43 Replies to “Bury poor Daniela today & pray for her to R I P,

  1. “Tiny Angel, can you tell me why you have gone away? You weren’t here for very long…..why couldn’t stay?”
    Tiny Angel shook her head: “These things I do not know…..But I do know that you love me, and that I love you so.”
    R.I.P. Danni. 🌹❤️🌹.

  2. The VOs set up and provoked attacks on Daniela. There is another video in which the VO gives Daniela a piece of fruit in front of another adult monkey. This is a gross violation of monkey protocol. Pointedly the VO does not give any fruit to the other monkey but continues to feed Daniela in front of the other monkey. Both the monkeys become very agitated and a group of monkeys who i think included Dee Dee and Dolly attack Daniela. Then later Daniela is ripped to shreds. Good work VOs 🙁

  3. Dana never carry Daniela around like some mothers do for 2 to 3 days?? Cry?? As if nothing happened?? I guess she seldom wanted to carry her while she was alive let alone gone!!!

  4. I'm going to miss Daniela….she became my favorite little baby….I checked in every day to see how she was doing…it broke my heart when I realized the title I read wasn't just clickbait….and it sucks not knowing why Santro targeted Daniela….R.I.P. little one…..

  5. Oh shut the Fuck up fat ass! It's a little late now to show emotion! And do these idiots have shovels? It's like they are stuck in the 500bc. 2billion people all have cell phone but 250 of the only have indoor plumbing And then 50 of them only know how to shit indoors. I swear the monkey babies are smarter than them.

  6. Idk why y'all do tht and take the baby this fast.. some moms takes weeks to grieve.. I can guarantee her doin tht alert call tells me y'all snatched tht baby to bury.. ya needed to leave her alone until she was ready to leave it laying period….then bury Daniela… 🙄 some of y'all also need to stop humanizing these 🐒's smh.. these comments saying didnt stop her from eating well they dnt grieve the same way we do and they are hard wired to eat to survive..

  7. Идиотка мамаша, не уберегла малышку, а теперь завет её 🐒 , а этот тварюга сидит не неподалёку и посет мамаш хочет захватить власть над самками

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