BOW LEGS YOGA: Which Muscles Should You Strengthen to Fix Bow Legs & Knock Knees?

BOW LEGS YOGA: Which Muscles Should You Strengthen to Fix Bow Legs & Knock Knees?

Hip abduction, hip adduction. Chi, what the
heck? To me, it sounds all the same. If you’re wondering what hip abduction and hip
adduction have to do with your bow legs or knock knees, then keep watching. My
name is Chi and you’re welcome to The Body Conditioner. Here we work in, not out. If you’re new to The Body Conditioner, hi! You’re absolutely welcome. Please say hi in the comments section. I really want to get to know you.
What we’re all about here at The Body Conditioner is working in. What does that
mean? I’m passionate about yoga, I’m passionate about healing, and I’m
passionate about physiology. And I want to pair all these bits and pieces to
help enable you to make structural changes in your body. At the moment
we’re focusing on bow legs and knock knees. How to minimize, how to correct, how
to straighten your legs. If you have more ideas for me on what to focus on let me
know in the comments section. Hip abduction, hip adduction … Chi, what the
heck??? Hold on, hold on, hold on. I will tell you what this is all about. So what is
hip abduction? Hip abduction, please take a look at my legs, hip abduction means
away from the mid-line, that means moving a limb away from the mid-line. What is hip
adduction? Hip adduction means moving towards the mid-line, moving a limb towards the mid-line. Now what muscle groups do what? Your external rotators,
your deep buttocks muscles, they do hip abduction. They move the legs away from
the mid-line. Your inner thigh muscles, the hip adductors, they do the complementary
movement. They move your legs towards the mid-line, together. Now what does that have to do with your legs? Let me explain. If your hip abductors, your deep buttocks
muscles, are super tight, can you see that they begin to rotate your legs outwards.
If on top of that your inner thigh muscles, your hip adductors, are weak, look
at the shape of my legs! Yes, those are your bow legs. Now if your inner thigh
muscles are super tight and your outer hips extra weak, do you remember this
shape? Those are your knock knees. So, what are we going to do about it? Obviously, we
want to correct those legs, we want to straighten the legs, we want to minimize
either the knees knocking in or the legs bowing out
because in the long run it can affect your joints. So we want to strengthen the
outer hips and lengthen the inner thighs in order to help the knock knees to
become straight legs. And certainly we want to release the tension here from
the outer hips and we want to strengthen the inner thigh muscles, the hip adductors,
for those of you with bow legs to get straighter legs. But having said all this. You are absolutely perfect and beautiful the way you are. And I really look
forward to connecting and working-in with you in the next video. If you want to get your free eBook on how to correct your bow legs naturally,
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  1. Mam olse helo me mam…tell me the exercises mam…im ready to do it..i want to get rid of ma biw legs…plse mam

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