BTS (방탄소년단) MAP OF THE SOUL : 7 ‘Interlude : Shadow’ Comeback Trailer Reaction! Реакция!

BTS (방탄소년단) MAP OF THE SOUL : 7 ‘Interlude : Shadow’ Comeback Trailer Reaction! Реакция!

hello everyone with you ХMM and today we are doing a reaction the newly released teaser BTS! I’m really shaking ! BTS brother hold on !!With the first comeback for me! well, are you ready?! No! I really hope it will be something tough and without any nice things this screensaver makes me nervous one of my biases I can’t look at him calmly just look at it What’s wrong with you Suga? What’s wrong with you? will there be no other members ?! I didn’t even notice it where is everyone ? English ? He said he didn’t sing in English!?!!! I thought it was one of the members I thought it was J-Hope underground Suga is back God, what’s wrong with him, it’s really cool I’m in shock!!!Very deep idea of the clip!He looks at himself from the crowd when the song started and I saw Suga and melody I’m sure from a to z it’s all his work it’s super it’s a shock Suga sings?! I can’t believe what I saw he still sang in his songs so we moved away from the topic, back to what we saw I have a question, where are the other members ?! will each memebre release a teaser ?! many questions, many riddles ! but what I want to say is Lux it’s just an amazing mix of styles it’s so hard for me. You were holding back so well done ! it was really hard for me to do that because I would be lying here in convulsions up to 17 numbers and wait for the next one ? in February ?! the album is released in February it’s going to take me a month to digest what I just saw will they exhibit every day ? or once a week? or that as, why so many questions, and there are no answers ?! Bighit likes to confuse, and throw us riddles like the number 7 and signs Medea you became and sent him kisses ))) I can’t,I’m sick the second part impressed me and the English text I honestly want to say Suga is one of my favorite rappers,maybe someone doesn’t agree with me he’s very talented and he’s my favorite composer I didn’t even doubt Suga,nor did I doubt RM as for reading rap, there are no questions for them, bit fire as I listened to this,my body trembled it was very cool,I love it I’m sorry, but I’m waiting for you to finish talking so I can watch and listen to it again guys write in the comments, your opinion about this and whether you love BTS,and Suga as I love it and maybe some of you are the ones who solved all the secrets of bighit regarding the number 7, everything is clear, 7 members but if someone knows everything please write to us love us, we love you we are waiting for your comments, your likes your opinions and theories, thank you very much for viewing bye bye

11 Replies to “BTS (방탄소년단) MAP OF THE SOUL : 7 ‘Interlude : Shadow’ Comeback Trailer Reaction! Реакция!

  1. Не любит розовизну, но пищит только при виде лица, когда нибудь люди смирятся, что музыка бантан, это не только свэг🙃

  2. Господи, чуть сердце не остановилось от неожиданности, всё видео в напряжении просидела, что будет, ой что будет..
    Это жизнь в k-pop, дофига вопросов, а ответов ноль.

  3. Как можно не любить bts и тем более этого котика 😍 Спасибо за реакцию ❤🤗

  4. Только хотела написать вам чтобы вы сделали реакцию на этот клип ,а вы уже 🔥шуга огонь пацан !


  6. Я в фандоме всего несколько месяцев, но даже я в курсе, что 3 февраля будет ещё один камбэк трейлер и тоже сольный.
    И посмотрите песню с переводом, она впечатлит вас ещё больше.
    Спасибо за реакцию.
    Р. S. Я бы смотря клип со своим биасом даже не моргала бы😉

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