yeah I got it so fibrefit wrong but then on the other hand I warned knockerball the issue always with you is your Luke you're more your Luke you know one you're both you always on the fence and today before knockerball the stress she put me through with that fight was unbelievable unbelievable I would have never expected that from you what I didn't stop you didn't start it but she didn't matter you started the whole thing want a drink and you always circuit what's funny can make us look warmer in the crazy great look a tick I'm changing your neck fuck lukewarm Loney Loney – damn how distress you don't know if you want to fight but you want a book you want the Bible another movie there's the church but I claim I'm gonna do it would you say exactly confusion well damn it that's deep that's rude please don't attack me like that I'm a man a guy you don't talk to me like that oh you don't seem to have no respect for me you know what look God you see do you never heard they'll pray not one time I'll talk about God it got anything over this just be real you're sick I'm not you need minutes you need milk come really ma I need some milk I'm some milk give him a boobie some all right you push it look warm whoa he just said I'm pushing it best for him eat his ass or should i because ass summer enough no I got Hadees you mean a crowd you have to go home you don't know who you are how are you gonna date me you don't even know who you are take your praying at home oh sorry then it crazy yeah sorry Gracie I'm sorry enough is enough I can't be on the fence with you tomorrow I need it is if you won't do me like that pray come out of this damn house and take up spirits with you a spirit of confusion a spirit of depression a spirit of lunatone mmm the spirit of boobie freak and Bible amen amen you gotta choose one I'm done hallelujah okay so benediction please pray with you huh now please pray with you okay can I say your prayer go ahead nigga I'm up here so call your closure I you have to go home I don't want to do that spirits father so I decided to set up the prayer for her I just thank you Lord for having me in his house it has been a great opportunity for me apparently I'm fine love with his dumb asshole this nigga called me a hole in the prayer and he's long gasp feet when she kissed me earlier I knew it was time to leave it's worthless it was just out of control and it's next my soul dad mom he an OB with his prep but I'm done with this bitch I mean ho so during the prayer I decided that I want to speak from my heart because your bitch home oh sorry boy I'm not perfect and also pray for these dusty-ass Nick what's up here God is still working on me just like he working on your motherfuckers watch your mouth for big show that for two new that's nicer watch your fucking mouth nigga hey won't you nigga you look like Indian I'm a cropper so to say that we in the prayer would you calls it you ain't damn praying yeah preaching what that extra medium shirt you got on so now I'm out why don't you gonna choose you know what okay the prayer come how free oh we used to be believe those no more come over we say okay mm-hmm I do pray that you find love I pray to God give you who you deserve you stupid ho


  1. Ayo I live for B and Summer! I absolutely love you guys. I would want to be on the show as one of her besties. I would kick everyone out except thug life

  2. B:am I a h*e friend?
    Summer:we used to be…how he know abt that? You told him?
    B:ok enough!

  3. Lukewarm thought you was all that and a bag of chips but he was ugly as fuck trying to talk about B Simone who look way better than him and for you to be talking about a woman like that obviously you ain't no man of God

  4. I cried at the end because at the episode because he said I will never love anybody else again Thug love he my favorite person bruhhhhh but the wide tooth 🦷 asss dude is ugly asf I wish she picked thug ❤️ love

  5. Who The fuck does she think she is…. disrespecting everyone there and they mama then feeling a certain way when she gets retaliated against, humble yourself

  6. This is the second time I heard somebody tlking about her stank ass breath I mean cant be looking like that and your mouth smells like gorilla sex

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