Business cards as a kickstarter for a conversation

Business cards as a kickstarter for a conversation

Hi there! In this video we are going to discuss the business cards and find out whether or not they are still useful in 2018 or it’s rather outfashioned way of networking which is no longer valid in 2018. I had my business cards back in 2015 when
I was serving as the voice of Ukrainian young people at the Headquarters of the United Nations
in New York and it was really simple stating my name, my contact information and my position
Ukrainian youth delegates to the United Nations. Since then I thought it’s not really a good
idea because when you are working for some organization or company, it doesn’t mean that
you have to work there till the end of your life. So, at some point the contact information
is no longer valid and you cannot reach out to this or that person. So, I decided it’s better to connect with
people that you meet for the first time via Facebook. And normally I was asking people like: “Can
we find each other on Facebook?” And send a friend request and confirm and
send a message saying like: “Hello, this is me, we met yesterday at the conference”. And then few day ago I decided to find out the opinions of other people, whether or not they are still using the business cards. And it turned out that opinions differ. Some people said: “Well, I have those but
I do not distribute them any longer”. And other people said like: “Come on, your
story of connecting people with the help of Facebook is kind of weird because this is
no go for me”. And then there was an interesting point regarding
the business cards that have the QR code so that you can at once connect with a person
on LinkedIn. And yes, in terms of professional communication
and networking people normally go for rather LinkedIn than Facebook which is considered
to be like more personal page where you publish different articles or your own opinion. So to some it looks less professional than
I expected. So please take a note of that, you can insert
into your business card a QR code to your LinkedIn profile and connect with people by
means of this you know up-to-date solution at hand. I have many many business cards that I collected
throughout the last couple of years. Think about your business card and the amount
that you gathered, i.e. I have the whole box of them. And I’m not really sure if most the people
are still available under the email address that they stated in here. But in terms of design and how it can help
in connecting with people we have another beautiful video. This is an interview that we recorded with
Andriy Fedoriv who is one of the top-notch experts in the field of marketing and branding. So you can go back to that video and find
out how to use business cards as a starting point, as a kickstarter to have a conversation
with the people that you meet for the first time. A few months ago I participated in a conference
in Munich, in Germany and I managed to collect some really really good examples of creative
business cards that can be useful for entrepreneurs. So, it’s always a good idea to have some story
behind your business, behind any of your endeavours. And if you have a story displayed at your
business card, it’s also a very good starting point for a conversation. We use those business cards as a case study at our webinars for entrepreneurs. But there’s one particular business card that
I’m really really fond of and would like to share a story behind it. So, this is a bakery called Nina Bakery and
this is a family business so on the flip side of the business card there’s a picture of
a founder of a company who established a company so now the owner of a bakery always starts
a conversation talking about his father and how it all started and he uses this picture
as a proof that this is a family business that was founded years ago. And another company that draw our attention
was Bosnia and Herzegovina company that is specializing on sweets. So, they have sweets all over their business
cards which is also a good example because it is connected to their activity and you
have at once a clear vision of what they are doing and what they are passionate about. Wrapping up I have to admit that still business
cards are useful and they are a good starting point to have a conversation with the people
that you meet for the first time. And when designing a business card, if you
have a creative business you can work a bit more on your business cards. If you don’t have a creative business, still
you can come up with a good idea to you know draw attention of your potential clients or
business partners. If you like this video, please share it with
your friends and subscribe to our channel if you still haven’t done it and see you around!

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  1. great!! they are, indeed, useful and the design can tell much about the person and its business! I still prefer paper over digital 🙂

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