Black Moms Try Other Black Moms’ Soul Food

Black Moms Try Other Black Moms’ Soul Food

100 Replies to “Black Moms Try Other Black Moms’ Soul Food

  1. I want the one that was the nicest to be my mom! Her smile is so beautiful! Like I mean…when I get home from school after having a bad day, her smile would cheer me up instantly!

  2. Breadcrumbs and fry chicken that is bloody brilliant. My Abuela put ground up croutons with some habanero pepper air fried chicken

  3. crazy how on all of these type of videos the one hating the most cant cook. the one being the nicest is the best cook

  4. Don’t mean to turn this into a race thing, but seriously blacks are and whites have switched sense 1940’s, blacks are now the people discriminating whites. And by doing that we are moving far away from equal.

  5. Imagine if Buzzfeed released "white moms try other white moms green juice/salads". Everyone would have a fit. Way to go, Buzzfeed, you fail yet again

  6. I meaaaaannnnnn…it is called soul food for a reason. If you’re nasty, your food is going to come out nasty 💁🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️

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