Best Business to Start with $500

Best Business to Start with $500

okay so here’s the scenario you’ve got
500 bucks and you’re looking to invest it into a business that you can get
started and build today all right today we’re gonna analyze some of my favorite
online businesses so that we can best identify which is the best business for
you to get started today if you only have 500 bucks in your pocket now this
is part two of a three part video series that I’m doing to best answer the
question I always get up Bryan I have X amount to invest what business should I
get started and today we’re gonna answer that question by counting down from
fifth best to first time to throw some businesses to the
gauntlet all right coming in at number five is basically all the businesses
that I talked about in the last video that basically have zero startup costs
associated with them so those businesses include you know consulting tutoring
niche subjects on sites likewise an and starting your own agency now I recommend
these businesses to people that are just starting out because there’s minimal
risk involved and they require almost nothing to get started but let’s be
honest these are a little bit boring so let’s move on coming in at number four
is my favorite business bottle and that is content creation like all the other
businesses that I just listed content creation almost cost nothing to start
however unlike those it also has the added benefits of being passive and
increasing in value exponentially as time goes on yeah once you set up your
content correctly on the right platforms it’s going to pay you passively every
single month and as time goes on that value is only going to exponentially
increase over the months and years to come
cue the shameless plug for my udemy instructor pro course which teaches
exactly how to do this properly link in the description below moving on to
number 3 is drop shipping now for those of you that don’t know and are
unfamiliar to put it simply drop shipping is basically when you
facilitate the sale from a manufacturer or supplier to a customer you make money
by marking up the suppliers price to the unsuspecting customer for profit now
there are countless ways to dropship you can open up your own Shopify store you
can drop ship on sites like eBay or Amazon
or even coupon sites just to name a few description drop shipping is a great
business model to start because you don’t incur that much costs to get your
website up and running and you don’t even need to purchase inventory before
you make any sales but the reason that it comes in at number three is because
you’re probably gonna need about five hundred bucks
if not a little bit more to figure out your target demographic and really
become profitable alright coming in at number two is Amazon private labeling
and amazon private labeling is a business that is really dear to my heart
basically what it entails is getting a product manufactured that you’ve
identified as having a big enough market on Amazon with not that much competition
seller wise to match that market now with private labeling you’re not
necessarily looking to take over an entire market but you are looking to
slice out a little piece of that pie to be honest with Amazon private labeling
500 bucks is a little bit on the low end of what I would suggest ordering with
your first amount of inventory I would suggest roughly about you know a
thousand to fifteen hundred to really get it in and rank successfully that’s
why it comes in at number two all right finally today’s winner is I love it
because there’s still so much money to be made now yes it’s not passive and you
do have to put the work in but it’s really easy to start and the return on
your investment is ridiculous now you can take that 500 bucks that you have
and really turn it into about 2 grand in a week or two with online arbitrage
especially the way I teach it through Amazon and I would say that that’s a
conservative estimate to be honest that’s not even an over estimate and
that’s the reason that I’m online arbitrage is hands-down the winner still
though if you’re only sold on more hands-off type of businesses then I
would suggest starting with online arbitrage you know kind of stacking your
money up and then coming back and watching my next video which is the best
business that you can start if you have a thousand dollars spoiler though online
arbitrage will still be on there well there you have it guys we counted them
down and really identified the best business that you can get started if you
only have 500 bucks right here right now and if you’re interested in learning any
more about any of these businesses you can check the description below for $10
discount links to my courses I have courses on all of them as I performed
and operated every one of these businesses profitably you can also head
over to my new blog that just launched which is BG media innovation comm scroll
all the way to the bottom and look for some detailed articles on each one of
these business models finally if you feel like I provided enough value to
warrant a like today go ahead and hit that like button I really genuinely
appreciate it now we’ll see you guys in the next video

18 Replies to “Best Business to Start with $500

  1. The last two videos seems like your speaking right to me in my situation. Your a very good speaker. I'll be doing the Arbitrage for about a year till I get my feet wet then add private labeling

  2. Hi Bryan . I like to enroll in your private labelling course. But I live out side the U.S.. is it still applicable to me??? Tnx.

  3. Yeah, some of these options are not passive. But hey, if you love doing any of these, it wouldn't feel like work, right?

  4. #letsbuildtoday (5-Consulting & Others) labor intensive, tons of sweat equity, great character builder if I decide to do any consulting or service. Iʻm a sweat equity kind of guy. (4-Content Creation) Iʻm working on this right now. I like that it is passive, it is in my power zone, I just need the time to work on it. I have a lot to say, I just need to put in down on paper. (3-Drop Shipping) Iʻm trying to stay away from Drop Shipping because of the learning curve and I donʻt feel like I have enough money to support a drop shipping system (2-Private Label) I have not private labeled yet, but it is in the plans. I need to build up the budget before I do anything. The private label seems to be the “Super Bowl” of E-Commerce on Amazon. (1-Online Arbitrage) Also, doing this right now, taking the Udemy Course right now (#couponisgreat) and applying what Iʻm learning. Great stuff. Iʻm wondering if OA-Prep on Amazon could work on E-Bay (OA-Prep on E-Bay) #letsstartstackingthemoney

  5. Hey Bryan, thank you so much for sharing your very helpful content. Do you still recommend email marketing with Gsuite and Gmass?

  6. Awesome Video. I can confirm I'm making money with one of his methods after doing the course. This no joke 🙂 cheers Carson

  7. Hi Brian again it's me. I was checking your website to see if there is an optional payment plan and I saw that the only payment method was Paypal. Well, Paypal doesn't work in Turkey, it's forbidden. Any suggestions ?

  8. 🎓Try All My Courses for Free:

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