Children’s Charity Pulls Out Of Stripper Event At Trump’s Golf Resort

Children’s Charity Pulls Out Of Stripper Event At Trump’s Golf Resort

Yesterday news broke that a strip club was
going to be hosting an event down at Donald Trump's Doral golf resort in southern Florida
and as part of this strip club golf tournament thing, they were going to be auctioning off
their strippers to serve as a caddies. They said, and caddies was in quotes for some
reason, I don't want to think about the reason, but sure, you're going to have these scantily
clad women walking around as caddies and you know what, there's actually nothing wrong
with any of that, right? Except for just a few things. First and foremost, some of the charities
that were involved in this were for children to benefit children and now the children's
charities are actually pulling out of the event because they didn't even realize what
was taking place. They didn't know that the strip clubs logo
and name was going to be on all the merchandise there and they do not want to be associated
with that and that is 100% completely understandable. They understood they could have raised money,
but at the same time, you don't sell your soul in order to do that. Unless of course you're Donald J. Trump because
Trump and his businesses and whoever else is involved have no problem with this strip
club golf tournament. They think it's perfectly fine because they're
going to make money off of it. Right? And again, if this was just your average,
you know, down the street golf course, whatever, sure. That's perfectly fine. This one is owned by the president of the
United States though, and you kind of have to be held to a higher standard, don't you? I mean, think about it this way. Fox News has got pissed off when Michelle
Obama showed her shoulders and address. Fox News got pissed off when Barack Obama
ordered fancy mustard instead of yellow French's mustard. They got mad when he ate a Rugola in his salad. Could you imagine what would happen if Barack
Obama's name in any way, shape or form was associated with any kind of event that involves
strippers? But yet with Donald Trump, we just kind of
look at it and honestly, even when I saw it, I was like, there is nothing surprising about
this headline. Nothing. There's nothing surprising about the fact
that his golf resort, a resort is hosting an event where you can buy a stripper that
is, that seems par for the course, and that's actually a good pun to use right there. But he is the president of the United States
and he has to understand that these things aren't exactly what we need to be showing
the rest of the world. We do have to hold him to a higher standard. And that is what this story is about. When you are president of the United States,
there are certain things that you can no longer do. And I know Trump was not involved in the planning
of this. He wasn't even going to be there for this,
to my knowledge. But at the same time he owns this, this golf
course. Everybody knows he owns this golf course,
his name is on it, Trump Doral. He should have put the brakes on this, or
at least someone in his business should have had enough brains to think, you know what
may be may be given the fact that you know, we're owned by a guy that really has a horrid
history with women. Maybe we're not the best venue for a strip
club golf tournament. Maybe considering all the horrible news about
the president recently, maybe we need to back off and not give him even more negative publicity,
but nobody in the Trump organization is that smart and that's a sad statement in and of
itself. You would think these people running a multibillion
dollar corporation, somebody somewhere should have said it. Maybe not. No, no. You don't have anybody with that much common
sense working for your organization. Also, not shocking, but again, folks, Donald
Trump has lowered the standards of the U s presidency. He has lowered the level of class that we
expect from a United States president and this little stunt here, this strip club golf
tournament is just the latest in what has become a long string of Donald Trump's showing
that he has no class and that as long as you pay him money, he'd done given damn. If he gets negative publicity from it.

46 Replies to “Children’s Charity Pulls Out Of Stripper Event At Trump’s Golf Resort

  1. Originally, Crooked Trump was going to offer a night with Ivanka to any john that is willing to dish out a million dollars! Crooked Trump said that that was his favorite whore so if anybody wants to have a crack at her they are going to have to pay loads of💰!

  2. Chances are that Trump DID know the details of this event and he didn't put the brakes on it because he believes he can do anything and get away with it. Remember, 'he could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and he wouldn't loose any voters'. He's a shameless man, and it's a damned shame he's President…of anything.

  3. When the individual's highest reach of integrity is the lowest ring of hell, "in a handbasket" rings all too true, including each and every supporters and admirers, too!

  4. We run a charity event for autism research. Just a soccer match. Really don't need strippers involved.

  5. They have those sexy caddies at Myrtle Beach… they basically wear school girl out fit type skirt and sweater top… it wouldn't be a big deal if it wasn't a charity event with kids… I've used them before at a batchor party… the Epstein thing is the real bad thing… because I'm about 90 sure Trump was abusing underage girls with Epstein

  6. you do know that many stripper are single moms? Working their ASS off to give a better life to their children ….

    Lol at the puritan 'charity'

  7. Don't these people have that little voice in their heads that says "not a good idea"? They have no moral compass.

  8. The USA has the vilest, disgusting, creepy, sleazy, brainless excuse for a human being for their president. It's incomprehensible that this situation has not been rectified yet.
    I'd be so embarrassed if I were an American right now. Those who voted this clown into office must be looking for their rocks to crawl back under….

  9. Oh please, like a single dime would have gone to the children's group. That family has a history of embezzling funds from their "charity" events.

  10. Well lust and desires play a part in making babies, or else none of us would be here. Kinda makes sense?

  11. They. Knew what they. Were. Doing. Put. This out. There get people. Of. Track. Of. Border create a. So. Called. Problem. Then the god so called. Trump. Come. Out. On. Can't. Do. This I. Will. Not. Stand. For this and. Now. I'm. Your. Hero. Look. At me. Look. At. Me. Yeah. Can. U see. The forest. For. The. Trees. Big. Con. Remember. He. Does. This. In. The. Open. Cause. He. Has. Them. Believing what. U. See. And. Hear is. Not. What. U. Think. U r. Seeing. Always blame some one. Else. It. Not me. Its. That. Other person. They. R. Bad.

  12. Republicans got mad when Obama wore a tan suit (even though he wore it well).
    Republicans got mad when Obama wore a helmet while riding a bicycle,you know leading by example for kids that ride bicycles.

  13. Obama's name is with homos and trannie. Michele is a man…. please Obama.painted the White House is Gay Pride lights. My Christian brother preach about Sodom and Gamorra…

  14. High 5 for using The Great President Barack Obama as an example, Trump envies him so much he should be Green ,,,,, Not Orange.

  15. …A new low…
    I truly believe, history will reflect the Trump administration as being synonymous with the word LOW.

  16. Trump doesn't care about what they report don't you people see that as long as it gets him more money. Media when are y'all going to learn!

  17. Trump is a sexual predator, a pedophile, a liar, a cheat, a thief and a traitor. He's uneducated, a narcissist, extremely rude, a bully and the president of the United States of America. Can you imagine what our forefathers would say to us, as Americans, for being so complacent the past couple years?!?

  18. This has been happening (strippers at these Trump events) that's how he came into contact with Stormy Daniels. And I remember Billy Baldwin said he went to a party at Trump plaza hotel and there were old men and teenaged (15 and up) girls engaging in sex acts; he said he left.

  19. Ferrón Cousins,
    Tell me this report is a PRANK, if so you got me, RIGHT, RIGHT, WHAT?

    My Goodness!


  20. Holy cow there is video or 2 from a few years ago when a high profile guy that did this. It's was on a golf course that was next to homes with play grounds and all the guys would stop and get lap dances blow jobs hand jobs while guys played golf waiting their turn. These people are just deplorable disgusting idiots.

  21. Trump will be there, it’s a Trump Family business income that Increases with scanty clad caddies is perfect for Trump. Remember where and how he met Stormy Daniels. He’s been attending these type of Golf events for years. While Trump orders rounding up illegal immigrant families for separation; parents for deportation and keeping under age children to be reclassified as unaccompanied immigrant children without documenting any relatives connected to these children. ICE targets pubescent girls for Separation by age groups and hidden, next younger ages of girls separated and then toddlers ALL reregistered as unaccompanied aliens and shipped out under cover of darkness. This is what happened in early 2018 when DHS ICE & HHS separated over 1500 pubescent girls is & 500 Toddlers. GONE !!! Planned by DHS John Kelly (zero tolerance & Tough Deterrent policies) & Trump WH. Isn’t this human Trafficking? Certainly Trump’s good buddy Jeffrey Epstein has the ability to make these 2,000 children disappear. A stripper benefit for children, perfect signal Trump is open for business. Trump needs ICE to round up the 2,000 as promised.

  22. This story just makes me sick! It blows my mind that the PotUS is tied to this kind of event! When is Congress going to get off their respective asses and IMPEACH THIS MORON!

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