Billion Dollar Business Idea – BILLIONAIRE Igor Rybakov, the BEST Russian Entrepreneur in Interview

Billion Dollar Business Idea – BILLIONAIRE Igor Rybakov, the BEST Russian Entrepreneur in Interview

Hi guys today from Monaco, from the beautiful Monte Carlo. I’m sitting here in Cafe de Paris with the view to the Opera Garnier or Casino de Monte Carlo, just like you wish And today I will interview for you the Russian self-made billionaire Igor Rybakov. Igor became the Entrepreneur of the Year in Russia meaning he is currently the chosen best entrepreneur in Russia And he is competing here for the title World Entrepreneur of the Year 2019. So to speak the best entrepreneur in the world. Igor together with his business partner Sergei Kolesnikov founded a company Technonicol. And this company manufactures construction materials, highly innovative materials especially for roofing They have over 50 factories in 7 countries and believe it or not 500 million people live in houses that use their materials. 500 million people. So, this is amazing scale, this is how you become a billionaire. Igor is a self-made billionaire and also his partner Sergei is also a self-made billionaire. They started out of the dorm with zero and became a multi-billion dollar company. And today I will interview Igor for you. So, stay with me and please welcome with me Igor Rybakov. Sergei Kolesnikov and Igor Rybakov filled a hole in the roofing supplies market. Today 500 million people live and work in buildings built or insulated with Technonicol materials Congratulations Sergei and Igor, the EY Entrepreneur of the Year award winners from Russia Hi guys today from Monaco, from the World Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 ceremony Where the best entrepreneur in the world will be chosen. Today with me I have Igor Rybakov of Technonicol. He is actually right now the best entrepreneur in Russia. You were chosen the Entrepreneur of the Year in Russia And you are a self-made billionaire together with your partner Sergei Kolesnikov. It’s a pleasure having you here and tell me, first of all, how do you know each other? And how did you come up with the idea to do the business together? We lived in one room at the University. In the dorm? Yeah. One day we decided with Sergei that it’s time to do something To take some money for inviting girls to the restaurant. And we went to the roofers, people who repair the roof Because at our university it was so popular when students during summertime were going to the roof And were like roofers to take some money. And it was also easy money, so to say. Yes. And then step by step we changed our business model. In the first summer we were like roofers. In the next summer we changed our deal. We were so qualified roofers. That’s why we went to the next business model. Then we decided that it’s time to produce roof material because there was deficit, huge deficit. So, we started looking for some opportunities to produce it. And we found some very old factory, where there was some equipment And everything, but the factory was lost So, we started. Then, step by step from the roof materials and then to the insulation materials And now we have the huge company with 1.5 billion dollar in revenue How many employees do you have? More than 7,000. 7,000 employees! With the highest productivity! I think it’s one of the best companies in the building sector. You know, I am so grateful you are sharing this Because most people out there think you have to start with the great idea. That you have to have a revolutionary idea. It’s bullshit! You started generally doing business and then you step by step improved your business model. Absolutely. Every time people ask me “How to start?” I say “Just start!” And to find the idea… not idea; how to help others, to find your deal Yeah. Because actually business is about solving problems of other people It’s the most important thing. Start not from idea! Find where you can help others. That’s right thinking. You don’t need money. Just today I got a comment, “At first you need capital” Yeah, beacuse sometimes people say “yeah… we need some funding… where to find invetors?” You don’t need it for the first step. You don’t need it. You need only to find your way of helping others. That’s all. And then investors see your activity there, they look at your activity And then they find you! They look at you and say “Come on! You are good enough and I want to invest!” There is a lot of investors. They will find you and give you idea, “Can I be your investor?” This is the right way. So, when I read some books of best coaches and trainers Every time they speak a lot about the formula which doesn’t work. This is a very big problem. Who is the author of that books? He was never doing business. This is a problem. That’s the most important thing. For example you! You can ask me. I can tell you! Tell your people on YouTube channel. It’s easy. Start helping others. Okay. And you are already on the much higher level. You’ve become a billionaire, apparently self-made man And you told me just before the interview now you’re thinking not only about helping people that you’re dealing with, but also impacting the society. Yeah, absolutely. 4 years ago I was just a successful entrepreneur. And not yet a billionaire, right? You were on a millionaire level. I was a billionaire, I was just a successful entrepreneur. I was fully involved in building a multi-million dollar enterprise. Nothing else mattered. But now all that has changed. 4 years ago I set up my own foundation together with my wife. My foundation has multiple objectives and one of them is to assist others to build their own business, for example. And second one – I help others to create, to establish endowment foundation in the primary and secondary school, etc. So, now the most important thing for me is to help others to build their own businesses, their own life. This is the most important thing. This is like my misison. You know that we all live in a silo-world with the top-down communication But my vision is to change this completely. My mission is to act as a catalyst to create an extensive communication To facilitate information flows across borders and break down barriers. And imagine the world as social blockchain. Imagine the world as a global network of decentralized social entrepreneurship Driven by the energy of the local entrepreneurs sharing and exchange the knowledge. And it’s not driven by states and politicians, right? Yes. The world of entrepreneurs. Imagine the world, imagine society fully recognizing you for your role. Imagine yourself fully fullfilled by that. Imagine that. This our new home. And I want to live at that home. So, that social entrepreneurship is a general desire of doing the world better and better every day. Absolutely This is my dream and what I do every day. Okay. So, maybe last question. I know this is maybe to short and we will go much deeper into it later for the next book by the way, I want to announce here Igor will be one of the role models in my next book. We will talk about that later, what exactly this book will be about. Tell me… there are a lot entrepreneurs on this millionaire level. I call them average entrepreneurs or mediocre entrepreneurs in my book Because apparently you are on a much higher level. What qualities, or let’s say 2-3 things in yourself What do you need as an entrepreneur to scale, to go up to that level? You have to be faster; faster in thinking, faster in doing. A little bit faster in execution. And partnership. The most important thing – a complementary partnership Do you mean to have a business partner or do you mean to have a partners in your industry that are somehow complementary? I mean everywhere. For example in the family. My wife. Not just my wife. My wife is my partner. Now my wife is a president of Rybakov Foundation and now we are not only the family. Me and my wife are now in a business. Maybe not business. It’s like a social business, social enterprise. So, partnership in the family, in the business and in the society. Because there is so much you can do with yourself or with your employees. I don’t listen much; speaking about partnership. People talk a lot about self development. Yeah, right. But plus you need partnership. You need to create a partnership. It is a new way of doing something; new way of creating something. Partnership is like asset! That’s a special asset. You need to create things. You can’t find your right wife. You can’t find right partnership. You can create your partnership with your wife; you can create your partnership with your business partner. It’s not only about the asset somebody brings in. You both have to build that asset… Yeah! That’s enough! Wonderful. Thank you Igor for your wisdom. See you guys from Monaco and as I said – Igor will be one of the role models in the next book. That’s it for today. I wish you a fantastic day. Let’s do something extraordinary today! Over 500 million people live in houses build with TechnoNICOL materials TechnoNICOL recently became a partner in the first Russian project of its kind Creating a house using affordable 3d-printer. They also developed an award winning affordable house that consumes half of the energy of most standard homes. Congratulations! I hope you liked this video. If yes, give me a thumb up. If not, of course thumb down. Subscribe if you haven’t. Don’t forget to hit the bell button In order to get notifications about this video. I invite you to comments. What do you think about this entrepreneur? About the wisdom he has passed to us? What are your thoughts about that? Your experiences? Maybe a perspective? Share this video with your loved ones, with your friends. How the best entrepreneurs in our world think and act. How to do great, impossible things in business and life. I talk a little bit about money, about economy. So, if you like this video, you will certainly like my other videos. I invite you to watch them. That’s it for today from Monaco. I wish you a fantastic day. Let’s do something extraordinary today!

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