Business Card Etiquette – How to Give and Receive Business Cards

Business Card Etiquette - How to Give and Receive Business Cards

first of all the question I get most is when do you give a business card people aren't sure about that in these types of business socials when you've had a conversation with someone you've connected you've built a little bit of a relationship and you're dissin gait you're leaving that conversation that's the time to give the card at the end of the conversation so what you can say is do you mind if I give you my card you always want to ask permission you never just want to whip out a card and hey here's my card give me a call that is inappropriate so always ask permission the only time that you would give without permission is the other person has already requested yours so ask permission and then do be mindful of this that a senior executive should initiate the card exchange not the junior level person so if you've just met a senior level person that you've connected with built rapport with you want to let them initiate the card exchange if they're the senior level person a lot of people don't realize that but what you're doing is you're showing respect to their level of position very simply when you're giving a card the only thing you want to remember is to make sure that you extend it to the recipient with the print facing up you want to extend it this way not this way most people will hand it over like that make sure the recipient doesn't have to turn it around to read it then when someone gives you their card here's the thing you want to do typically we just quickly do what put it in the pocket put it in a handbag but you want to show respect to that person and their position by just taking a moment glancing at their card then you can put the card away so your business card protocol is part of your professional image package what if you're at a meeting and I know all lawyers do

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  1. Always ask permission. You know what else grinds my gears? People who come to my front door to sell items. Did you not see the no "soliciting" sign when you entered the complex?

  2. Thank you. Would you please make more videos a successful business man etiquette which helps him to rise his business.

  3. I've always felt if the conversation or meeting went well and a good relationship was established, you can give the business card any way you like. It's only when you're dealing with the kind of people who do business only for the "etiquette" aspect where this kind of knowledge comes in handy.

  4. No. Creativity means coming up with unprecedented concepts for which no expected etiquette has been formed. When it comes to standard business cards, the rules should be followed out of respect for other people. If you come up with some new concept/means of networking, then the rules are yours to write, assuming the person you are trying to network doesn't expect you to act in a certain way.

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  6. No, you squash it in your hand with a fixated awkward smile, bring it closer to them, turn your fist and drop the screwed up card, after the businessman has looked at it, you keep the fixated awkward smile and keep your hand stiff then you slowly get closer to their face 😉

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