Celebrating the Govardhan Puja Food Festival with Kiran Deol: Soul Food

Celebrating the Govardhan Puja Food Festival with Kiran Deol: Soul Food

100 Replies to “Celebrating the Govardhan Puja Food Festival with Kiran Deol: Soul Food

  1. It seems she doesn't even knows about Sikhism. The word sikh means disciples. Guru Nanak was worshiper of Lord Hari and Durga. Hari is also Lord krishena.All Sikhs are from Hinduism.

  2. The food looks delish. Unfortunately, some of it has been sacrificed to pagan idols. Hope they all find Jesus who created food to be eaten, not to be used for idols.

  3. I don't care weather we hindu or Muslim. I just love my south asian women's I guess as a south asian men it's a natural thing for me. It's the race of women I will marry or sleep with an be with. ; ) x

  4. This host is just so disrespectful and rude. They should have had a white person to it, at least they would have been respectful. This host is Indian and is so ignorant and self hating it's just disgraceful.

  5. This is just such a bad representation of Indian culture and religion. Hinduism isn't a religion like Judaism etc. Hare Krishna is a movement that is a part of Vaishanvism aka a branch of "Hinduism". Hinduism can be atheist, theist, or agnostic. Hinduism includes ritualism, skepticism etc. Hinduism is just a modern name to a diverse set of Indian philosophies and traditions etc. Hindu was used by Persians to refer to Indians. Hindu was later used during the Islamic invasion of India by Moslems to distinguish between Pagan Indians and Moslems, some of whom were also Moslem. After India's colonization, the British defined Hinduism as anything that is native to India but isn't Buddhism, Sikhism, or Jainism. Why, well it's called divide and conquer. This host's explanation was pathetic, and her conduct was blatantly rude and condescending.

  6. This video is interesting, and I commend Kiran's effort. But she isn't very knowledgeable about Hindu culture. My guess is that she comes from a Sikh Punjabi background. This is what I admire about the host, Gelareh Kaizand of the Iran episode of Munchies. She is culturally aware of all things Iran.

  7. 00:40 No Two Different Faith ——Leftist and Mentally Illiterate have one common Target that is to DIVIDE HINDU….ISKON is a movement under the umbrella of Sanatana Dharma( or Hinduism)…..not two different faith. By her name, the anchor of the show seems to be a Hindu…….but…..She herself has no idea about her own religion. Shameful and Shameless !

  8. I am a Christian the
    Hindus, Jews,Sikhs, muslim,Buddhists,jains all have their dress codes,strict food laws,strict life style, strict religious laws we lack all of this.Lucky people…

  9. "krishnas spit, really packs on the pounds" sums up the attitude of this journalist, came here to enjoy oth'er cultures, but was consistently sidetracked and disgusted with the disrespect from her, old video, but I hope shes heard this criticism, its well deserved

  10. Dandavat pranam to all vaisnavas over there.
    All glories to guru and gauranga.
    All glories to vaisnavas.
    All glories to srila prabhupada.
    Hari bol.

  11. People are salty af. She may know all these things about Hindu culture, etc., but she's doing her job and ASKING questions like a journalist would do. Sheesh. Not everyone watching knows what's up. Who are you fighting? If you don't like it, step off.

  12. This fool is complete moron and disrespects our ancient faith and culture, she is a traitor i guess they hired her for looks what she lacks in brain! Get lost kiran go be american!

  13. Stupid report first. Donot act like you are seperate person. You are one of us. Second Hinduism and HareKrishna belongs to same family called Sanatana Dharma. Trying to act like westerner which you were not. Good part is westerners turning towards Santana Dharma. Shame on you reporter.

  14. Fucking ignorant Americans, you assholes don't have the decency to appreciate the only peaceful religion on earth. You fuckers deserve every thing that's happened to you, including wtc

  15. Hare Krishna movement and Hinduism are not different religions or faith and they dont interpret it differently

  16. She looks Non resident Indian whos born and brought up outside india and still doesnt know a word about Indian culture. But its fine, if u dont know anything try to understand about it and Respect that culture.
    Dont behave like an Immature.

  17. Two different faiths? Hinduism and hare Krishna? She is dumber than hodor. Because of people like this, Indian culture (also other foreign cultures) are misrepresented in America and the western world. The worst part is she is Indian-American, if it were a white chick , i would have ignored.

  18. Hahahahaha. Stupid girl. Hinduism and hare krishna are not different faiths. Hare krishna is nothing but hinduism.

  19. is she khalistani .Guru nanak who started sikhism was hindu , most of their gurus were hindu. In india dia during muslim atrocities during their rule ;Hindu families raised their one son sikh and the other Hindu .There are so many families with half of them hindu , half sikhs.There are so many Hindu deols.

  20. "Two faiths- HInduism and HareKrishna" !!! Seriously . Its like we are going to visit two countries – America and "United states of America " .She is a Hindu by name seems like she lives in on weed till this day . This is the most ridiculous host you have ever seen…

  21. Seems like host's parent had never talked with her about thier culture and relegion…What a dumboo!!!..and she is leftist who feel proud in forgetting thier culture and past and love to disrespect others.

  22. "We must serve our community", she's full of shit. Their selfishness and caste system doesn't allow them to serve their community. Hindus certainly don't practice what they preach.

  23. From India:- Strong WARNING to Munchies who just tried to separate ISCON from Hinduism. we Hindus believe in multiple forms of god. Hinduism itself is collection of 100 Religions and ideologies. I am born Hindu, I pilgrimage to Amritsar(mecca of Sikh) Mathura(Krishna birth place), Kashi(Shiva resting place). Hindus are Egalitarians/Pluralitarian's please don't divide us. Change the anchor or change her interpretation. ISCON is not separate from Hinduism.

  24. 1. Poor choice of host, disrespectful and sarcastic. She was invited in with open arms and should have reciprocal in behavior
    2. Hare Krishna comes under the fold of Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism) and is part of Vaishnavism tradition. Why is the host stating these are two different religions, strange
    3. Good coverage and episode except for host
    4. Many wrong comments below stating the food is wasted as it's offers to the idol, the food is consumed by the devotees any additional food is given free to the poor and needy, this holds true for both Here Krishna and more traditional Hindu temples.

  25. I really dislike this chick she is obviously a narcissistic biatch….who has zero respect for Hindu culture….as for her comment on krsnas spit….I hope u get your karma. U fake….hate your ugly face ho'

  26. Please correct your info @ 1:10, Hinduism is not the "one of the" oldest religions but HINDUISM IS THE ONLY SURVIVING OLDEST RELIGION IN THE WORLD.

  27. That is what I hate about Indian. The moment we migrate to a foreign country we forget our culture and think i great if we acted stupid like whites do when they visit our places of worship..what nonsense..

  28. What stupidity are u speaking? How hinduism and krishna faith is different?? Stupid!!!
    The hare krishnas are gudiya vaishnavite hindus. What was this narrators name? Kiran?? Shame on this women.

  29. Hey stupid? They worships all incarnations of vishnu including krishna as a god head. The iskon also worships shiva, ganesha, saraswathi etc. Their sankirthan have praisings for goddess saraswathi..

  30. I will be attending Hinduism and Hare Krishna, how is Hare Krishna ( iskcon) not Hinduism. 🙏🏽 please study Srimad Bhagavatam and get more knowledge, May Krishna guide you.

  31. What r u talking Hinduism and hare Krishna is not different. We all are same. Krishna is relevant for every body.

  32. Does she know that most ISKCON "Hare Krishnas" are Indian? There are 400 Hare Krishna temples in India alone.

  33. Get a life ya all…why complain about this poor woman in every video of hers. She's herself and not pretentious unlike many. I love watching munchies whoever the host is. If you don't like her then you don't necessarily have to spill in hatred from your miserable lives in the comment section.

  34. LoL 😂 Why the fuck does she act like she doesn’t understand why and what food is served in Hindu Temples. She is a Sikh she should understand Reason behind the tradition of serving Food in Temples than Anybody else. Her Own Religion has Similar Traditions to Hinduism except for the God part. This is Just disrespectful towards her Fellow Indian Americans.

  35. In Hinduism god has a three manifestations, nature creates itself, nature destroys itself, and nature preserve it self. That is basically the concept of Hinduism, Bramha, Visnu or maheheswara, or Lord Bramha, Lord Krisna, or Lord Shiva. Or any manifestation is essentially the same god.

  36. WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP 2DIFF FAITH hinduism and KRISHNA..did anyone hear that?? Are u guys for real..dimwits krishna is a reincarnation of vishnu one of the 3 main deities of HINDUISM the sect is called vaishnavas.. what r u guys at MUNCHIES smoking…douchebags..

  37. Anyways what more can u expect from a sikh host who support khalistan and is always on a.lookout to deface anything about i dia or relating to it be it the religion from which even they once originated…KUDOS MUNCHIES u have earned more respect in your effort on researching about this religion by appointing an equally idiot host..anyways have already reported this video as misleading and urge my fellow india s to report it as MISLEADING ONLY no hard feelings..

  38. Hare Krishna isn't a faith.
    It's a society which is a part of Gaudia Vaishnavism.
    It's like saying Protestants aren't Christians.
    Like what ?

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