Best Exercise For a Bigger Butt = Hip Thrust

Best Exercise For a Bigger Butt = Hip Thrust

Okay, right here all I’m doing is the hip
thrust exercise to rip my butt muscles to make my butt look better. If you
notice, at the end or the top of the exercise, I stop for at least two seconds
to breath and contract my butt muscles real hard to get a better butt
workout. Now, to get set up to do this exercise, you
just slide back into a bench, a chair, or a box that’s about 15 to 20 inches
off the ground and you put your back into the bench. Then you begin the
hip thrust exercise, like this. Once you can do about four sets of ten
to 20 reps like this, then you can go to a more advanced version and do the
one leg hip thrust like this. You continue to do the same thing where you
pause at the top and squeeze your butt muscles for at least two seconds. Once the single leg thrust gets easy, you
can go back to the regular hip thrust like this. But this time you can use
extra weight like I’m using now in the video. In this example here, I’m using
a dumbbell for extra weight. Once dumbbells get too easy, you can use heavier
weights by using a curl bar loaded with weights like this. Although
you don’t have to, to make you more comfortable make sure you have some padding
around the bar, like I do in the video. But if you don’t have a pad,
you can wrap some old clothes or towels around the bar for extra padding. Don’t be scared to use heavier weights. As
your butt muscles get bigger and stronger, you’re going to have to use heavier
weights like these to make your butt get bigger, stronger, and sexier. If the real big, heavy weights do scare you
and you still want to keep seeing more and more good results for your
butt, then you can just use lighter weights and do single leg hip thrust
to get the same results you’d get if you were using real heavy weights. The only thing that may be bad about this
exercise is that as you start to use weights, you may have to have someone
place the weights on your lap for you. This will be a problem for you if you
don’t have someone to help you place the weights on your lap for you. But
you can easily overcome this problem by using lighter weights and using
one leg like I’m doing now in the video. So for example, if a 40-pound dumbbell is
too heavy for you to get on your lap all by yourself, just use a lighter 15
to 20-pound dumbbell. Use one leg to get the same results you’ll get by
using two legs with 40 pounds. This exercise can also be done at home like
this with a chair. Just make sure your chair is anchored against a wall
to prevent you and the chair from falling over. If you have any kind of
weights around the house like dumbbells, milk jugs, or anything you can
think of to put across your lap, it can be used as extra weight for this exercise
to give you a better looking butt. Okay, let’s go back over this one more time.
To get the best results with this hip thrust exercise, if you’re not going
to use any extra weights, do four sets of ten to 20 reps where you hold
and squeeze each rep at the top for at least two seconds. Once that gets easy,
move on to four sets of ten to 20 reps with one leg, where you also hold
and squeeze each rep at the top for at least two seconds. If you are going to use weights do four sets
of eight to 12 reps and you want to hold these reps for up to two seconds.
But you can just come up and down for each rep without stopping if you
want to, if you are going to use extra weights. As you get stronger, try using
heavier weights like this. If you don’t have heavy weights, or if you
don’t like using heavy weights, just move up to using lighter weights but
with one leg to get the same butt results you’d get from using two legs with
real heavy weights. Finally, make sure that whatever that you’re
doing your hip thrust exercise on will not move while you’re doing the exercise.
So if you look closely, you can see that the bench I’m doing my hip
thrust exercise on has dumbbells behind it to prevent if from sliding
back or tipping over. Right here, when I’m doing my hip thrust exercise
on a chair, the chair is fully secured against the wall.

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  3. i have a really soft butt. so i do this exercise to get a bigger butt, would my butt get harder? cuz i dont want it to

  4. Two reasons.

    One: If you do not excercise the butt and spend many hours sitted, you can hurt your lower back because you have no support or "cushion" to hold your body (personal experience)

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  21. true genetics has A LOT to do with it but if you don't have the predisposition for large natural glutes then you do have to do work to get where you want to be. won't be the same as those who don't have to work for it but leg and glute workouts certainly do make a difference! … true about injections though… thats no bueno. definitely agree with you on that part!

  22. Genetic factors play a very vital part in every exercise.All cannot get the same results they desired.But it can keep you fit.Don't jump to conclusions, that all can achieve it.

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  24. Hi Adrian…..just started the excercise today and I started with 60pounds and I did 4 sets of 8 reps..i want to know how long you pause between each set. Or if you should pause at all after the 1st set before going to the second set.

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  26. Hey Adrian,when i used to do squats my butt the next day will hurt now its like it doesnt do that anymore and i need to feel that burn in my butt while im doing what are some tips you have. thanks

  27. This exercise is really great. My trainer had me doing these yesterday, and man it will wear you out. After to sets of ten with no weights added, i felt like i had to puke lol… But thats with already working out my legs doi g swuats and other stuff. But this right here, is a legit workout

  28. This exercise makes me nauseous because I get motion sickness quite easily. What I do is, when I get at the top, I hold it for more than the 2 seconds. Right now, I'm using 40Lb dumbbell and I count to 10 before i dip back down. Is that ok? What do you suggest?

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  32. Hey Adrian , I have a question. I am a boy and i want to get my bum bigger. How many hip thursts should I do per week and how many days of rest ?

  33. Adrien, I am 5'7" and my weight is 64kg.

    I wanna make my butt bigger and smaller waist but don't wanna loose any more weight.

    Also I have cellulite on my thighs and butt so what exercise should i do more?
    I have been doing squats but not very consistent wth it.
    Hope to hear from u ..Thank you

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  35. Hey Adrian,
    Love your Site! What are good glute super set workouts to really help the butt grow big and round? I currently do the exercises you mention on your site and leave the glute bridge for last. But just wanted to know if there is a way to optimize the workout such as with super sets to get the best out of the workout. Thanks again for all your tips. You are awesome!

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  38. is it better this way i usually see the thrust with the persons feet on the chair and head on the floor

  39. You're amazing! I love you and I thank God He gave you life!! You can totally hear and see the love you have for fitness in all your videos! I appreciate the time and effort you put into these videos❤️ May God bless you with a long healthy life💪🏽

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