Business Card Design Psychology Part 2 | Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop

Business Card Design Psychology Part 2 | Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop

Assalamualaikum Everyone !! How are you everyone ??
Hope you are doing well. So today we will complete the part 2 of Business card Design Psychology So in this tutorial i will make a card and will make it ready for the presentation. In the last part we talked about color , shapes and this rules and staff so check out the link in the description if you missed it. So lets Start Normally we have a stranded size in our country for Card. And That is 3.5*2 Inch Profile must be Print and color mode CMYK 2 artboard and 0.1 Inch Bleed i took here Now a days most of the card are double sided Creating a rectangular as a size of our dartboard At first we need a logo for our card We will make the business card by taking the color and theme from the logo I am downloading a logo and this is for practice purpose only You cant download a logo , you must have a unique logo for your own. Lets download this logo So this is our logo Look at the color combination of our logo Lets write a company Name So now i am trying to match our color combination. The color here are maroon , yellow and orange i guess. We can use up to 2 or 3 colors Lets change the background to a white color and change the company color from the logo Just adding a tagline So i prefer this as our first part because simplicity is best. Lets add some shapes here and match the color with logo. In the 2nd part you have to put all the other important information and contact info If you want to use the icon you are watching here free , you have to do some work. W have to download a font first. Name : FontAwesome Download it and Install it After that you can use these icons free from here After installing fontAwesome Select the text tool and select font : fontAwesome Now go to Fontawesome Cheatsheet to copy icon from here. Link in the Description. Just right click on any icon and copy In Ai select the type tool and fontawesome click in the white space and just Press Ctrl V See this is Easy The icon is working a s a text here , you can customize the color and others from control panel. So i import these icons here just like that. So again : Download and Install
Then go to cheatsheet and copy icon
Links are in the Description. Lets make the 2nd part now Just creating some rectangular and matching the color from our logo Now arrange the information Change the color Select your icon and arrange Size should be the same for all icon and color too Changing the color to White I write those in separate text so it will be easy to work. Oppps !! I have to re arrange the icons. Phone at the top After that email Address Then Website Address At last Physical Address Align them properly and the font size should be same and color too. Looks fine to me as i like simple design The name would be a little bigger than other text Now we will present this with a mock up in Photoshop Mockup is like a presentation Like this it looks like a real life card So we will put our card in here So how and from where you can get the mockups ? I am recommending a site here..
Link in the Description. You can get so many mockups from here.. Most of them are free. For making this presentation you have to save your parts separately. And save the first part as a JPEG Select RGB here because the mockup is for devices only Save the second part as well So go to your mockup File and see the layers The two partd should be in 2 layers. And they are smart Object. This is the Card 1 layer This is card 2 So we have to put our cards in these 2 layers Go to first part and double click on it as it is a smart object it will be open in separate canvas. Just drag your card here and put in top The mock up size will vary so don’t worry Just put your card at the top and Press Ctrl S In the main file its Done Same for the second part Go to the 2nd part layer , Double click on it Now drag your card here and Hit Ctrl S So its Very easy !! I think you will get some ideas from here 🙂 So share this video with your friends , Give me a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe 🙂 Will see you soon with another tutorial. Bye

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