Ark Central Dual Universe: April 2018

Ark Central Dual Universe: April 2018

Good morning Dual Universe, welcome back to ArkCentral. I’m your host as always Fancy Vader. Let’s get into the updates
at NovaQuark. April 6th saw a number of new developments at NovaQuark as they
unveiled a new pre-alpha build planned for May which will incorporate new
scanning and mining features, basic trade and market mechanics, and new piloting
mechanics. Check out the full devblog linked below. The same day Croomar’s
team from aerospace corporation Objective Driveyards won NovaQuark’s
pre-alpha outpost building contest they’re a 10-man effort over month-long
build second place went to tango Lima from French organization Galia jimena in
third place went to Hyperion corporation’s underhand aerial many
original building techniques were integrated and perfected by the
contestants and Nova cork later released a video recognizing the efforts of all
contestants as always linked below Nova court published the second in a
series of community spotlights on April 10th highlighting some of the most
interesting and influential people of dual universe this month spotlight
linked below features Falstaff founder of the dual universe content platform
outpost zebra a close partner organization of arc central
unfortunately the Nova cork sponsored pre-alpha City building contest was
cancelled earlier this month due to unforeseen issues with the technical
performance on the pre alpha build in a forum post Nova cork explained the
reasons behind the events cancellation and noted that the new pre alpha build
will use collected data to resolve issues encountered throughout the early
pre alpha build let’s go to my co-host ix profit i’m ninth profit with arc
Central’s community updates our top story this month daxing on the morning
of April 15th a dual universe community member from the solar Empire reported
that he had received unsolicited pictures of his own home through discord
from community member full send formerly known as mm the boss the member who will
be referred to as person X for privacy reasons stated that he has never met
full send in purse and felt threatened by the images false
and went on to note that he had friends in person X’s country of residence and
suggested that he could and would use them for potentially harmful purposes
person X states that he then investigated full sends personal details
in self-defense prompting false end to threaten police
action arranged attacks and claimed that his initial actions did not constitute
daxing however in a later interview with ARC central full send inadvertently
admitted illegal action though he claims that person X acted illegally as well
furthermore full send threatened to revoke person X’s purchase of locality a
strategy game developed by full Sens own gaming organization EMP gaming the
transaction had involved person X’s personal information person X has
reported the situation to both Nova Cork and discord staff members while the
solar Empire made a statement on the situation the solar Empire is disgusted
by the actions taken by full send to go as far as to threaten someone in real
life for something that happens in a video game is ridiculous and uncalled
for what we do in these games or outside of them through discord or other third
parties are for fun and games because that is the purpose of games to
take something so seriously and to take it so far as to threaten to hurt someone
for in-game actions is crossing a line that should never be crossed glsu
released a statement as well emphasizing that full sends illegal and evil actions
should not are not and will not be tolerated in glsu or among its
associates both the solar Empire and glsu have declared full sin to be a
public enemy and full sends dual universe organization endzone Dawn has
voted to remove him from leadership Nova cork and discord staff members are
investigating the situation art central viewers are advised to refrain from
contact with full send including purchase of EMP gaming products and to
take measures to ensure personal safety and privacy on
the Internet on April first band of outlaws launched its Tortuga building
competition apparently replacing the canceled Nova
Cork City contest located at an in-game test site the booth sponsored municipal
project gathered several contestants to work on its central and public areas
based on cyberpunk architecture a band of outlaws leadership panel voted on
winners on April 30th naming Sunrider Agra low-key rock captain hilts and loud
two three five six who will each receive a position on the official designers
Council of Tortuga on the same day a galumph founder of Sirius spaceship
drama shed his anonymity and published a long researched first edition of his
nouvion dreamers Almanac detailing the city projects of dual universe and its
current media news outlets as well as giving a tale of the cinder falls
syndicates rise and fall six months in the making his work rapidly gained
popularity and received attention from jean-christophe Bowie himself already
voted as official famous writer of dual universe back in 2017 karach won the
2018 nova remo contest poll for the second time on April third his short
story Bastille garnered a vast majority of community votes granting him another
honorific literary title the Nova Corps vote on the best three works of the
contest is still pending glsu founder glory made a dashing return from his
break with a brand-new and very well prepared episode of Q cast on April 6th
followed the week after by another chat session with his usual partners of
judgmental expression on April 18th user the slacks infamously banned in July of
2017 for severe misdemeanors towards the community and Nova corpsman tried to
force a public apology on the dual verse forums under the guise of several
alternate accounts his actions were immediately addressed and rebuked
without delay by community management thus LAX’s ban linked to the unity
league incident of July 2017 cost him his Alpha Team Vanguard membership and
triggered a violent overreaction on the same day Nova quark officially
recognized Delta Confederations french-speaking wiki for dual universe
the French trading organization led by Mike puke worked on fully translated
articles from the original duel universe wiki however there is room for
translational improvement and now another look at the top 10 Sol Nebula a
politically neutral gaming guild muscled its way past the long-established solar
Empire this month to achieve top 5 status while Empire fortified by former
members from the Axios Empire booted silver light industries out of its
long-held third place ranked the tortuga City project gained more members as well
climbing to ninth place from 11th last month and dropping the elderts nation to
10th place in addition while not in the top 10
Russian multi gaming organization ethereal Sirius surfaced in the top 20
only a few days after its creation ethereal Sirius has gathered a large
number of russian-speaking players from all backgrounds expanding its horizons
to include dual universe it currently sits at twelfth place back to vader stay
safe on the internet kids that is all the time and news we have for this month
and remember to give us a follow on twitter hop on our discord and like and
subscribe the video to stay tuned for more on the latest from art central till
next time this is your host as always fancy Vater signing off I’m feeling fish in the sea you know run

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  1. Great commentary. Not sure if you need this but I'll just leave this here. "How to Talk Like a Newscaster by Howcast" –

  2. dont focus to much on people only causing trouble or people could cause trouble to get featured. that was 2 negative people you just repped

  3. Those are some sexy ships. When DU gets into beta I'm gonna spend way too much time making some super fancy war ships. XD

  4. I really love your videos, is it really necassary to promote the Solar Empire though? Aren't you supposed to be politically neutral?

  5. Why dont you make free flights events like star citizen ? I think many people will support the project after trying.


    Hey, so I'm just beginning to look into Dual Universe but IDk if it's worth it at the moment. I got Star Citizen but that game is just too much for my old PC so I have a couple question I'd like to have answered :

    1) Do you need a good PC to run this ? How much RAM min ? 2) Do i need to know how to code ? it looks like code will be integrated into the game just like it is for Space Engineers; is it? 3) How come there isn't any gameplay videos online ? do you sign an NDA as you buy one of the packs ? 4) If I buy a pack, am I guaranteed immediate access to everything that is currently available? 5) Is the game FUN ?! 6) How much time do I need to invest in it to truly enjoy it?

  7. Hello folks. Locality and our team have started our own separate investigation related to the "doxing" situation. We are extremely sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused in the Dual Universe community. Likewise, we also want to mention that these actions by both FullSend and "Person X" are against our Terms of Service. Even though FullSend respectively is the lead director of EMP Gaming, we see that we do have an opportunity to evaluate both sides of the situation. The story from Ark Central clearly is based on information The Solar Empire has given and very little amounts of information on FullSend's side of the story, but it likely due to the fact that FullSend never shared his side of the story until recently with Novaquark.

    Luckily due to the information we have already gathered it seems that the situation should be resolved at this stage.

    If you have any extra information on this incident please contact us through Discord, the EMP gaming website, or Locality forums in private message.

    Sincerly, the Locality Team.

  8. Hey Bozos will my PC run dual universe well? Also what setting would it run ya guys think?


    CASE Cooler Master Lite 3.1
    MOBO MSI B350M Pro-VDH
    CPU AMD R5 2600
    GPU EVGA 550 B3 80+ Bronze
    RAM 2x4GB(8 gigs total) of DDR4 ram 2666MHz

    Thanks in advanced

  9. Yo guys the game ain't out yet the Empyrean Stellar Corporation will clear the labour market and make profit from your security needs Ship manufacturing and weapons

  10. If the solar empire wants to take out a contract for a discount we can provide more for less if you give us protection? Perhaps in the future we could work together.

  11. Can someone help me? I have some questions. I heard that if I buy the 60 pack, I will get 3 months of gameplay. I also heard that I can buy more igm. Is that true? Can I buy DACS with currency in the game? Without having to spend my real money?

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