Biden 2020 adviser: This is a tragedy of Trump’s own making

Biden 2020 adviser: This is a tragedy of Trump’s own making

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  1. I'm sorry but she is very fake she works for Biden and and the president has not obstructed any investigations he has given Congress every freaking thing they've ever asked for and nobody now likes it that he's standing up for his self and say no more no more I'm done if you don't like it then vote on it that's what our country's about voting and being fair give everyone a chance they won't even let the Republican Congress be involved in their meetings they are Crooks

  2. your campaign is collapsing because you're corrupt and finally some of the democratic supporters are seeing that yell maybe we can't support this guy because how does his son get $50,000 a month for not knowing nothing about a company that he's working for he got a paycheck and never even went to work and keep smiling and keep talking fast that's not going to get Biden anymore votes

  3. Ukraine news. Why dont you report that. He's guilty period. Biden and Democrats are going down. Liars keep talking bad about our president. He beats u at ever turn.

  4. she talks a lot man she can't answer a question because she was told do not answer questions just keep talkin they trained her very well

  5. listen to the anger in her voice let's Democrats are always like this when they're stuck in a corner like a mouse Z can't stand they get nervous they start yelling they start trying to fight out of that corner cuz they know they're cornered and they got no answers she just blew it for him big time….
    and all she did was Samir Trump the entire interview what a waste of everybody's time

  6. That lady’s an idiot. Can’t even explain if the kids name wasn’t Biden, would he get the job—-oh but it’s trumps fault. So weak…just like the entire Democratic Party. belligerent, crooked and evil.

  7. Trump's 5th Ave. cultists are really getting worried now. Read all the deflection towards Biden. Trump will be impeached but not found guilty in the gutless senate because the conservatives there put party over country.

  8. Congress is obstructing legitimate investigations of apparent corruption by the executive branch. They are covering up apparent crime in Ukraine. Congress is acting as a criminal enterprise.

  9. When I find so funny, knowingly and willingly blatantly lie with every breath. Sad sad sad!
    I am saddened for your parents Simone!

  10. Guys, whether you agree or disagree, these different perspectives are important. Please be respectful. I think the left is generally close-minded, and the right can be that way too. Be more open minded.

  11. ahahaha, total deflection by bidens manager bc he has no good answer to provide. biden is a crook and theres nowhere to hide. no wonder obama didnt endorse him.

  12. Lol thats why its no point to vote democrats…. they advocate stromg self restraint just few days after theyre now at the exact position to what biden advices!

    Thanks democrat… no need to talk that much since you been talking and condemn Trump for last 3yrs lol

    Democrats the true party of no moral principles they stand on! But shamelessly saying Trump is guilty of the dembs criminality and throw flowery words that biden is innocent coz what Trump did is unconstitutional to solve corruption! lol

    Its just happens Ukraine was a big issue on 2016 election and trump cctual just saying i like to know what happen if the stories are true of not and well the one bidens controversial claim on tv!

    If trump said what i biden said? Nancy pelosi flaunt whiskey swag to call for impeadhment pf Trump! Not sounding very defensive as if dembs have something to hide they are pretty guilty of lol when did dembs ever fear of the crimes and the lies committed huh? As if dembs never had an ample time given to be able to say what they neded to be said all this time! I think thats pretty oppressive for the poor Dembs, right?

    Trump is white supremacist for oppressing dembs not having time to say all the bs they need to say ; )

  13. She defending Biden remember when Biden said poor kids are just as important as white kids he is a racist demakkkrant. Qid pro quo Joe will never be president.

  14. Martha didn’t press on Biden’s corruption or his own admission of threatening Ukraine of withholding 1B if not complying with his demands within 6hrs. She disappoints me … is like she is trying to promote democrats as reasonable people. 👎

  15. With Biden, his son, and family companies having numerous bank, trust, properties and other assets, spread domestically and overseas, some in protected tax havens, how do the police, justice department and other regulatory bodies, uncover and expose criminal and illegal activities while investigating money laundering and other serious crimes ?

  16. Biden has no defense for Ukraine scandal so he has to cry "impeach". What Biden doesn't realize is that he is the scapegoat for Hillary. He'll take the focus of criticism from the press and other dem candidates until the last debate is finished. Then Hillary will waltz in unchallenged by her rivals and take the nomination. Poor Joe is just another expendable Clinton pawn. He's not Trump's victim, he's Hillary's victim.

  17. Deranged Democrats are trying to frame and railroad The President before Trump, Barr and Durham exposes their crimes and The Democrats are arrested.

  18. Lady stop lying BIDEN was bragging on t.v. about getting this attorney fired or wouldn't get the large amount of money. TRUMP DIDN'T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH BIDENS CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES ALL THESE YEARS. STOP DEFLECTING.

  19. President Trump isn’t going anywhere but to the White House for 4 more years! The Democrats who are corrupt including republicans will answer for their corruption, including also Trump if he is guilty! Go President Trump 2020

  20. I do not blame the President for not wanting to play their sad little game. I can bet they had it planned out in a way that it was rigged in favor of them. I mean, planned out the best these people can manage at least.

  21. Nice to see Martha for once not interrupting and speaking over the guest speaker… oh wait… this is Joe Biden's senior campaign adviser!
    No wonder Martha is so well behaved, intently listening and nodding her head in approval!

  22. why did the blonde headed bimbol let this leftist neanderthal get away with saying President Trump tried to cover up the phone call

  23. Liar liar, pants on fire. But then, you would expect the actual truth from a Democrat? That's your textbook oxymoron.

  24. Name one accomplishment during his time as a career Politician that’s positive! ? (For him) He became very, very wealthy!

  25. I don't buy it Democrats! Everything about your party and even the supporters equal insanity. Something is seriously wrong with you.
    Sick anti American.

  26. Biden is the sacrifice. To slide Hillary in possibly offer Warren a Vice President position or cabinet post. Biden and anyone now is not a true threat to Trump in the election. Impeachment is to keep a air of crime not actually convict. Hillary needs 51% of all who vote in some of the States. Remember she only needs more then Trump by one solitary vote. This is there end game. Muck up Trumps name enough to pull votes from the middle and carry enough electoral votes. Her zealot liberals don’t care about the emails. She just needs a redo for the middle. I don’t think she can win, I hope she does not win. But she is connected she is savage and brutal. She would be playing to win, no matter what rules she breaks. She is hell bent on getting back in the White House.

  27. get this big MOUTH SIMONE Racist Black off the set. She blames TRUMP for everything and discounts her own democRATS party's failures as governorships and mayors in government . They are the ones failing Black America not TRUMP you Biased Simone BLack Biased Racist. You must have a low IQ if you cant see that or it is just your reckless bias that keeps that big mouth and gums moving like a buffalo chewing its cud! You are a sickening and disgusting Leftist communist!

  28. @Fox News, thanks for this good journalism. The line of questioning was excellent, let her speak her mind and make the viewers decide, is she believable or not.

  29. Symone Sander's? What 😲? 🙄.
    The spokespersonate is a personality of word's of cover up.

    Hmm mm🤔.

    Martha why are you calm and attentive to Symone? Attractive spokespersonate?

  30. Biden is going DOWN. This girl has never even look at the Constitution much less knows what it days, so she is making all this cap up. I read it and know this girl is full of it!

  31. Symone becomes cipha upon which the immoral church of falsehood is built? But Joe Biden is modern Moses but no stick in hand to strike the water's scam to change it to blood. But how water's scam turn to blood?
    Wow Democrat's have a lot of and all of bible character's knitted upon social fabric.
    Will the GOD's overlook these BLASPHEMER'S? GOD's angry😠

  32. Remember the Stormy Daniels 'scandal'? If dems could not make that one stick, they got no hope in heck to make anything outta this one…

  33. I'm with our President of the United States of America. End the corruption, investigate and prosecute any corrupt politicians!

  34. If you only watch Fox news you will be unaware of many things … I watch both Fox and other news channels but it’s really shocking how Fox is spinning or just not mentioning the facts

  35. quit pro joe who is on video bragging about his corruption wants the president impeached for exposing said corruption…
    yeah not so sure about that old dog… not so sure…

  36. Because it's RIGHT-ON time: “It was miraculous. It was almost no trick at all, he saw to turn vice into virtue and slander into truth, impotence into abstinence, arrogance into humility, plunder into philanthropy, thievery into honor, blasphemy into wisdom, brutality into patriotism, and sadism into justice. Anybody could do it; it required no brains at all. It merely required no character.”
    (Joseph Heller, CATCH-22, 1961)

    Citizens must come to terms with the nature of the man who has become the GOPs lord and savior. WE THE PEOPLE must not let President Trump thwart America's ideals and the U.S. Constitution, which he pledged to protect, honor and defend. Otherwise into the flames of obscurity…

  37. Trump is very transparant: he committed a crime by asking Ukraine and China to interfere in the 2020 election on LIVE TV.

  38. Why is FOX inviting this horrible woman to comment? All people that observed this woman at CNN know that she is very racist and that she hates Trump. The democrats have people of more quality to comment.

  39. The truth will set you free but she has been around Biden so long she would not know the truth if it hit her over her head

  40. Biden is a criminal crook and a warmonger abolish the radicals for good in 2020 and replace the do nothing Pelosi for Judge Jeanine Pirro for even a better productive working America.

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