Chinese Weightlifting Assistance Exercise Competition

This fun competition amongst the national team members started with bean bag and ring tosses. The athletes, coaches, team doctors and others all participated. This event has some history in the team. Back in the day, the athletes would often tossed used wraps into the trash can from 10 to 20 meters away. Former Olympic champions Lu Yong and Liao Hui were very skilled at this event. As other added to it, the game gradually evolved into the competition as it is today. The weightlifting team has recently been focused on training in isolation from the outside world. The results have been good thus far. This competition was held as a stress reliever. We can see that the focus shown during these planks is no less than what is shown on stage at a competition. When we get to the weighted pull-ups section, only the athletes were able to come forward. With 35kg, Tian Tao broke his belt. In the weighted dips section, Olympic Champion Deng Wei started with 10 reps with 25kg. The men’s team went with 40kg. Lu Xiaojun and Yuan Chengfei easily did 23 reps per set. The appearance from Rio Olympic champion Shi Zhiyong was considered a failure by his teammates. He was not able to do a single one and withdrew from the competition amidst all the laughter. After the competition, Shi explained that he had never done this exercise before so he had no idea how to use his strength. The 1.67 meter tall Shi posted a video on social media of him touching the rims of a hoop. Weightlifting requires a foundation of strength. Such a competition amongst the team members is a good way to have fun during training.

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