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  1. Thank YOU dear Heavenly FATHER!
    Please Take BATTLES Of FAITH
    (BATALLAS DE FE) Trinidad and Tobago, Fully In YOUR Charge.

    May All Of Heaven Be In Attendance.
    May YOUR POWER And Full GLORY Be Felt Among The Audience,
    During Each And Every Session.
    And Also In The Audiences Online, and other means of Listening.

    Speak In YOUR Mighty POWER Through Each One Of YOUR
    Preachers, Speakers;
    Music Presentations;
    Interpreters; And Others.

    Please Plant Hedges Round About The Meeting Place;
    And Also Round About YOUR Servants, Whether Male or Female.

    Please Tear Down The Strongholds of the Adversary.
    And may YOUR Will Be Done Toward The Salvation of Many Souls. May There Be Many Souls Won For YOU dear LORD.
    Souls That Would Afterward Stay The Course, Unto Eternal Life In CHRIST.

    May All Of The Equipments Work Very Well, and the Airwaves be Clear.

    Thank YOU for Providing Good and Proper Nourishment For All.
    Please Grant Safe Transportation
    In Whatever Forms, As It Is Necessary.

    And May There Be Many More BATTLES Of FAITH Events;
    To Bring Honor and Glory To YOUR Holy Name,
    And Salvation To Souls.

    Again, Please Take Full Charge Of Everything,
    In JESUS' name and for HIS Sake.
    AMEN !!!!!!!

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