallout could have made the odd species in skyrim. . .

  29. I mean…. with hundreds of thousands of years, there's a chance an asteroid could destroy part of the Earth and create a second moon, just like the first one was created. That would also explain the weird topography of Nirn vs Earth.

    "But that would wipe out all life on Earth. How would there be anybody that exists?" Because the Zetans have a ton of humans they've been preserving, idk.

  30. I thought the end theory breaker would be hoover dam with it being able to create renewable power and having a plentufull source of water

  31. Depending on certain events i a massive celestial object could have come into contact with the moon. I have no clue I’m just saying.

  32. Well I have a theory on the whole 2 moons thing, people believe the moon was made when a huge asteroid collided with Earth before it was anywhere near inhabitable, that it went off the planet, took some huge chunks of the Earth with it, slowly gained a rotation around it, and became the moon. Something similar could've happened in the Elder Scrolls part of the timeline, but with a much bigger asteroid, but with the newly found Shouts and other powerful form of magic in the Eldwr Scrolls part of everything, they were able to stop the collision but it slowly gained a rotation around the Earth, now known as Nirn, effectively giving Nirn a 2nd moon. Another theory is it's a spaceship but that just seems less cool

  33. Ya what about the confirmed Canon lore of the elder scrolls involving the gods and the creation of nirn. Explain how earth got destroyed. Gods appears out of thin air, made more gods and then made men and mur. And what about the heart of lorhkan. They r not the same planet. Same universe possibly tho

  34. There’s actually a subreddit I found just the other day discussing this, looks pretty new but it has potential, it’s called r/SkyrimFalloutMerged, haven’t joined yet but I plan to

  35. Could it have been originally harvested for study by the Zeta aliens and the lone wanderer of Vault 101 retrieved it when he was on their spaceship?

  36. "Nirn has 2 moons"
    Me, an intellectual:
    What about the eons between these games? Quite easily, some asteroids can combine and throw their orbit out of whack, eventually entering the orbit of Earth.

  37. The planet may be called nirn but i just overhead the preacher in white run say in the heavens and the earth so it’s not only just called nirn I have a screen shot so dm if you want
    Edit: my Instagram is gaugesilva

  38. Alright, explain CHIM, Amaranth, the Aedra and Daedra, the Godhead, kalpas, dragonbreaks, and all the other metaphysical shit that makes up the entirety of the Aurbis.

  39. What if The Elder Scrolls is before fallout?
    Maybe, in time, the magic energy of everything lost it's power (even the Gods), and just like what is happening to our moon, it's getting further and further with time (so in that universe, they already lost a moon)
    Pd: autolike

  40. I'm sorry but this video was a complete waste of time because nirn does not exist in any Universe it exists in the head of the dreamer. That's right folks the Elder Scrolls is just one big dream confirmed lore.

  41. "Nirn has two moons!"
    A rogue planetoid getting captured by Earth's gravity not only explains that, but could have a profound affect on continental drift and seasonal cycles, resulting in changes in animal and human adaptation. The 'debunking' fact actually helps to explain quite a bit of how it could be possible.

  42. About the moon, one of the theories of how our current moon was created was that a chunk of earth flew off into space. Isnt it reasonable that hundreds of nules going off launched a chunk of earth back into orbit to have it come back as a second moon later on? Or another theory on how our moon is now here is that an asteroid just started orbiting earth. Once again, not to far fetched

  43. ok 1 massive piece o evidence of to discount this is the world of the elder scrolls are on a Kalpa the reason for a Kalpa is so something like a fallout wouldn't happen

  44. 2019 holy shit im late. Anyways, in Fallout 4 you have Lorenzo Cabot and the Cabot family who seem to utilize some form of magic. They were all born back in the 1800's until the father, Lorenzo found some ancient artifact that made him immortal and essentially gave him super powers.

  45. Have your problem with the second moon solved. As the man made satellites of the twenty-one hundreds became unmonitored after the nuclear war, a process of cascading collisions would have made the entire orbit around earth a massive cloud of metaliac scraps surrounding the planet. Thus arrives a near-miss asteroid that essentially would collect the debris, slowing the asteroid and allowing it and the scraps that it collected to be caught again by the gravity of our own moon. Thus we have a moon with a moon of its own, thus appearing as two moons. As the fragments that would have been collected would be mostly refined metals, this would allow a much more denser mass than Luna, allowing for more gravitational influence per cubic measurement than our own moon. The conspiracy continues, don't give up Austin! (And as a side note, it doesn't need to be hundreds of thousands of years as such, the evolution and movement you describe could easily happen about only twenty thousand of years earlier under the right conditions. The wars of 2170, with the resulting change in weather and tidal patterns could be viewed as the chaos that shaped the world.)

  46. Although I respect your theory, you did leave A LOT of things out like spells, shouts, the different planes like oblivion, Daedric artifacts, enchantments, different moons and most importantly, why the elder scrolls soundtrack sounds so much better than fallouts.

  47. I always thought they were just in the same galaxy or something. like imagine if jupiter was, under all that gas storm, just a lil planet with flowers dragons and cat people

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