Butt Bridge Exercise

Butt Bridge Exercise

Right now, I’m doing a basic butt bridge exercise,
using extra weight by placing a dumbbell in my lap. As you can see,
my hands are in front of the dumbbell to keep it from hitting me in the
face. Basically, doing the butt bridge like this, with extra weight, will
help me get a better looking and bigger butt faster. You can also try using
a curl bar across your lap like this. Just make sure you place a pad around
the bar like I’ve done here in the video. If you don’t have a pad, you can
easily wrap some old clothes or towels around the bar for comfort. Also, as your butt gets bigger and stronger,
don’t be scared to use heavier weights, like this. If you don’t have heavy
weights, but you still want to get fast results, you can do this same exercise
on one leg, like this, using about half the weight, to get the same
results as you would using heavier weights with two legs. The only thing
that may be bad about this exercise is that as you start to use heavier
weights you may have to have someone place the weights on your lap for
you. This would be a problem if you don’t have someone to help you, but you
can easily overcome this problem by using lighter weights and one leg,
like I am doing now. For example, a 40 pound dumbbell might be
too heavy for you to get onto your lap by yourself, so just use a lighter,
15 to 20 pound dumbbell, and use one leg to get the same results. Now,
if you want to get an even better butt workout, and probably faster results,
you can increase the range of motion of this exercise, like this, by placing
your feet on a platform. Just make sure that the platform is no higher
than about 15 to 20 inches. To get the best results with this exercise,
you want to start off doing about 4 sets of 8 to 12 reps. Plus, you want
to hold and squeeze your butt at the top of each rep for 2 seconds, but
you don’t have to hold these reps for 2 seconds, since you’re using extra weight.
Make sure that whatever you place your feet on is firmly set in place
so that it doesn’t slide back and forth as you go up and down. For example,
while I’m in the chair, the chair is firmly set against the wall to keep it
in place while I’m doing this exercise.

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  1. @nikkfox26 NO Specific exercise will help but going on a diet & workout plan to lose weight all over will burn back fat

  2. Do you have any suggestions for office workouts? My job is sedentary so I dont want to gain weight form sitting all day. Thank you!

  3. is it true that if you have posterior pelvic tilt you wont get a bigger butt? even with exercises, i totally need help here.

  4. Omg, I wish youtube could weed out the assholes trolling for porn. However, it makes me happy that these same jerk are looking for white ass see black dudes instead.

  5. Squats hurt my knees so I tried this at my gym. I was so shy and embarressed about it at first, but I'm a girl, so what the hell! I did in it a more private corner of the gym and I think it works. I feel fatigued again after not feeling fatigued after a while (while using leg press)

  6. Just tried this workout for the first time today using my 5lb shakeweight dumbbell. I love this excercises and definately going to add it to my excercise regimen. I'm a huge fan of your "Get a butt Like Kim Kardasion in 4minutes".

  7. I am 5ft and 90 lbs (Asian) with a tiny butt (32 inches). Is it realistic if for me to add 3 inches to my butt by following your program using heavy weights and a high protein intake? Realistically, whats the max # of inches I can gain? Also, is running on a level 8-12 incline on a treadmill the same as sprinting on a super steep hill? The only hills near me is Runyon Canyon (hiking) but its a gradual hill, not super steep. Tried commenting on ur blog but wont go through the spam filter.

  8. Hi, Is it true that if ur apple shape u can't get a bigger butt? I have a flat butt to my back, I just want a rounded appearance. My butt look square, like Sponge Bob LOL. is it true because i see Body builders and they go from skin and bone to having muscles and rounded glutes. Help Pleazze, Thanks

  9. Absolutely right. we must kill the bad fat and belly first to get the 6 pack.

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  11. I've been doing 3 sets of 30 reps of bridges and 4 sets of 15 reps of wide stance squats and 4 sets of 20 reps of hip extensions… I now use 40 pound dumbbell with the bridge and squats I steadily increased weight as I got stronger always skipping 2 days in between getting 8 hours of sleep and drinking 4 1200 fish oil pills a day … I try to eat enough protein but I'm scared I might get fat in the process what do I do? I know I need protein to repair the muscle but I don't want to get fat I always feel ill get the butt I want but in the back of my head I'm thinking I'm going to get fat!

  12. hi adrian espero q estés muy bien gosando de salud. mira adrian estoy trabajando mis glúteos y tengo sobre peso 15 libras como hago para perder las sin perder mis glúteos. gracias

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