Aphmau and the Crystal Gems | Steven Universe Minecraft Hide and Seek

Aphmau and the Crystal Gems | Steven Universe Minecraft Hide and Seek

hey guys Jess here and before we get
into this hide and seek i just wanna make a quick little announcement first
off and i’m back and I am doing so much better i know rest for a month and things are going to
be uploading now starting right now literally right now if you’re watching
this video things started to upload so just a quick little like info about how
uploads are going to work we’re going to be on a four-day cycles so the first day
which is today is going to be mini games tomorrow will be estora day after that
will be mini games in the day after that will be love love paradise and that’s
how the schedule will go from this day forward so just a heads-up uploads her
back and that will be the schedule so be sure to check out like this gift below
because maybe i’ll i’ll clarify for those of you who have a hard time
keeping up with that don’t worry alright so Andy Lizzie Pat a custom
we’re all going to go back into character so I let’s go ahead and uh
okay so okay guys that’s about here and i enjoyed a smart move ahead his laws
what has happened to I any walls we’re not supposed to break the walls 31 wall
there’s no wall here oh I like to use the mountains mouth
bouncing I just manifested in front of me I’m so small guys we are going to be
doing Steven universe hey all right my story get into alright
so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna sing the theme song everyone can swing
it but guard you started already started guy go well i decree him always facing today they we
can we find your baby are saying why are you singing mmm no okay love this worry . no I’m
just sorry um I don’t recommend a friend but yeah yes I mean price David’s could
watch okay hanging on we are going to be flooding Steven
universe I don’t remember if you enjoyed this episode to be sure to leave a like
a comment and let’s go ahead and begin oh yeah Steven Lew who ya oh no don’t tell me can you name our car
is gonna be a very tough first round four logs short yeah it’s a lot of Stephen worse guard
we’re gonna have to have it Steven universe night with you sure what
off apparently i need to see it you do you need 2ca it if you go completely .
of hide-and-seek you’re supposed to supply is alright don’t want another
point of it is to not tell the seeker where you are that was a little bit more feminine that
I thought I had a girl and i became jesper this is no this is not okay but I
call it that I like every character it’s such a good show well yeah why don’t you watch the show
watch the other dorm to tell him it’s good you would like it it’s 16 mr.
universes bus humana sorry I’m sorry hey no no What’s Up Girl hi I’m a
general your gym 20 and your mind about something on your
head don’t let me get it off no no Jimmy an addict and connected
brochure all of your carrier yeah guard no no that’s that’s part of her yeah why are my garment garnets the
pieces are loose your comments 0 about your blog artists but not sure why you
have that lying around and not trying to make a guy because my garment but my
garden now I felt it I felt should i make it easier for you yeah sure fine because I’m kind of
wanting to see what I turn into once i get found then if you’re i’m down here
turn around and man huh your hair . to be paired I’d oh oh oh you’re just a
lovely hiding now if I’m Steven who’s my Connie arm arm already do you think it
is it you probably he he oh this is where I read you need to
watch this show guard the japanese market but what are you doing oh I do
all you and stick my tongue out like follow you you you’re like a magnet when
it comes to these games yeah you really are but I like being
around you that a bad thing oh you’re said it was a bad thing and
share its Hebrew and you know it’s hard to see and Maya party oh yeah sorry party isn’t it didn’t read
friends wherever needed what why are you upset you really like
about your party telling you what wanted their your jammer and your gym serotonin
jesper uh I want to be prepared on oh sorry about that nobody will and I
will turn you into a Deb capable she’s already a gym oh I was killed because I
don’t show me the show what’s it about it’s about it’s about
this kid named Steven and his mom is a alien gem and his dad is human and his
mom turned into him when she gave birth to him and now he he lives with these
alien gem women and they always save the day and yeah and if you think it can’t
always find a way did I go just now and that’s why the
people of the world believe in and just when purple Garnett yeah where my don’t
do that name i’m getting flashbacks he all right where I couldn’t find him and
away 2 and 3 1 degree bra II can’t restart Kevin maybe we’re under the house use of
state Stefan yourself killed I know alright i have to be university
and was never not so cute and to wait to show hasn’t been out that long for you
have don’t point out that paradox and just like Caitlyn be paradise please thank you i will accept not to
die cuz haha I have the perfect hiding spot wish I love them beach city seems
bad i’m serious happened everything bad always happens like the first episode is
about cookie cat ice cream sandwiches and like the next few episodes lately
haven’t been about actual existential crisis and then getting lost in space
120 what and I’m gracious well what happened that support that perfect
hiding tomorrow i really go wait oh yeah what’s been up that everyone’s
paired up with me working with a great parent because I’m certainly yeah but
what up what you don’t need money off to be the green burrito you don’t you know
who it is oh that’s what makes this because you’re
not a cute bad true i would have fun hello watch the so I think you’re
totally rock once again job you did thank you i plan to do on at some points I’m gonna miss em how appropriate your
blade wish i had someone give me some water wings so we can fly out of this
game but it’s you can’t do you keep saying it like that because pearl now she really is be i will use my green
power of crap well crap use your mental powers perfect health game right now no no yes yes no jutsu I’m not just
stays away your baby to stay away parl wanna be touched by you know or save
your hair color matches why do I certainly hate fusions who is
because you’re mad because like just here Steven and it actually kind of
works you almost look like Stephen Oh watch everything yeah you know how bro I’ve always wanted
to throw a lie i mean this would you really call it steven has like a full
pro or no more it’s my gosh bro it’s more like it’s like Jarrod girls but
happily mm is Derek girls at the man make ya alright i might do this oh my god it’s really funny like we
thought save me hair Pearl has kind of like the
curly hair how did they give how did they make a pro hair i really don’t know
what’s gonna get higher before this game started I blew it oh dear well purple is my second favorite it’s right Whooper i’m sure i am tony and i like
Merle to its own solar isn’t it well yeah well I take it back groups they actually makes the lipstick
if it could be sick well well no because we this was the
designated hide-and-seek area yeah there’s work read the designated
hide-and-seek area were about to tag Caitlin haha wow her life is complete i just made her
very happy oh and Clyde okay girls I’m tales of you
and said I’m dead I’m dying peridot common tag me I’m right here oh
I want to be her lamp is yeah just tag me tag with you adorable paradise just
do it yeah I’m pearl Oh God peridot in Pearl where are you okay yeah k let it ride by know maybe that my life
/ that’s we’re still good well close enough one left and keep the midnight and I
said one disappears I think they use the warp add a little
too much did it all right I’m look like well show you guys how fuse project
something I’m not gonna stay here and always do you need unity it look let’s
just hope you like it like this you get in this is what we call this beautiful
fusion SE nao sane person pain like da oh that’s right you’re part of this game I love your hair . i love me to go faire
de garde doesn’t watch the show so apparently he wasn’t interested why
they’re gem your amethyst are you cute heads up thanks where shorty squad like honey I think
that I’ve had him though did already yeah but where we want to hear how did
you see me get in trap trap him on the other side i got this how did you see me
because i love you i mean like there is yeah going underwater he’s bailing and resorting to jan but I got you and was jam okay yeah that’s it for this
episode of Steven universe be sure to tune in next time to see who our perfect
fusion like maybe Travis Kaitlyn or you know Garth and Zayn no God Lord me and
kaylynn me and read your comment i don’t think the world is ready for that fusion
are Travis guard traveling that pilots but we did we did that one where he and
I always knew which one will happen the way I am for whose with the sands
understand Guardian guardian of the sand people decided concerning you said
guardian take care guys yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

100 Replies to “Aphmau and the Crystal Gems | Steven Universe Minecraft Hide and Seek

  1. I used to watch the show when I was younger, I dont remember it now, but I always remember I absolutely loved Amythyst.

  2. Idc if im late i need to say this-
    When Aphmau was seeking, they talked about Steven's 'fro…. since they're talking about that and Aphmau was Steven….
    Shouldn't they say…. Aphro

    Just shatter me already

  3. ♪♪we are the crystal gems we'll always save the day and if you think we can't we'll always find a way that's why the people of this world believe in Garnet amethyst and Pearl and steven♪♪

  4. Voice actors of steven universe

    1. Steven is zach callison
    2.pearl is dee dee magno hall
    3.garnet is esttelle
    4.lapis is jennifer paz
    5.connie is grace rolek
    6.peridot is shelby rabarat
    7 the drictor is rebbeca sugar

    That all i know😂

  5. We…Are the crystal GEMS!

    We'll always save the day, and if you think we can't…Will..Always find a way~

    Thats why the people of this world…Believes in..



    And Pearl~


    You're welcome!

  6. We are the crystal gems we'll always save the day and if you think we cant we'll always find a way thats why the people of this world believe in garnet amathest and pearl and steven

  7. Me and garroth were thinking the same thing since I was wondering why does Katleyn say Steven weirdly and that's when garroth said that

  8. Aphmau=connie
    Aphs mom=pearl
    Aarons mom=garnet
    Garroth=yellow diamond
    Daniel=blue diamond

  9. no joke, watching this episode is what sparked my interest for Steven Universe. I guess that means I've been a fan for like 3 years now.

  10. We are the crystal gems. We'll always save the day. Even when you think we can't, we'll always find a way. That's why the people of this world believe in Garnet, Amyths, and Pearl AND STEVEN.

    Sorry if I spelled any of the names wrong

  11. If your evil and your on the run you can count on four of us taking you down evil never beats us we will fight and go out pizza we are the crystal gems well always save the day and if you think we can't we'll always find a way that why people of this world believing garnet amethyst and pearl and steven

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