Akashic Records: The Memory of All Souls

Akashic Records: The Memory of All Souls

What are the Akashic records? That’s a Sanskrit term. But the Akashic records are referred to in the Bible as the
“Book of Life.” And so what it means, and there’s slight variations of what that means, but it’s, in a nutshell, it’s the memory. It’s the absolute, complete memory of everything. And it’s, they used to say, it’s, the Book of Life is, God’s memory, but it’s not quite accurate. It’s really our soul’s memory, which feels like God’s, because our soul seem so much higher than our mortal self. So we go, “Wow that’s, you know, that must be God.” God doesn’t have a memory as we think of it. God doesn’t have a chronological memory of you, your existence, and so on. I know it seems like it would. But the truth is, if you were to record any kind of chronological memory of God’s, you know, and you say to God, “Let’s see a snippet. What is, show us the synopsis of your memory.” The memory would be, God is. God then says, “I love so much that I’m going to create more love. Let there be light.” And in that moment God’s children
were born. God’s children, for a fraction of a
second, forgot who they were, and then they woke up. And God said “let’s celebrate your awakening.” That’s it. It’s really short in chronology. It’s short in detail. It’s beyond any comprehension of measure in reality. But, as we measure time, you know, that’s what it would look
like. Somewhat, click, click, click, done. The good news is, it’s that one second that we thought we could be apart from
God never really happened, so it’s just a
fraction of a second. It’s not even a
fraction, really, but we use that figure of
speech. But, here’s the thing. In that one split fraction of a second, all of time seems to have existed. Meaning, in God there’s no time, and that’s why there’s no record. How do you record something that
doesn’t exist? But in, you know, so there’s no time, so there’s no recording. No “Here’s the history. here’s the
future.” That doesn’t exist. But in our
dimension, time seems to have gone on. Let’s pretend, let’s just pretend it’s 10 billion
years, just to use a round number. But the Akashic records began when time began, and they end when time ends, and time will end. So the Akashic records are not the
memory of God, because anything related to God
is eternal, and the records are not eternal. They’re only eternal in the third-dimensional plane, which is nothing eternal at all
here. This will come to an end. So the Akashic records are, they are the memory of our soul, but the memory of all
souls. Your Akashic record is going to have your record of your lifetimes and experiences. Every thought, every word, every action, everything you’ve ever experienced on any dimension, any level in time, it’s there in your Akashic record. But your Akashic record or the Akashic record that you have is your record, but it’s also our records. So, in a way you have like a coin, two sides. You flip it this way and you can see your record. You flip it this way and you can see our collective
records. The collective records are so abstract, so high-dimensionally speaking, that almost nobody can tap it, and if they do, they get snippets. Just because someone says they’re a
psychic doesn’t mean they read the Akashic records. Let me explain that a little bit. I hope this isn’t too far out. We have chakras, and if we were trying to look at the chakras as a linear
thing, your second chakra is your emotional center. And in that center is what most psychics tune into. They can tell, you’re sad about this or there’s some exciting news, but it’s a lot of times it’s
emotionally based. Relationship, grief, loss. They pick up a lot from that center. The Akashic records are not located in your emotional center. I know you already know
where I’m going with this. Where are they? They’re in your heart. Our heart and soul, is the location, for lack of a better word, of the library. And the Akashic records, there’s nothing to compare to it. There’s the famous library of Alexandria. There’s others – the British Museum and its library. None of these times a million would compare to the soul’s Akashic records. The records of all things ever. And just because someone says
they’re psychic doesn’t mean they read the Akashic
records. And that’s because it takes more
than just kind of like a psychic senses which is like a sixth sense. It’s senses even beyond the sixth sense. But, and it’s beyond even
clairvoyance, clairaudience, because those are
sometimes still psychic-centered experiences, even though they use a little bit of the third eye, and clairaudience and some of our clairvoyant chakras, centers, glands in the body. It’s still different and it has a different approach. These records, it’s a hall, and it’s kind of like if you went
into the Library of Congress, you just walked up, walked right in and think you’re going to go start
messing with all their books. You’re not going to get away with
it. They’re going to lock you up. OK. You’re not allowed to just go
in. Well who are you? Oh my name’s Joe Blow. I just wanted to look into some
books. We want to know who you are and what you are about, and if you are looking for something, let us help you. We don’t want you just tossing books
around. The Akashic records, you cannot just read them. I don’t care if you’re psychic or not psychic. I don’t care how much money you
have. I don’t care if you lived more
lifetimes than the average person. You never get into that library without being in the consciousness of that library. In the consciousness of it. OK? When you see a unicorn, if you were to see one, or sometimes even just a bird or animal of today, when you see such things. Notice how so often, and in fables too, you can’t just walk up to them. If they don’t sense innocence, soul-level consciousness, they don’t let you get near them. Sometimes you can’t even see them. What I’m saying is, for the Akashic
records, man, you have to earn that level of
consciousness. You can’t just go “Gosh, I heard about the Akashic records. I’m kind of in the mood to dabble with that. You know, I think I’ll try this
technique or that technique. It doesn’t work like that. There are only a few, comparatively speaking, a few people that have ever been
able to really tap the Akashic records. Some people, through deep mystical visions, sometimes soul journeys, like shamanic journeys can do things like that. But I would not say that I would trust that every person that says they can see such things is seeing such things. I wouldn’t trust that. And I don’t mean to be distrustful, or that you should or I should. I’m just saying, don’t assume that that’s the case. Because far too often people, I remember it started becoming kind
of a fad. You know, at psychic fairs they
didn’t just say aura readings or psychic readings. The word Akasha,or Akashic started becoming popular. So the next thing you knew, you know, the little card up on the table, Akashic record readings, $20, you know. And you go and you sit, and it’s the same as most psychics. It’s not the Akashic Records. Quickly, a psychic tunes into you, and they might go, “Do you know somebody with the
letter, the letters, initials K S?” “Yeah I think so.” “For some reason that person’s
thinking about you, and I’m sensing this, and I’m picking up that. And does this mean something to
you.” See it’s beautiful. It’s absolutely astounding and sometimes very accurate. Even seeing deceased people, and describing things doesn’t mean
it’s the Akashic records. That’s still the brilliance of psychic skills, and you know, all these other kinds
of things, clairvoyance and all that. The Akashic records, again, slightly different, or majorly different. But you know, there’s a fine line
between them. Always will be. The Akashic records instead, there’s no, “I’m kind of sensing this or that.” Instead, when you really get the Akashic
records it’s absolute. It’s like, not kind of, you know, Buddha said, Buddha and many others said, a guy named Saint-Martin and others, “I’m not teaching you information that I’ve studied or read. It’s in me. It’s in my soul.” What they were saying was, they were in their own way, Buddha included, “When I teach you, what you’re going to later call
Buddhism, is coming from the soul records. This is the Akashic records on how
to become enlightened.” And that’s what he’s doing. “A Course In Miracles” is an extension of, you could say, the Akashic records, to a degree. But in the Akshic records is everything, including Christ consciousness. And so then all of a sudden you go, “Wow, Christ can speak through,” because the Akashic records are not
just the past, they’re not just the
present, but the probable future. The likely possibilities and probabilities, even of the
future. So Spirit speaks through the records to us. Why? Why would it speak through
records instead of just whatever from some
abstract external thing? Because, I believe, first of all, my body believes it is what it is because of genetic records, right? Those are records. Those are detailed little records of some kind, passed by family members. So I am physically, physiologically, anatomically, my genetic records. But my soul doesn’t buy that. My soul says, “I am based on my Akashic records. I can’t be your Akashic records. If your Akashic records say that you’ve gone through certain
things and it makes you afraid of water, and I don’t have those experiences, I’m not afraid of water.” In other words, all of our deepest soul stuff is written in the records. So when you decide to be born, even when you choose the external genetic stuff that this is the family. They have to match your Akashic
records. If your records say, “I need to work on some self-doubt,” the records are living records. Listen to this carefully. They’re living records. They’re not static. They’re alive, literally, in us. When you see the shape of your nose, your records are actually protruding out, not just your nose. Your records are saying, Mediteranean, you know, Jewish, Native American, whatever it is. Your eyes, whatever form they are. “Wow, look at that. Your ears, your hair, your hair color.” You go, “Oh no, it’s just genetics.” No, the records helped pick what family you have, so that it could genetically match
what you needed to do. What you needed to be. What you needed to look like. All of this may sound a little
complicated, and I’m sorry for that, because it’s an abstract concept
that I’m trying to make a little bit
tangible. But the, just like you have the hall of records, you know, here and there, the Library of
Congress records, you have records in your local
cities, city hall. They have records of
what’s happened in that town. We have soul records. My soul and our soul is accessible. We can read that. You go into the library, and just like you might do the old
micro fiche or you go to a computer and search/find, you know? Michael Mirdad or whatever your name
is out there. You would go, if you knew how to read the Akashic records, and if you could reach them, you would be able to go in the hall, so to speak, the hall of records, and spiritual soul library. You would type in your name of the
name of the person you’re doing a search for and search/find. Click Enter and the records would come up. It’s fascinating and it’s beautiful, but I want to make it tangible. You know, right now we’re doing a an
online course. If you’re not in it please
join us. We’ve got dozens and dozens and dozens of people in
the course and it’s just incredible. We’re only getting started now and it’s on developing Christ consciousness. So that as we do this, we start to find that topics
like Akashic records are not for the few and prophecy not for the few, mastery not for the few, ascended mastery. Health, healing, sexiness, or whatever you’re into, all of these things are available to
us when we awaken the true who we are. Not just a little more of who we are, but the real truth of who we are, which is the living Christ on earth. Or to say instead of Christ, if that doesn’t work for you, we are literally the light of God seemingly on earth now manifested on earth now. But we can still live fully, and we want to learn how to do that. So that’s a little bit of what it’s
about. You can go online and read a little
bit more of the the, you know get a take on that. But part of my point is this. That, you know, this consciousness, it’s to me, it’s just fascinating. Christ consciousness. You can’t awaken Christ
consciousness and not be able to read the Akashic
records. But when you do, it may look a little different than
when than the way the other person does it. Edgar Cayce, one of my case in points here, Edgar Cayce could read the Akashic records. Now, when you go to an average
psychic, I think again, it’s fantastic, it’s something wise to do now and again. I think it’s great. When you go to an average psychic, there’s variables in how good they are, but they’re still reading you psychically. So sometimes when you’re really wanting to date that person, but you’re not sure, but you deep down, man, you want it. You can actually taint the reading. You can actually twist the outcome and they say, “Oh I’m sensing
there’s this person, and wow you’re going to meet them and it’s magic,” and you’re like, “Oh I knew it!” But they’re picking up on your
desire for it to be that way. The Akashic records, for the most part, can’t be messed
with. They just are. So Edgar Cayce had the gift of reading the Akashic
records. Nostradamus, as a prophet, read the Akashic records, but wasn’t choosing, able to really articulate them in a form that everybody could understand, because it was all cloaked, because it had to be hidden for the
time. In fear of persecution. That’s what was happening in those
days, and still happens today. But Cayce could read the Akashic records like nobody else. And when they say, sometimes people say, you know, Edgar Cayce, some of these TV shows, it cracks me up. Makes me want to, you know, just bash the TV, you know, throw it away or whatever. I don’t know if you guys know the
little story, Elvis Presley was pretty crazy in so many ways, and eccentric, but if he was watching TV shows with things that he just thought
were so ridiculous or repulsive, he would actually shoot the TV
screen. So I’m not asking you to go that
far, but I’m just saying, sometimes, man, they have these shows. They bring up Edgar Cayce and they’ll say something ridiculous
like, “One of,” already wrong, “America’s,” already wrong, “best psychics. And just completely ludicrous. First of all, if you’re going to say one, find me a better one. Find me a more accurate one. There actually isn’t a more accurate one. Being that he’s gauged at being 80-90 percent accurate, and the 10 to 20 percent that you’re
not sure if he’s accurate. He’s only not accurate because it
hasn’t been proven yet. Or they’re not sure how to interpret what he said. But there’s you know there’s no…in other words it’s 80, 90 plus accurate. The average psychic might be 60, which is actually high, because even flipping a coin, and they say it is scientific experiments end up 50 percent, 50-50. So a psychic 60 and your beating science in terms of your ability to guess something
accurately. Imagine, it’s like another level, man, 80-90 percent. Fantastic! So, he, however, doesn’t say in his readings, as he lies back on his couch, loosens his tie, that’s what he did. “We now see the entity in question.” And let’s say you say, “Can you do a reading for a person named Joe Blow in Nebraska?” Here’s what he would do. “We have found the entity Joe Allen Blow,” and he picks up names you didn’t
give, “born on this day at this time. Funny thing.” Then the person in the room says “What’s that?”
Because he’s in a trance. “Funny thing.” They say, “What’s that?” “He’s not actually the child of the person they think
he’s the child of” and tells you that. Then says, “And you mentioned that he was in Nebraska and he’s not. He’s actually on a road trip and he’s somewhere else right now. But he’ll be home tomorrow, back in Nebraska.” There’s no kind of, maybe, sort of, I’m sensing. It’s bam bam bam. I love that kind of clarity. I just dig it. It’s like kind of what I like to do in my own life, but I love it. But notice the straightforwardness. Notice it’s not hemming and hawing, you know. How did Jesus teach when he’s
teaching people? Did he say, “Well, I don’t really have anything to say
today, but if I did, you know, why don’t you all kind of
get along?” You know? It’s not how it works. But but Jesus isn’t saying, “I’m going to tap the Akashic
records.” Buddha didn’t say, “I’m going to tap the Akashic
records,” and Michael Mirdad doesn’t say “I’m going to tap the Akashic records,”
per se. Here’s what happens. Cayce, who is beyond brilliance. He’s not just the best in America, he’s the best in the world that we
know of in terms of accuracy. Because not of just who he was, but what he was reading from: the records. The full, thorough, accurate records of the
soul. The Akashic records. And, just as an aside, in case you’re interested, they asked him in readings, remember, tens of thousands of readings. I mean it’s it’s amazing. But there’s also readings he did
that were not recorded, so there’s a number beyond
the number we know of, And the accuracy level, but on health, ancient civilizations, you know now TV shows, they get on and they’re talking about aliens or the ruins and they say, “Well maybe it’s this, and maybe it’s that.” To me, that’s reinventing the wheel. Ask, you know, don’t reinvent the wheel, just look at the record. Read what Cayce had to say or people like Cayce that have that level of authenticity and accuracy, and then build your
theories from that, because you’ll save
yourself some time. Anyway, there’s a funny thing. When they asked him in a reading, because they asked him all kinds of
things, and one of them was, “Can humanity ever get to the point where they can actually read the Akashic records?” Like, almost synthetically, in other words, can we create a
technology that could tap into that vibration, that high vibration called the
Akashic records? And in a reading, Cayce started kind of mumbling for a second, because he was
searching the records, and then started reciting that you know, which was a little incoherent, especially since some of the things
he said were not known things to the people of that
time. You know the 30s and whatever era. And and he would say, “Yes, there will come a time where people will be able to read such.” Just like one day they will be able to read the records hidden beneath the great pyramid, but not until
people are of that consciousness, you know? So, how funny it is. It’s almost like he was describing, if I may, the way we had transistor radios, then we had stereos, and we have computers, you know? It’s almost like he’s, it’s almost like he’s describing, one day we’ll create this device and you can just turn it on and dial it up and read it. It was almost that
funny. So the Akashic records, again, it’s like a hall of records. You go and you search/find. So Cayce would go and say, “What’s the name?” “We need a reading for Joe Blow.” And then he would say, “We have the
body. We have the person.” And then questions, and anything they said. And it would either go into a health
reading or anything else. The health readings were obviously people concerned for their health. And he comes up with the most bizarre things. “You mix this with that and they will heal this. You mix this tincture with that and it’ll do that.” There were times when they would
say, “What can we do for this particular disease?” And I mean on any topic, guys, please, let’s remember to just breathe and go, “That’s God.” That’s a messenger of God. Let’s give thanks for any good people and messengers and miracle workers like that, so that we can attract more of that
in our lives, instead of just going, “My, that’s scratch, scratch, curious, that he could do that.” Let’s give thanks. Let’s send
prayers of gratitude. Because the readings Cayce did are still helping us today. I remember, there was a woman who had a
glandular disturbance that was actually taking the cells of her body and solidifying them
into mineral. She was turning into stone, if you can believe that. Very, very, very rare disease, but it happens. And of course you don’t make it all
the way to stone. You die, because everything’s locks up and solidifies. He does a reading on her. “Do this, this, this,” and it’s never been cured before, but she was cured. I love that. I love so many people being healed and cured. But he gave us remedies and ideas and things we could apply
a hundred years later, 500 years later, and it could still work for us. Without going into the details of
all his wonderful health readings, and herbal
concoctions, and breathing exercises, and yoga postures that are the best ones to do. Fantastic stuff. I just get a feeling we’re going to, we’re going to do something with
that in the near future. But what I want to say to you is, what if we call this all Christ consciousness? What if, instead of having your Jane Fonda work out and all these kind of fad kinds of things, what if we could say that there are diets and exercises that most reflect being awake? Being Christed? Then what would that look like? And I’m I’m swearing to you, it would look like what you find in
the Cayce readings. Cayce’s suggestions on on diet, exercise, they’re ahead of their
time. The stuff that all you folks that are into health and healing, you’re going to go up and down Jack
LaLanne, Jane Fonda, Joe Blow, you know, all your fads on TV. The latest thing. Flipping channels, you’re going to see something that
says, or even on the Internet, a new ad comes out, the diet of diets. Even Dr. so-and-so on TV, and on Oprah, it’s advertised that this thing is
going to help you lose weight in the most natural
way possible. No. None of that’s true. The only natural way, the ultimate natural way, is your healthiness. If you’re healthy, things take care of themselves. If we’re absolutely healthy, mentally, emotionally, physically, energetically, everything actually takes care of
itself. We’re souls that created a brilliant universe. We’re capable of creating healing within our body, because this is nothing compared to what we’re capable of. So we think it’s amazing that we can
even do a little something and and have a healing of some kind and think it’s
miraculous. That’s nothing compared to what
we’re capable of. We’re capable of creating
prosperity, health, healing, oneness, holy relationships, all kinds of things, and we just think so linearly. So I’m saying, what if we can go past just the linear stuff, guys, and start imagining that we’re awakening Christ consciousness and therefore the Akashic records
become more open to us, and us open to them? All of a sudden the diet I choose is a, like the highest, truest spiritual diet. I’m starting to realize what herbs can really do for us or what exercise can do. Not obsessive exercise. “Got to go to the gym three hours. Got to look perfect.” It’s more like homeostasis. It’s like this beautiful balance in consciousness, reflected in the body. And that and that’s why, for so many years, I chose to make a statement and say, “You know what? You folks all are so obsessed and so twisted about ideas of diet and exercise and whatever. I’m going to not do
any of it.” And until now getting to be almost
60, saying “I’m going to prove it to you
guys, that you’re guilting people to eat a certain way. You’re shaming people
to exercise a certain way. You know that it’s all bogus.” It is, unless you do it from the right
consciousness. So now I’ve proven my point, made my point. Some people loved that I did it, and some people hate me for it, and I don’t really care either way. The bottom line is, I demonstrated
the truth. That’s not how you become healthy, by obsessing and forcing. Now we’ve become. So now I’m able to come back and I dig that. I can feel it and see it coming back and being able to do the things I
really think are cool. You know, in terms of having a nice balance and all that and living it, but not from a place
of fear and obsessiveness. So now I can demonstrate some of
that in my way. So imagine not just diet and health, but what about
information? What if we all start recognizing you can know all things. But again not from it egotistic place. But what if you can know all things? So Cayce would sit down, go into a trance, not remember what he said. That’s one type of doing a reading. The other is to be the living reading. One, you go into a trance, you don’t remember it. The other is you are it, and that’s the highest. Cayce, although had to go into a
trance, it’s far higher than almost anybody that’s ever done
it to this date, obviously. Even the living it to a degree. Trancing out, man, he did just the best, I think, that you have in history. But he didn’t know how to live it day and night. So now we’re at a new generation, and we can say, “If we can just learn to do what he taught, or Jesus teaches, or Buddha teaches,” whatever, whomever that you admire as an example of life and consciousness. If you start living those principles in a balanced, non-obsessive way, then you actually become the living records. You become the Akashic records, which then is getting you back to, you become a living version of Christ consciousness. Jesus once said, “When you see me, you see the
father,” meaning there’s no difference. I am holding divinity in these very cells, which is not easy to do, because cells by nature are limited three-dimensional
things, and spirit is completely unlimited. So for you to be able to take
unlimited energy and pack it into a cell, and expect the cell to not burst
into light is quite an achievement. Most people don’t have to worry
about that because they’re not there yet. But we can be there. So part of what I’m saying is, the trancing that Cayce did is, again, beyond comprehension for most. But what I’m asking us to do is now, let’s start becoming the living presence of that. So we start learning to awaken and develop Christ consciousness, and then do this. What Buddha said is, “I’m teaching you what’s here.” He didn’t trance and bring it in and share it. He’s saying, “This is it. I am sharing it as it as it downloads to me. It’s part of me, not a separate thing. It’s part of me. That’s what I’m leading to. I feel very, very, very grateful and humbled to say that when I teach, like Buddha said, like Saint Martin said, like Saint Teresa said, and other people, we’re not teaching something from
our head. We’re not teaching something we
heard, it’s just this organic process of saying. Believe it or not it’s not an
intellectual process either. What it is, is humility. You say basically, “How can I help today?” When you learn to not just say that, but mean it, “Really and truly, how can I help?” You can be a surgeon that has studied things, but yet new ideas and other things will come to you at
the time that are different. Edgar Cayce channeled things that
were different from the common things out there, and that you and I can do. You can be a mechanic and have things come to you that
nobody else is thinking of, because simply there’s a part of your heart that’s open to
saying, “You know, if there’s another way, I would like to know what that way
is. If there’s another way to help this
customer, this client.” If you’re in sales, all we can learn to do is open our
heart more and more comes. More happens. More supernaturally happens. And I’ve shared that before, that when I teach, it’s kind of like you throw a word
at me and then it just starts happening. But I don’t sit here and say, that’s you know, like it’s
intellectual. Nor do I necessarily have had a background of reading it. It just starts happening. And whatever level it is, whether it’s a perfect 10 out of 10 or if it’s an 8 out of 10 in terms
of its height of vibration or accuracy, I don’t care to rate it. But I’m saying what’s beautiful is
the more you channel love, God, the more you’re accessible to the Akashic records, and then you get to
know everything. On that note, one time Helen Schucman, who wrote “A Course in Miracles,”
some of you know this story, but she was starting to have visions of
about an awakening. Something was
happening very supernatural and something really
amazing was coming to her. So she has this vision. And in this vision she’s kind of I
think it’s up alittle river or something, and then a boat comes to a shoreline. She gets off the shore. She goes to this thing that’s
sitting there and it’s a scroll. And when she looks at the scroll, she unrolls it just slightly. And there’s the words “God is.” Then, as she gets ready, she’s told, “If you unroll the scroll to the
left you can read the past.” That’s the Akashic records. See, she, in her gifts, was going to be able to be the next Edgar Cayce. “Unroll to the left, you can know anything about the
past. Unroll to the right, and you can be Cayce or Nostradamus to know the future.” For some reason she stopped. Most of us would not. We would go, “Absolutely. That’s so fascinating,” right? She rolls it back to where she can
only see the middle, “God is,” and when she did, she heard the voice of God, or Christ, Christ Consciousness, say these words. “Congratulations. You passed this time.” And what that means is, even just being able to read
information is fantastic. You can develop skills to do that, consciousness to do that. But why don’t you just choose to be the presence of God first, and then you would know all those
things anyway? When she did that, she received “A Course in Miracles.” She may not and likely would not have received
the gift of “A Course in Miracles” had she
not chosen God first. Instead, she would have probably become an incredible reader, or Akashic record reader for that
matter. So what would you do? What do you think you would have
chosen, had I not told you what happened at
the end of the story? The past, the future, which one, or both? I mean, most of us would go “Wow I’m going to do that. Let me first go to the future and look up lottery,” right? That’s what we would like to do. Or the past. “Why did that person hurt me the way
they did? I want to know. I want to know.” So it becomes I-oriented, ego I. Instead, we come to a place where we grow and say, “You know what? Not me, not mine but Thine will be done.” And all of a sudden God says “Wow. Nice job. Thank you.” And then it’s allowed to
work through us. So the Akashic records are the past, present, and probabilities. possibilities of the future. And that’s why, when you read it, Nostradamus, Cayce, whomever, they would say it’s not set in
stone. What they were saying was the records are living records. Living records means mutable, meaning every sneeze can change something there. The acts of love and forgiveness can change that. So if I said to all of you, “Guess what guys? I’m just saying something you might
have heard before. But love and forgiveness can change the
world.” You go “Oh yes, Hallelujah.” You know and if I said, “And if we put more
love and forgiveness in the world, we download it. Let’s meditate, let’s do a world forgiveness of all of us at noon are going to you know
stand on one foot and and do pranayama breathing and say sing all you need is love.” And then, it would help. It would help. And I think all of you would agree, “Wow that’s so cool. I agree,” and you’d have all your
silly, you know, online messages. “I totally agree.” You know? But at the end of the day, forget the world forgiveness crapola for just a second. What about you? What are you doing to change your records? Don’t tell me about changing the
future of the world. What are you doing to change your future? What are you doing? Because it’s a
living record. If you don’t want your life to suck
tomorrow, what are you doing today? If you don’t want to have your 18th
marriage tomorrow, what are you doing today? If you don’t want to have another
betrayal. If you don’t change the record
today, it won’t change. The future is set. It’s going to be the same on that note. Some of you might be going, “Wow. So where can I get my access to the records now?” “Well for just $19.95…” No. It’s not something somebody
sells you. How do you change it? The living record, swear to God, is right here. And it’s rooted in my own soul. When I do heart and soul healing and uproot my patterns through love and forgiveness, but through the
soul-level healing process I teach or that other people teach in
various forms. Instead of just boom chuck-a-luck-a external stuff, a little rub of this, and a thing of that to say, “Well I’m all better,” or “If I eat just right, I’m all better.” That’s not going to
heal your relationships. So we learn to go inside and heal the stuff of our soul, our misgivings. In other words, typos and such that were put into the
records in the past, things that were, you know, things I want to go back and delete. Go back, highlight, delete. So that we can change the records. It is, that’s how this works. As you awaken Christ consciousness, which is synonymous with, in a sense, contingent upon, love and forgiveness, it’s going to
happen anyway. You don’t have to have an
intellectual process per se, but you have to participate. You can’t just go, “Well, Jay I heard about this tonight in
this talk” so when you go to sleep
tonight you can’t just go, “Hey God, clear all my records. I’ll be waking up tomorrow and I want a whole new life.” You know even if you could say that
to God, God will say “I’ll be right on it. Now I’m going to need you to do
everything to change it.” It’s not going to be,God’s going to do this. God’s going to say
“Great! Sounds good to me. What are you
going to do?” So you still have to participate. We still have to participate. If we want to change the future of
the world, we change it internally first
through love and forgiveness, by changing the records. The records are saying, “Here’s what’s probably going to
happen. And the future of this country and the world do not look good. If you don’t know that, let me tell you that. The Akashic records do not have wonderful futures. Some of you guys are like, “Oh, you know, that’s not true. There’s a website out there right
now that said, “More kittens are born every day so we’re going to have a
future of cute cute furry kittens.” And I’m telling you, no. Things are not looking good, because humans by and far, you know, are often still
hating and judging. And you can say, “Yeah, those people do still do that, don’t they?” I’m talking about us. We still judge stuff. And if you don’t think you you do
that, just think about the recent, you know, the election. Think about your boss. Think about your finances, or bills you can’t pay, and you’ll realize that we still live in fear. That’s not wrong or bad. It’s understandable. Forgive yourself, you know not what you do. But if you want a different future, obsessing or fearing isn’t going to
make that happen. It’s going to be more of the same. So I, for one, can say that our future is no better than we are today. So what are we going to do? And I would say to us all, practice love and forgiveness. Read only the best stuff, man. The stuff that really hits you. Do the processes that only are the best. See the chiropractors that
have the most effect on you. The acupuncturists that have the
most effect. The counselors, don’t go to a
counselor and talk for ten years and get nowhere. Only do the best. Listen to the best programs. Watch the best programs. Attend the best workshops. Do the most efficient, effective meditations. Just commit, and not in an obsessive way, but just more of a “God, this is great! How cool!Instead of going to ten workshops this year, I’m going to only do the four best, and get far further than I would if
I had done ten.” “I’m not going to need to meditate
two hours a day and just sit there and get nowhere. I think I’m going to commit even
just five minutes to the most brilliant
connecting with God. I’m not going to just see any
psychic. I want a psychic that believes in
God and not just their own powers.” “You know, and I’m not going to just
parent, I want to parent as beautifully as I can. I really want to parent as
beautifully as, I want to nurture light beings.” “That doesn’t mean they don’t have
their own path and karma, and all that, but at least my intention is I want to birth and raise light beings.” And just a different world, guys. And if not us then who, and if not now, when? Who’s going to do it and when? Don’t wait for somebody else to come
along and magically shift it. Because any being worth its salt, or worth the light that it is would never try to come here and manufacture a better looking place for us. It would teach us how to do it. So why wait for somebody to show up
again from the heavens like literally
descending from the clouds in some miraculous
thing on CNN? You know, do it now as though it’s already
happened. I’m one of those people sitting here
talking to you about this. Listen to me or don’t. And if you don’t like me go to
somebody who you will listen to. And one of the people to listen to is right here [in your heart]. There’s a being, it’s your soul in your heart, and it loves. Its dialogue is love-based, not love like romance, but love, forgiveness, healing-based. And that’s what changes the world. My becoming more healed in my heart changes my world. And when my world changes, our world changes. Why? Because my Akashic record overlaps with the Akashic records. Everything I shift within me will affect the whole, one way or the other. And the more of us that can heal our heart and soul and develop a greater quantity of Christ consciousness, the better off we’re all going to
be. So I’m going to close with this. And again, as I always say, I really pray this is making sense, because I just get going. I’m going to put on my one of my Facebook pages somewhere. You know maybe you’ll see this or maybe you can google it and find it somewhere. But one of
you were kind enough to send me a Facebook post. It’s a video of a woman, a Jewish woman who was in Auschwitz. Now that doesn’t sound like real light reading does it, or wonderful TV watching or whatever, exciting stuff. But, in a nutshell, this woman was describing herself in
Auschwitz, she and her twin sister and what they went through in a synopsis, what they went through, and the
torture and the disgusting, ridiculous behavior that some people lived at that time, acted out in that time and dished out on other people at
that time. But she went through this, and her sister went through all
kinds of experimentations and horrors. And she remembers the primary doctors of these horrors that worked in these camps. But one of them was one that worked on her. And it wasn’t the number one main one, although she interacted with that guy too. But what she says in the story is this. She describes the experience, the horrors. She then says, I’m just paraphrasing, she meets somebody who asks if she wouldn’t mind going to a
conference and sharing her story about
Auschwitz and her survival and the horrors. She said I would be OK doing that. So she agrees. This was going to be in the
northeast. So she goes and she’s going to do a
talk. The person who invites her says, “Would you mind if I also invite the doctor in Auschwitz that did the surgeries on you
people. Wow. And she said OK. So she went there, and she ended up meeting the guy. And I’m paraphrasing, and I’m keeping it brief, but at some point she asked him, “Did you know what was going on?” The guy said yes. “How did you feel about it?” hHe
says, “It was horrible and I live with the nightmare everyday. You know remember people do hurtful
things, but they know not what they do. It’s the stupidity, the insanity, the ego. Or you could just say it’s almost
like being demonically possessed. It doesn’t mean it’s who they really
are. It means it’s what they’ve become or started acting as. So this woman, the level of brilliance and courage, and God, she was so articulate and clear. I just loved looking at her. She is just amazing bright being. So then she’s talking to him and then says “Now I’ve come here and talk to you. Would you do me a favor. He said “OK whatever I can do.” She said, “I want you to go to
Auschwitz with me.” So she gets this doctor and they go to Auschwitz and they each bring their children and grandchildren. But they they go and they you know they talk about
this. And she says, “I want you, because one of the things the doctor
did was he would not, did not fill out a death certificate for all the people being
killed in these ovens. He wouldn’t, he did not do that. She said there’s a lot of souls that died and you didn’t honor them.” So she said, “I want you to fill out
a paper that honors him all, that you did this, you participated, and that you’re sorry,” or whatever
it is. Long story short, he signs it. So she has that. She’s so proud of
it, and I think it’s beautiful. And then then she says, “I forgive you,” you know. But at first what she does is, “I can’t forgive yet. Instead I’m going to go home and I’m going to recite all these
vulgar terms about how much I hate you. And when she got that out of her
system she said “I forgive you.” And that is what I teach in love and forgiveness classes is that, love and forgiveness doesn’t mean
you have to pretend that you do or you strive to forgive somebody. First you have to get beyond hating them. However that is, and in her case it
was spewing out all these colorful words. But it released and relieved the pressure inside that she could say, “Now fine, ok, I forgive. And then the end of the story is
they also asked her if she would be willing to forgive the primary creep that was running all these
concentration camps and so forth. And with that she felt even more
resistance. She said “I can’t. But you’ll see the end of the story and what happens. And and one of the strange or difficult things is, guys, at the end of the story she
says, there are people and she’s meeting a lot of Auschwitz
survivors or Jewish people or human beings around the world that she says hate me for saying that I could forgive such a thing. I want you to listen to that. That means when you try to change
the Akashic records and make a different future, when you try to change destiny and create a different future, it’s mainly through forgiveness. Believe it or not, there are actually people that have
the audacity to hate you and judge you for forgiving something. And you know what that means? That means there are human beings
still addicted to wanting the future to look just
like all the other horrible things. You can’t create a non-Auschwitz
future if you keep resenting the Auschwitz memory. So I know that sounds
controversial and all that, so do what you want with it. I loved her approach and she said, “I just tell these people, even though they don’t like me, I just tell them. I know that it’s hard to forgive, she says and I’m not telling you to
forgive per se what happened, she said, or forget that it
happened. it’s horrible she says. But beautiful, she says you can let go of the way it affects you. And that’s more or less what she says but it’s
actually more beautiful than I just said it. So think about that. Connect this story and I’ll be putting that on my
friends of Michael Mirdad Facebook page. Maybe today. I waited on it because I had a lot of things come up before that one that wanted posted and I didn’t want
it to get lost in the shuffle, and I didn’t want the other ones to
get lost by this one getting so viewed. So I waited. So I’m going to post
that. And the person that sent it, God bless you and thank you for
sharing that, because you did, whether you knew or not, you planted seeds of a new message into our Akashic memory. The Akashic records do have
memories. Records of horror things like Auschwitz, but it’s waiting to be changed. It’s waiting for the future concept to be erased, so we don’t do that again. Not through hatred. Not just by “Let’s never forget that this happened.” I understand the pain says that, but that’s not how it heals. That’s not how it doesn’t happen
again. If that were true, then why did
Auschwitz even happen? You know why? Because there were other horrendous
things like African slavery that happened before that. That didn’t seem to prevent
Auschwitz did it? Hating it or saying let’s remember it, or let’s never forget the horrors doesn’t keep them from happening. Only one thing changes the future and it is true. It’s love and forgiveness, which also is synonymous with the awakening and development
of Christ consciousness. Join us in the course if you like. Look up and read a little bit more
about the Akashic records if you like. Look up a little of Cayce’s work
Edgar Cayce’s work and read what he had to say
about the Akashic records. There are other people that say you
know they read it and I think they have
variables of it. I think wrote Rudolf Steiner
had a good access of the Akashic records. Probably not as vivid and sharp as the focus on Edgar Cayce’s lens but still profound. So there are people that have had
it, men and women that have had that ability. And I think that everybody can do it, but don’t plan on it happening, and don’t boast it happening. Instead, humbly develop Christ consciousness, and then you’ll start seeing it
happening. You’ll know how things start coming to you before you even intellectually
should have known, could have known those
things. Here’s a bizarre one for you. As I say goodbye, it’s a weird one but the other day I went on this one of my pages here, one of these things we do, and I shared a story, because we were doing dream interpretation somewhere along the
line. And I shared how I had had a dream. I didn’t give the details and I specifically said I won’t give
the details, because it might seem strange. And this is just a couple of nights
ago. We were doing some dream work in one
of our courses, so I woke up and then I shared a dream. I only kept it vague, but I didn’t say the specifics. And the specifics are odd, and could even tempt you to think
I’m weirder than you already might
think. But it involved, last night I said I had this dream that I was in this one place and and we were learning, and I was asked to share and teach some people in this place. And so that’s a real short summary. The place was at the Playboy Mansion, and I heard that that morning they announced Hugh Hefner died. I don’t have a ton of respect for the person or the objectifications and all that that they might have
done on people. But I also don’t get caught up in it or care. That’s their trip, but that’s amazing, because here I was
having a dream as he’s somewhere within hours of passing away. I’m having a dream that I’m at his
place and I’m being asked, this is so bizarre, man, and I love it though. I was being asked to teach the people there to view bodies differently and love differently, and sexuality differently. It was so vivid. And and I might not have even remembered having that
had I not been doing the course with everybody else on Christ
consciousness that involves some dream study. It might have slipped by me. So here you folks that are asking me to do this course
add to my doing the course with you, and adding a memory of
something, an awakening of something, and now indelible in my mind, it’s I was asked to help these people in a certain kind of style of life to try doing it differently. How? To do it, maybe the Christ way, or the awakened kind of of way. And then the leader of them passed
away. So, how interesting. Somehow, without us knowing, we are doing interplane work. We are doing work on higher
dimensions, and people don’t even realize it’s
us. So, no I can’t send the Hefner
mansion a bill for having done this work with them. But that’s OK. None of us should care about that. Know that you’re helping your
children even when you’re not with your children. Know that you’re even sending healing to your ancestors
that you’ve never even met. Just know and trust that. The healing work is real. The spiritual changes are real. It’s how we change consciousness and it’s how we change the records. But not just the past but our lives today and the future.

13 Replies to “Akashic Records: The Memory of All Souls

  1. Michael I love your videos, and i have a question for you. How do you access you akhasic records? It is through meditation? I'm confused. How many methods one has to get access to them? Do you give classes about it? Is it possible to read another people's records? With their permission of course!

  2. I believe that a DNA test has told me about the ethnicity of many of my recent past lives, (last 10,000 years or so, maybe more, since I am a "Heinz 57", complete with "sub-Sahara African Neanderthal" DNA). Does anyone agree that this is possible/true?

  3. Hi Michael , I have 2 questions.
    1.are precognitive or retrocognitive dreams are from akashik records?
    2. In Islamic point of view "every little thing is written and records are well kept"…is it that Akasha?
    Thanks for one of the most interesting videos I have ever watched.

  4. 100000% agree! Access to akashic records only comes with initiation and a brand new guide team! I can easily walk around and tell people about their chakra imbalances or their Aura and what those things may mean for their life, but have to be in a completely different state of mind to access akashic records.
    The chakras, Aura, emotional and mental body level Etc are all at the 4th dimensional awareness, which is public information! Which is why psychics can easily access it! 5D akashic record information is not open public information about the soul. And for good reason! If you don't have very pure childlike intention with that information, you can really f*** stuff up for somebody! Not everybody, not even every psychic, should have access to that kind of soul level information the ability to make alterations to it, even if it is healing work. It should be treated with the absolute most care and consideration and caution on behalf of the client.
    You have to be careful about what you alter in the record and also what you tell people out of the record. It needs to come with clear intention of what you hope to gain that will support the person in their journey in this life. I don't generally trust anybody with my chakras are aura health, so I certainly would not trust somebody altering my akashic record, which absolutely affects the soul on every level. And I can tell you from experience we cannot completely see the effects that a shift in the akashic record for a person will have in their life. Sometimes the seeming smallest shift will create the biggest shitstorm in that person's life. 😆😕🤔

  5. Purely curious minds do not need access to the akashic records either. For the reason that akashic records should be approached with a desire to gain useful information that can be applied to improving one's experience in this lifetime. Curiosity begets curiosity begets more curiosity. That's how akashic records work. If you go in with open curiosity, you will never get any clear answers. To access akashic records requires initiations, and to obtain any practical information from the record requires a skill set that takes a learning curve, and instruction from a master. Because you really have to understand how to format your understanding and what you want out of the records to interpret the information accurately. It does not exist like anything in this world.

  6. Amen. The living record is how you live your life. Most people change their life less than 1% every year. Which means their life and circumstances and their record remains relatively the same. But if a person really wants to change their experience, heal their record Etc, we really have to go outside of our comfort zone to do things differently in life, so that we improve our circumstances. Often time that has to do with breaking away from negative relationships, cutting people out of our lives, changing jobs Etc… And those things are very scary to people and so most people don't do them, which is why your circumstances remain the same! But then your record Remains the Same and you never heal the negative patterns that are simply playing out through those circumstances in your life.

    The number one best way to heal your life and your akashic record is to take an action toward the energetic quality of something you desire for yourself. So if you want freedom or success or whatever it is… Figure out what in your life are you doing that promotes the negative polarity. And also what new action could you take that would mean success or happiness or Freedom Etc, to you. If Freedom means making the kids buy their own lunch at school, so you do not have to make their lunches anymore, and you can free up your time to sleep in in the morning, then do that! Etc. Then, because you change the quality of your choices in the direction of the positive outcome that you want, it will begin to shift the vibration of your records and of what you are physically attracting to yourself, and you will begin to bring new circumstances into your life.
    You literally begin to rewrite your vibrational spectrum of what can come into your life.

  7. My husband had his heart removed in 2017 and had an implanted mechanical heart and is still waiting for a heart transplant. When I hear that things are stored in the heart…..I now know for a fact that it can not be stored within the actual heart muscle, because my husband still has his memories and he still has his soul/sol and does not have a human heart in his body.

  8. I always amazed how society is not obsessed with Edgar Cayce.
    What he did is basically what Jesus and he’s likes have done if not more.

    I just can’t understand why we look answers somewhere else when it’s right in front of us.

  9. You are so right on. In dreamtime a few months ago I was shown the akashic records and how to use it. I was asked the same question but I went whizzing forward. The spirit laughed like I was a naughty child and said nooo. Only short periods for now.

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