Asian Sizes to US/European: Clothing Size Chart for Dropshipping!

Asian Sizes to US/European: Clothing Size Chart for Dropshipping!

[Asian Sizes to US/European: Clothing Size Chart for Dropshipping!] Alright, so if you’re an ecommerce dropshipper
in the fashion niche, and your suppliers are from China, you may have noticed a little
problem. Asian sizes are VERY different from US Sizes. Hey, what’s up world, Tommy Walker with
Oberlo and today, we’re going to talk about converting Asian fashion sizes to US sizes. If you have any questions, or want to share
your experiences, drop them in the comments below, and I’ll be sure to answer them Like I said before, I’m your host, Tommy
Walker, and if you like what we’re talking about here, consider subscribing, so you can
get new videos every week. Now, as a dropshipper, having sizes that are
too small for your customers could have a disastrous impact on your business. Uh… hi. I ordered the wrong size on your website,
can I get a refund? It’s extremely important that you’re up-front
on your website about how the Asian sizes convert to US sizes or the sizing that’s
local to whatever market you’re selling in in order to minimize size-related returns. So how can you get this information? 1. You can talk to your supplier. Each supplier you work with may have different
size charts. Some products may have a tight fit while others
have a looser fit. If you want to speed up the process, you can
ask them for their Asian to American size chart and add that image to those suppliers’
products on your website if you sell exclusively to the United States. If for some reason a supplier doesn’t respond
or is unable to provide you with a size chart, you’ll need to stick to a standard Asian
to US size chart. Unfortunately, this size chart may not be
completely accurate, but it’s a start. Check out the links in the description to
download the standardized chart for yourself. 2. Use supplier’s measurements to create your
own size chart Here’s the tricky thing about numbers, they’re
hard to visualize. So while some suppliers will give you the
product measurements without a size chart. And Other suppliers will offer a size chart
with their definitions of each size… Unless you’re a tailor or seamstress who
sees what these measurements look like regularly, it can be difficult to translate those measurements
to standard US “Small” “Medium” and “Large” sizes for your own brand. While it does mean a bit more work and investment
for you, it’s a smart idea to order at least one size of each of the products you’re
selling, and style them on an adjustable male or female form that is set to the different
measurements the supplier has provided. That way, you’ll know for certain that your
supplier’s definition of sizes translate to your own, an XL is your Large, for example,
and you’ll have a basic understanding of how the clothing might look on a customer,
which can save you a lot on customer service, returns, and exchanges in the future. Also just because you have these sizes on-hand,
doesn’t mean you can’t sell them. In fact, depending on how far along your fashion
business is, it may be worth using these pieces for your own photoshoots. If you’re a dropshipper that does this,
or something like it, we’d love to hear your experience about how this has worked
for you in the comments section! 3. Make your size charts clear for each audience
you service This is more a pretty general rule of thumb
for any fashion ecommerce website, but make the size information easily accessible on
the page for your visitor. Like I mentioned earlier in the video, a significant
portion of consumers end up returning clothing because it is often the wrong size, and an
even larger portion of ecommerce sites don’t make their size guide incredibly visible. Even on this very large multi-million dollar
brand’s website, the link to the sizing chart doesn’t really stand out. If you’re selling in international markets,
like Europe, you’ll want to make sure you’re converting to that market’s sizing as well,
however, don’t feel the need to go overboard and make conversions for every country in
the world! If you want to make all of this even easier
on your customers, there are size finder apps that you can download from the Shopify App
store that will make size recommendations for your customer based on their height, weight
age and body type. Apps like these have been known to increase
sales, reduce returns, and encourage repeat purchase rates, which is essential for the
long-term health of any new fashion brand. Ok, that’s all we’ve got for this week. Check out the description for more in-depth
resources on size conversions, and starting your own dropshipping store with Oberlo. Also, I’d love to hear your stories about
ordering the wrong size. How did the company handle it? Did they win you back as a customer, or leave
you in a tight place. Looking forward to seeing your discussion
in the comments below. Be sure to hit that subscribe button and hit
the bell to be notified when we release a new video. Thanks a lot for watching and, until next
time, Learn Often, Market Better, Sell More.

100 Replies to “Asian Sizes to US/European: Clothing Size Chart for Dropshipping!

  1. Asian or European sizes are stupid. There should be one size not a variety of world sizes. Walmart is the stupidest company that has Europe sizes, I can't buy there.

  2. Awwww. U r so patient and sweet and more than forthcoming with Ur viewers questions. Taking the time to answer each and everyone. I almost feel bad bc I have a question too. Lol. I know u r extremely busy, but I saw a coat that I just have to have. I am a women 2X coat size. Can u tell me what would that convert to in Asian size please? Again, I really appreciate your time. ✌️🏿🖤💫

  3. can you share any app or website where we can check the measurements. For example if i need to make US men shirt then what should be armhole, length of shirt, shoulders, chest Etc.
    Also for the women.
    It would be great help for everyone

  4. I want to order a hoodie and the thing says Asian size 1xl 2xl 3xl 4xl 5xl s m l xl I live in the US and I’m like a large witch one would I pick??

  5. The item I want to buy is a sports suit. It comes with a sweater and pants.
    What size should I go for in Asian size?
    I'm medium/large sometimes for sweaters in the U.S and small in pants.

  6. I’m a XL. What size am I in Asian?

    This is shown in the buyer bio for a 3XL

    3XL:coat length:72cm; shoulder:50cm; chest:120cm; sleeve:64cm; height:185-190cm;

    How big is it exactly?

  7. @Oberlo, Hi! I am wanting to buy this t-shirt but its an Asian size. I usually wear a Large to make it like a loose fitting for me. My height is 5'4 and I weigh 160lbs. What size would you recommend?

  8. So I where large in the US and I was looking at some versace which is made in Italy what would you recommend for a size on that?

  9. I want to buy some jeans on wish…but want to make sure I order correctly. In Us sizes, I am a 18….so, does this mean I have to order an xxxl for Asian sizing? I'm so confused on this…

  10. Yeah I ordered a shirt off of wish and it didn't tell me where it was coming from until I ordered it and I received one today and it totally wasted my time and money because I cannot fit into the shirt and I ordered one that's XXL and it showed up as like a medium but it's still set XXL

  11. i need help im trying to buy this item from china and it says 3XL(US:14)
    , its a fur coat very elegant, im a big guy so i asked the seller and he said it should fit nicely, im wondering if i should go ahead and buy this item? what is this in china measurement cause i really want this item and dont want to return it and it comes a small. i dont know what US 14 means in coat size but i chose the biggest size which is 3XL, can you help me please?????

  12. Im trying to buy BTS merch (lol) from a site called Gotamochi and they said its asian size. Usually in UK size im a 10 and im still not sure what that would be in asian size (small, medium or large) can anyone help me?

  13. So I live in the US and want to buy something from Asian size chart. I am a size men’s US Medium but don’t know what size I would order from an Asian chart. What size do I get

  14. My Asian hoodie size: M
    Length 64cm, Bust 102cm, Shoulder 47cm, Sleeves 62cm

    Europe size: S
    Length 69cm, Chest 55cm, Sleeves 57cm
    Europe size M:
    Length 71cm, Chest 57cm, Sleeves 58cm

    Should I go for size S or M? The Sleeves is tricky..

  15. Well thank you , that helped clear things up some. Almost everything you wear has made in china on the tag. So we know it exist. It's like a secret or ya gotta go way to china to find the US sizes. I believe that the correct sizes are within the same companies we purchase from the Bs sizes from. Course that's speculation.

  16. The best thing is to use an APP which does the conversion for the customer. Telling the customer to buy 2-3 sizes larger causes misunderstandings and is not practical

  17. The cosplay I planned to purchase is only Asian sizes. I would have fit into Asian XL when my waist(91cm) and hips(108cm) wouldn't be a little bigger than that on the size chart-
    Not sure if it would actually fit or not. I don't really want to scrap that and need a little help-
    Their sizes for waist and hips(XL):
    W: 75-78cm
    H: 95-98cm
    Bust: 93-96cm
    I don't even know if a seamstress could correct that..
    Well at least the bust (95cm) is kinda between it, but might be a little tight-
    I'm seriously clueless right now

  18. Hmm – I'm screwed. My best friend's birthday is coming up on March 25, and so I ordered her this really nice jacket that comes from Korea. Now, she's a medium. If you're a medium I know how you're supposed to get an extra large. Well, that's what I did! Since her and I the same size, I tried it on to make sure it would fit. Even then when I took it out of the box, I was regretting every single bit of the purchase. It was HUGE and when I say huge I mean HUGEEEEE. I tried it on and it was so big on me I was sure I could use it as a blanket (OK, not THAT big like I can cover myself with it but I mean that it actually is extremely big on me). What do I do now? Currently, it's 3/22/2019, and if I were to return it now, it would get to the seller in about a month, then I get my refund, and THEN I buy it again but then it would be too late. Is there maybe a way I may be able to shrink it somehow?

  19. ight i need someone to answer this please!!! if i’m a 5’4 13 year old and i wear an XL(18) in KIDS could i get a men’s Medium size jacket and still fit me?

  20. Hi so my question is play someone like myself who is short and skinny I how to buy clothes that are you know size small or extra small just so we could fit on me and it doesn't look baggy which is an issue for me so I stumbled upon something on Amazon called techwear and their sizes are in medium XL XXL and I can't really tell which is the size for me being that I'm small and skinny how can you help?

  21. do most Asian suppliers even have an "long tall" sizing. even US t shirts are a pita to find in either 2xlt or 3xlt depending on who made it. Just ordered up a cheap Asian 5xl t shirt off ebay to see how they compare

  22. DHGATE XXXL t- shirts are a small fitting U.S. large. Not having legitimate U.S. sizes is why I can't shop there anymore!

  23. I'm 5'3, weigh around 92 pounds and i usually wear 1-3 in pants sizes and X small or small in ladys/misses shirts. I'm from USA. I really need help with understanding the difference in sizes from USA sizes to Asia/Japanese sizes. A friend of mine order me some pants size medium in Asian size. Are those pants going to be to big for me?
    I'm currently waiting for the pants to arrive in the mail.

  24. I wear a women 2x or 3x.I am discoraged to buy on line due to not knowing what size of a shirt to get from over seas!

  25. I wanna buy a male sweater when I buy male sweaters or shirts I always have a m which size will I need when I order a male asian sweater

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