Can A Dark Souls Virgin Beat Dark Souls 3? (Part 1)

Can A Dark Souls Virgin Beat Dark Souls 3? (Part 1)

( ͡ᵔ ▾ ͡ᵔ ) Y’all ready for this???? ♪♪ JELLYFISH JAM ♪♪ (nervous sounds) ( ◔ ʖ̯ ◔ ) “I finally get to play this after being sick for like a week” ”This MUSIC though!!!” “It’s already setting the tone like, ‘You are going to die'” “This is the music that’s going to be playing at your funeral” “when you jump off a bridge” “after … playing this game so much and failing” “That’s exactly what’s going to happen” “PRESS ANY BUTTON” “Is there a win button?” “Is there an instant-win button on this controller?” “No?” ( ͡☉ ͜ʖ ͡☉) “Alright” “I read that” “I read at the speed of light so …” “… just lettin y’all know I read all of that.” “Uhhh, ‘Subtitles’? Yes” “‘Blood’? On” “Soo Woo!” “No? I’m not Blood, alright?” “Don’t kill me! Please!” “Alright” “I’m sorry :(” “I apologize” “Hey, if those are pilgrims, I’m not lettin them in” “I’m not lettin them in my” “in my crib” “Shit” “Ma mans!” “Ewww!!!” “Why y’all gotta come up like that, though?” “Like, I definitely walked into the wrong neighborhood” “I feel sorry for that camera man” ༼ ʘ ∧ ʘ ༽ “BROOOOOO!!!!” “I swear to God!” “He better be on my side” “My man got a cleaver …” “… the size of a state!” “And he’s on FIRE!” “My bro” “This is gonna be the first and last episode everybody” “Just lettin you know” “Broooo” “So am I the Unkindled?” “I’ve never been kindled before” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) “They gave us a little taste of what, I guess, we’re gonna fight?” “And” “if that’s the taste, I don’t want the full course” “at all” “Please” “Ayyyyyyyyy” “You know what time it is doe” “YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS DOE!” “Yup” “We ’bout to make this female” “Oh fuck” “ayy” ͝° ͜ʖ͡° “Why do” “Why do they all” “She got a mean ass wedgie though” “Yo!” “Yo, you need to pick that out” “Just” “Just reach behind” “Reach behind there real quick” “little” “just pinch” “Cause you look so uncomfortable bruh” “All the way up in the front too. You need to” “MAAAN” “Alright” (serious face) “Enough” “Na you good. I’m ’bout to” “Man” “I’m playing it SAFE!” “Holy Water” “I mean. Yo, I’ll take that ring real quick” “cause you know” ♪♪ “If you like then you shouldn’t put a ring on it” ♪♪ ♪♪ “Don’t be mad, cause you see that he want it” ♪♪ “No?” “Alright” “Uhh, Face Presets” “We ’bout to make her cute as ffffffff” “Northern Warrior?” “Is she, is she Asian?” “Ayyaaa, alright” “She look upset as fuck, like:” (Upset Steph) “Like” “Huh?” “Who, who stole my?” (reading description) “Ma mans” “She’s a Simpson though” “Like” “What?” “What the hell?” “We gonna pretend that never happened” “Bruuuhhh” “Why you look like a powedered donut, though?” “She put up freakin” “baking flour as her foundation” “Like, what?” “Oh, voice?” ( ^ ‿ ^) “Hold up” ლ ( ◕ ᗜ ◕ ) ლ “Ayy she” “Ayy” ͝° ͜ʖ͡° “Oooo” ( ~ . ~ ) •́ ﹏ •̀ “That sounds like it was in the wrong hole” “I’m” “Alright, let’s move on” “She sound like she just nutted” “Alright” “Deep, man? Alright” ༼•̫͡•༽ “Ayy, at least it’s better than Bloodborne” “How’s that feminine?” “Cause females are Shrek now?” “Like they just turn green?” “Dat face when you” “Dat face when you smell a fart” (clears throat) “Now that I’m done, you know …” “… customizing the character” “You know, ladies and gentlemen, I present you with …” “Souliqua” “Ayy, she kinda” “AYY, she kinda cute girl!” “AYY, you know” “Twerkborne’s younger sister, you know” “She got that lil rebellious red hair. She’s in her phase right now” “She’s like:” ” ‘Oh, my gawd! You know what?’ ” ” ‘Like, don’t even talk to me right now’ ” ” ‘Alright, like I don’t, I don’t even like want like I can’t’ ” ” ‘I can’t even like’ ” “Yes! And let’s make it final” “Listen” “It’s the only thing that I could think of” “Like ‘Soul’ ” “Alright, let’s” (Nervous face rub) (More nervous sounds) “I’m so nervous” “Let’s do this!” “I know the controls are gonna be way different” “So, I just come out the crib like this all ashy?” “Who buried me with these clothes, though?” (wastes Estus) (disappointed Steph) “I didn’t know Square was to” “WHAT?!” “Are you serious?!” “My internet SUUUCKS” “So, now I gotta wait for my internet to freakin stop being a piece of crap” (derp Steph) “We’re already starting off” “You saw how I sidestepped him real quick” πŸ™‚ “You saw how I did the” “Soul of a Deserted Corpse” “I hope that desert was good” “Jokes” “Nervous laughter” “Is it, is this the return of the Ashy People?” “Oh, ma mans” “Daaamn” “Broooo” “Freakin” “Oliver Queen over there” “You’re not doing that today” “Aight, let me block” (voice crack) “Brock” “Brocking?” “Brocking?” “What is?” “Am I Japanese now?” “Like, what the hell?” “L + R1=kick?” “Ohhhhh” “I have a kick?” “Let me hit him with the Falcon Kick!” “No?” “So, I gotta try and parry my next opponent …” “… to see how it works now instead of trying to find out how it works later in the game” (failed parry attempt) “Like, I’m trying to parry to get the timing” “Is that it?” “Is that how you parry?” “I just got stabbed up just to learn” “Maaaan” “So, I don’t have my counters anymore” “I don’t have visceral attacks” “I’m not gonna be parrying. That shit is way too risky” “Turn back?” “You right” “You definitely right, bro” “Hey, listen!” “I, hey!” “You ain’t gotta tell me twice” “I, this is” “This is your game” “I’m, ayy” “IT’S LIT” “What’s good, fam?” (another failed parry attempt) “Like, I don’t understand parries” “Like, I obviously parried his move” “but I still got slapped for it” “while dashing: Jump?” “Did he die by just” “Oh, wow” “Plunging attack?” (ninja Steph) “I keep on hearing noises around me” ♪♪ “I hear voices in” ♪♪ “Ohhhh” “Is that a secret?” “Oh, shit that was a – yup. Secret path” “Ohhhh” “How do you keep spawning back?” “Where did you come from? Where did you go?” “Where did you come from Cotton Eyed Joe?” “Look at this” “Can we fight on even grounds please?” “Oh, ma mans got a shield too” ♪♪ “Climb out of my bed” ♪♪ ♪♪ “And turn my swag on”♪♪ “Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru” “Ya done?” “Firebomb?” “I got a Fuegobomb?” (Spanish accent) “It’s lit” “Fuego Coño” “Right now, I’m not making as much jokes because I know” “I DEFINITELY know” “This is way too easy” “Ma mans is just sittin there” “just waitin for me” “This is definitely a boss. Ma mans has a” “He paid rent specifically for this area” “so he challenge anybody who passes through” “Ma heart” “Ma heart just” “Ma heart just like did a little thang” “Oh, no” “Look at all of these bloodstains. Oh, no” “Yo!” “If you just gonna stay there, I have no problems with you” “Fuck” “I mean, yo listen.” “Like, I’m not bothering you. You’re not bothering me” “Just give me the keys to this door so we can like” “What is that on his back?” “He got a Symbiote on his back” “Ma mans is …” “… ma mans is ’bout to turn into Venom” “I mean he seems” “He seems pretty comfortable there” “Do I really want to remove the sword, though?” “Like he seems like” “he’s just resting like” “You know when you run in track and then you like:” (exhausted) “‘ ‘Ohh, shit!’ ” (exhausted) “‘ ‘Oh I gotta … catch my breath’ ” “Like, he just, like why do I want to bother him at this point?” “YOU GOT A THIRD ONE!!!!” “I’m done” “I’m dead as hell” (concentration face) ╰( ◕ ᗜ ◕ )╯ (animal noises) ║ ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ ║ “Yo, that’s one of my first tries on a boss!” “Yo!” x 6 “Cl-cl-cl-Clutch Master Steph” “Yo!” “I hit him with the” “BOY!” “What do you?” “Oh, my gosh!!” Subscriber: “Steph, you have a hard time with Bloodborne?” Subscriber: “Well, wait – listen! Wait until you play Dark Souls III” “I mean” “I mean” (mumbling Steph) (more Steph mumbling) “Hold on, I gotta, hold on” “Am I a natural?” “It’s time to light this shit up” “It’s time to light this up” “IT’S DEFINITELY LIT!” “Let me, let me” “Take a seat real quick.” “You know what I’m saying?” “I do this on the regular, fam” “Broken straight sword?” “So it’s not into …” “… it’s not into other males?” ( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°) “Alright” “This looks like a new area so, you know what?” “I’m gonna end it heeeeeere” “This series is about to be something else, man. I tell you what” “Thank y’all for” “for, for watching …” “… but you know. Y’all ain’t gonna see ma tears …” “… YET” (nervous Steph is back) “You know cause, ayy” “I got it” “It’s calculated” “You know?” “You know? Let me tilt my glasses real quick” “Remember this video everybody” “Remember, remember how” “Remember” “Remember my happiness” “Down the line, you gonna see me slowly lose my sanity” “If you wanna see me do more …” “… SHARE the video” “Show me that you” “Show, show me that you …” “… like what I’m doing” “Show me that you wanna see more of me” “More Steph!” “More Dark Souls!” “More, more Souliqua” “Alright!” “It’s ’bout that time, Nutz Nation!” “I’m GONE!” (song is in the description)

100 Replies to “Can A Dark Souls Virgin Beat Dark Souls 3? (Part 1)

  1. I catch myself watching this playthrough time and time again, be it just for fun or if I need some mood brightening! Your content is amazing bro!

  2. No Dark souls Virgin can beat a boss at his first try , who ever says that is a Liar , or a cheater , and a douche. You can only beat him first try if you have experience. I also believe the bosses fight more aggressively in The Ringed city update , so maybe there is that.

  3. This guy, xD I don't know how I came across this video but my dude, you had me rolling. Keep up the good work, I'm subscribing because I have a feeling I'm gunna enjoy so many more videos from you.

  4. Dude I was rooting for you so hard at the end of the Gundyr fight. You got me addicted to your corny ass jokes with the Bloodborne vids.

  5. Just wanna say this is the first video I've watched consisting of your channel and in the first seconds you made me want to sub

  6. Nutz Gaming will you please make videos of the entire game of Dark Souls 3 and Dark Souls 1 Remastered? Your really funny and made my Christmas a whole lot better from being bad. Thank you

  7. dude didn't you learn from bloodborne?

  8. 12:46 which moron said that? Dark Souls III is a cakewalk compared the Bloodborne with the exception of a couple of bosses.

  9. I swear to god im watching your original DS3 lets play for the 10th millionst time lol, just amazing! you deserve a continet full of viewer ;D i die every time for laughing!!! ty for the good mood every now and then!

  10. This is my 3rd time re watching this series, you have come a long way man, can't wait until your next upload <3

  11. Btw I like how he says that yhorm is scary while he's one of the easiest bosses in ds3 and every boss except vordt and the 2 gundyrs

  12. No shots at DS3 it’s my first soulsborne game and it’s one of my favorite games ( top 10 ) but compared to Bloodborne it so much easier ( it’s still really hard ) just not as insanely hard BB there are bosses in BB that will take you hours to beat assuming your a decent capable player and around the same level the boss is just compare the first boss of BB father gascoin to Ludex you could tell there was different design goals there

  13. >Can A Dark Souls Virgin Beat Dark Souls 3?
    >Can nutz gaming beat dark souls 3?
    >Can he do it without summons tho
    Now that's the real question

  14. It's funny because when I was watching this and saw the EULA, I actually paused the video to read what was on the screen and I was like "WAIT when I got this game I agreed to THAT?!" Good thing I don't have it anymore XD. But I played 285 hours of it and loved it.

  15. These Gameplay videos are still hands down the BEST DarkSouls III playthrough's on YouTube.

    Always Hilarious, to this day. Always will be.

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