A Spiritual Warfare Prophecy – Joni Bonnette

A Spiritual Warfare Prophecy - Joni Bonnette

so here's what he had to say you think you must be strong you must fight this on your own you act tough but you are not tough at all for it is I the Lord your God who is strong and through me and my strength you are made strong don't you see child you can do nothing without me don't you understand that nothing is a surprise to me I see all and know all many of you are fighting a battle you cannot win not within yourselves but when you are weak I am strong when you cry out to your father for help it is then that you are made strong for my strength is given to you do you understand what the Spirit is saying I make you strong because you lean on my strength and not on your own for what child can fight a big what child can fight a man bigger than himself no surely he will go to his earthly father and ask him ask for him to help with the bully he is facing why would you do any different with your heavenly father this is the time you must not only trust me with your whole heart but you must must lean on my strength to get you through your enemy knows your weakness and is using it against you when you come to me and lay it all down I will pick it up that which is used against you and and fight this battle with you and for you I will give you strength I will tell you to pray child and I will teach you how to pray when you do along with fasting as I lead you you will find how much stronger you are how victorious you are but when you lean on your own understanding your own strength your enemy wins and will take you down suddenly you find yourself and your thoughts not your own you find yourself discouraged did I not say he is the father of lies yes and surely he will lie and put thoughts in your head that are not your own he will tell you how wicked you are he will remind you of your past or even things you have just done in secret now your heart is troubled you say God will not want me now for I have sinned against him I have done wicked no these are all caps the way he said it no child I want you more than ever do you think I did not know what you would do in other words he wants you and he already knew what you were about to do he already knew what sin you were about to commit he already knew the thoughts or the actions you were about to take okay so he's saying did you not think I would know what you would do surely I know the end from the beginning but I am a God of mercy and grace I will forgive you if you humble yourself before me with a remorseful heart and repent I will make you new what you have done will now no more be remembered I will throw it as far as the East is from the West guard your heart guard your ears and what you listen to take all thoughts captive rebuke and cast off wrong thinking in my name I am here for you my children do you hear me do you know how loved you truly are for I gave my life for you I thought of you so highly why would I change now I shall not come and lay all down at my feet let me pick you up and restore heal and make you new walk in peace as Lord you're done okay so when this was coming some of the things he said he said before Ana I don't remember how long ago the word was but he said that a lot of a lot of us all of us really not just some would be getting thoughts that weren't something normal to us it's like where'd that come from if you're having anything like that we go where did that thought come from that's not the way I think that's not funny I wouldn't ever think of that's your enemy putting those thoughts in your head they could be anything in the world okay anything in the world but more than not it's gonna be things that would be compromising to God's Word it would be things of wickedness or it be things of self self demeaning self hatred if that's the and stuff it would be it could even be thoughts of suicide anything like that is what he was talking about and when he was talking to me and I was typing this and he was talking about our strength and his strength I was seeing and feeling what he was talking about so many of us are in such battles unbelievable pathos and what he said is don't lean on your strengths come and sit with me come sit with me come lean on me my understanding my strength because that's the only way you're gonna win these battles that some of the battles were under right now are so overwhelming that if we fight it within ourselves will fall every time do you understand I had a battle myself I'm in right now and I won't even go into what it is but it's it's kind of a hard battle for me and I'm really struggling with it and today I was going through it again and it was hard and I finally just went into my room and I sat and had time with the Lord and I just started crying and I just started singing I need you Lord I need you Lord and I felt it lift a little the thing is is it doesn't mean he's gonna take the battle away but if you would do what I did today keep going to your father keep doing what you know to do why does he say to do fast and pray even if you don't feel like it praise Him even if you don't feel like it I was just praising and worshiping right now and I felt him come on me and I felt it left again but it doesn't mean guys he's gonna take the burden away it doesn't mean the battle will be gone he just said again the diamond in the rock if he takes away the battle you can't get the buffeting you need to become that shining diamond wearing the last of it guys the very last and so the the the fight I can't even tell you the staff my staff what we're going through more than we ever have since we started this ministry I mean the physical emotional every kind of attack you can think of is coming down on us and I just told the girls let's start going together as three and going into heavy prayer and that's what we're doing that breaks it guys prayer is so powerful so we got together Wednesday morning about 10 o'clock and we're gonna do it again this coming Wednesday and we got into prayer and we started praying in tongues and some of us had visions and some of us got words what's going on and things lifted they actually lifted the battle I was under suddenly lifted and another won her battle all sudden got better and what the Lord showed me because that morning it was that Wednesday morning I said Lord what is going on and he spoke to me he said you are being spiritually attacked so I started to read it and started pleading the blood of Christ over myself and I tried to praise the best I can do it anyway do it the best you know how and God will take it from there and then I told Cindy I said Cindy the battle is beyond measures this morning and she says let's call Cheryl I said good let's do a three-way call and we did and here she was going through a tips every bet so we just went to pray and we can we blot and we stopped it I don't know how it happened but it just lifted and afterwards within I don't know how long it was I said I felt something went off of me we stopped it you can stop it if you need to call a fellow Christian who you knows a good prayer warrior and get into praying pray in tongues do whatever you got to do but you need to do it the way God says and that is get your armor on and start rebuking start commanding in his name that no weapon formed against you shall prosper start playing the blood of Christ over your mind spirit soul body start commanding his name that every demonic spirit that has come against you shall be cancelled in Jesus name start commanding the largest gave me the word curses because right now there's a lot of riches and and covenants and all this that are praying against the Christians okay so start commanding in the name of Jesus that they are blocked and and whatever curses they try to throw at you get sent back they cannot they cannot penetrate okay I know that God's timing for every word is always perfect and I know there's some people listening that are going through what I'm talking about the reason I know while I was worshiping I was gonna do tomorrow or Monday while I was worshiping God suddenly said the the the word strength and I'm like yeah I need to do that and I'm worshiping some more strength and he kept doing it I'm like good you want me to go live now don't you somebody needs to hear this so he is never late guys whoever you are or maybe a few of you he's got your back I promise you he's got your back I'm going through a heck of a fight so a Sindhi so is Cheryl and we are pushing forward persevere guys persevere yes Kathy Miller start you you're right the two edges start let's start let's start speaking out the scripture I am more than a conquerer I am victorious I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me my God has taken the keys to hell in the grave and he has won the war he has won despite he is but was victorious therefore I am start re encouraging yourself and remember you're not the only one in battle every single child of God right now is in the worst of the battles if you're being used remember the word the Lord just reminded me of it remember the word he gave just the other day those that are used the most of the most uncomfortable the more you're going to be used the more you're being used now the more comfortable you're gonna be because there's a few reasons remember he's refining he's getting you ready to be called and you've got to be ready and then on the other side of it your enemy is fighting against you and attacking but no matter what it is God still has your back guys he really does now let me tell you what happened to me this morning I was praying and I oh gosh I don't want to get emotional I'm trying really hard not to I told the Lord I said you've got to strengthen us I said God your children are getting so weary and I said I was talking about Cindy and myself and then I mentioned Cheryl and I said God you've got to strengthen us women if we're gonna keep moving forward in this ministry we need your strength we're only human beings and I said your children meaning not just us but all of you I said they're so weary I said we're just feeling so beaten down that if you linger much longer in our transformation and strengthening us I don't know how many of us will make it and suddenly it was so beautiful I saw the word and I heard his voice that he said rest and I'm like but I got so much work to do but he never said another word he just said rest and today was so quiet so I rested more i sat around and I rested and and I know that God is still gonna be working us but he's basically telling us while you're working rest in me when it's quiet rest period physically so that your body can be strengthened because nobody can go seven days a week 24/7 even though I'm trying and so is Cindy but our age and stuff you know that comes into play we're human beings but God will give you that time of rest physically but what he was also saying is rest in him because whatever needs to be done he will give you the strength to get through it and to do it he will give anything and everything you need equipped you with whatever in order for you to do the job at hand now let me say one thing he's been showing me a lot is right now is the time where some you're you're being used but he's putting you in a place of resting in a place of holding and the place of holding means you may not feel like you're doing a lot but you were before you're in a place of holding cuz we're about to get called out I don't know how long it's gonna be but he's in the middle of training he's in the middle of reflashed refining and purifying and he is putting some of us in holding and those of us who are still being used are putting in our pause times of rest today was one of mine he let me rest a little more okay and he'll give you times off where you just kind of have a refreshing or go have a little fun and then you're back on a heavy some of them like Cindy he told me he said told her to rest because she was badly injured Satan tried to pull her out the Lord showed me this he said Satan tried to literally take her life but he showed me in a vision two angels one on each side of her head that had their hands up under her head and by her shoulders and he showed me how they kept her from being killed but she still is injured and struggling with this injury and is causing her not to be able to do as much but the Lord said tell her to rest because a job coming is going to be very powerful and he's gonna need her but then he said just now you must act upon your willingness don't be lazy you must act upon it he said willing act on that we'll don't sit on it in other words when you say God let your will be done in my life I am willing to do whatever you want he said don't just sit on that act upon that will and how you do that is you seek him out to what the will is so you can be about your father's business and that's what he was talking about act upon it don't just sit there go okay god I'm ready you just kind of move my feet wherever you want them and you know what I mean you need to be active in the will of God by seeking out what that will is your willing heart connected with his will makes them perfect do you understand so he said that then all of a sudden he said what you know there's times when you need to rest and need balance and he said but don't let your rest become laziness and Cindy was saying well how do you know and I said this is what God is showing me as we were speaking that when you are so weary you can't keep your eyes open you're ill you're dealing with something really heavy whatever it's time to stop and go rest close your eyes and rest and if you're emotionally just spent you can't even think straight you're so distressed your interior it is time to stop and rest in your father go sit with your father and be renewed be restored be refilled let him just refresh you when your bodies to the point of exhaustion because we're human you can't just go and go I had a word for someone today where God said make sure you rest because if you don't rest when your body needs it Satan will take that and use it against you how he will use it against you by bringing the sickness colds to start with can go into deeper illnesses he can do it by affecting your brain being with a sleep deprived is huge it can affect your brain it can affect your thinking and can affect your you know decisions you make you may not be thinking straight you're not gonna make the best decision you're gonna kind of just get through it just get over it let's just find whatever just so I can get through this because I'm tired you're not gonna make the best choices so what God is saying that he needs you to be willing but he needs you to walk in that willingness he needs you to act upon it seek him out what is it that He wills for you what is it that he wants you to do you can't just sit on it or you become a lazy child and resting is important but don't let the rest become laziness to where you never do anything you always find excuses this is important having time with him there was a word somebody they sent it to me and I was like Lord am i doing enough am i having enough time with you because I fight with weariness terribly I fight with pain I fight with exhaustion I fight with these illnesses and firma knees and I pray against them I stand it and faith whatever you want today God I'm on it I'll do it okay there's the willingness now how do we act upon that even though this is chronic you make time I got up this morning and I sat in my chair and I said Lord let's just have time together and a lot of times I'll get caught up for the night before I sit with him and this morning he said no from here on don't put them first put me first don't sit and try to get caught up on approvals or any PM's or anything go half time with me first and foremost then go do that so I'm taking it a notch up in other words okay I'm taking what I normally my routine and change it up because I'm willing okay so I said Lord what do you want me to change what is it you want me to do so that I am in a perfect place with you not perfect person in a perfect place spiritually I'm not slacking I'm not being lazy I'm not making excuses at the same time I'm taking the time that he shows me there's time to rest there's a time and a season for everything there's a time to rest a time to work okay and that time right now is to find the balance of the two because right now God is get allowing us to go through testings through firings refining Xand it's tough and there's moments when your body and your emotions just can't take anymore you have got to rest do it and rest in the Father go sit with him and say Lord I just want to rest and sit with you and I pray you replenish me refresh me restrain –then me talk to me and sit quietly and just sit with him he will do that you might doze off a little that's fine when you get up and get going get back about your father's business and do everything he says obedience is huge it's very important right now that we stay obedient okay so in other words God is gonna give you times of rest times of of ties where he'll work here a little bit but right now he's in helping us in this way be strong because I got your back be strong because I'm gonna fight the battle with you and for you because the battles God's leaned on my understanding and my strength and when it gets to be too much come to the altar come to me lay it all down let me comfort let me restore and we'll get you back going but come to me this is where our strength is this is where our lifeline is and he's been doing it with me I just came to him this afternoon and just let the tears come they weren't I wasn't bawling but I was just tired and just feeling weak and I just needed some answers and I needed him to touch me and strengthen and and he did and I felt it lift and I left and I came back again tonight and I felt it again just enough strength to keep me going so what you have to remember is when he gets to be too much he didn't leave you he's right there remember that word he gave not long ago as well his hand is already out there with you in front of you just take it he's sitting right he's right beside you were sitting standing whatever just take his hand and say god I need help now I need to be strengthened I need you to encourage me I need you to pick me up I need you to let me know I'm still going I'm still okay now if you start getting thoughts of your past you're never gonna amount to much well look at all the things you've done those are all lies please rebuke them because if you don't you become your worst enemy Satan will have a heyday and you're encouraging it by by feeding those thoughts feeding them well you're right I did do that oh my gosh I can't believe I did that you know what there's not one of us that have not sinned there's not one of us that have not made major mistakes in our lives there's not one of us that's still don't worry anxiety any of it all of us having bad thoughts you're like where in the world that come from none of us because we're all every single one of us are under attack but this is what God he just showed me the word unity thank you Lord he wants us to have unity together stay in unity put your arm around each other cyber wise or physically look I'm here on your side let's pray together I would love to try I don't know how much I can do but I would like to try to have more prayer time together with you guys pray together but then it's just me and you guys you need to be out there praying with each other on the phone physically cyber we need to be encouraging each other and unity Lord said this is what he's just saying right now is unity tell them to be more in unity with each other because the strengths coming from God to us and then he has us to have fellowship with each other and prayer and encouragement just like I'm doing right he kept telling me go tell him strength strength strength I'm like okay you wouldn't be keep saying if you don't want me to go live I'll go now stopped everything and went live we need unity we need to be there for each other let me tell you something I don't care who you are I don't care what you believe I don't care what your political views are I don't care who you voted for I don't care about any of that what I care about is your soul in and and staying strong and serving God with all your heart and it wouldn't matter to me who you are what you've done anything I'd be the first one to put my armor on you say let's pray together I'm here for you I'm the first one to say it because none of us are perfect and God loves you right where you are just as you weren't so do I okay even those that have come against me I don't know who it is I saw comedy and said you didn't want me to pray for you but I did anyway it's like I had no idea I said you know I don't care if you pray for me I don't know what they were upset about I have no idea what happened and that's fine you know what it's okay you don't have to like me you can attack me all you want I'm still gonna care about you and love you I won't put up with anything during service but I'm still gonna love okay the thing I want you to remember is what God said tonight lean on his strength and and reach out to him when you're hurting really bad start pleading the blood start quoting scripture okay and let's get together as often as we can and pray okay I can't do it on my own I want you guys to do it yourselves as well and you're on the side okay so let's go ahead and we'll pray right now so Lord Jesus we just come together and unity Lord we ask God for the blood of Christ to be poured on each and every one of us on our family members our extended family members we pray God for your strength for your restoration to touch us now God strengthen us give us what we need Lord to keep on going in the fight of faith and to stand strong in spite of help us to praise you anyway help us to pray help us to fast help us to please you God well we just ask that you will help us to be in unity with each other that we would be there for each other so much more than we've ever been because there strengthen the unity and unity of prayer I pray God for healing and restoration for every single person God if they're dealing with anything physical or emotional or mental we pray against every single infirmity God and sickness and the name of Jesus Christ I ask God that your blood just pour through everyone's veins and heal and restore Lord we thank you God that you love us even though we're still yet sinners we thank you for your mercy and your grace and that because of you we can make it to heaven and we'll get to that finish line help us to be a beacon of light God in the dark place help us to show the love of God no matter what lord please forgive us for our failures by our shortcomings for the times that we don't act like we should because we're frustrated because we're just tired God we're so human and we all don't want to be that way but we ask that you will forgive us for our human ways and for our shortcomings help us to please you with our whole heart because we do love you Lord we still love you and we're so thankful for the sacrifice you made we're so thankful God that we can be used in these last days we pray that you will get us ready to be called make sure that we are ready so that when you call out we hear your voice Jesus name Amen you

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  2. Here is the link to Joni Bonnette’s YouTube channel, if anybody wants to check it out,

    Joni Bonnette YouTube


  3. Some Scriptures About Spiritual Warfare.

    Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that the family of believers throughout the World is undergoing the same kind of sufferings. And the God of all grace, who called you to His eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will Himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast. To Him be the power for ever and ever. 1 Peter 5:8-11

    Choose to obey God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. James 4:7

    May God, continue to help you, to be strong in Him, and in the power of His might. Ephesians 6:10

    It is not by your might, or by your power, but it is by My Spirit, says the Lord, Almighty. Zechariah 4:6

    This is what the Lord says to you, do not be afraid or discouraged because of your great enemy. For the battle is not yours, but God's. 2 Chronicles 20:15

    The Lord will fight for you, you need only to be still. Exodus 14:14

    Rest in the LORD, and wait patiently for Him to act. Don’t worry about evil people who prosper or fret about their wicked schemes. Psalm 37:7

  4. I thank our Heavenly Father Abba in Jesus holy name for this anointed message. He has answered once again my prayers! Hallelujah! Glory to God! He gives us renewed strength. He is a good good Father.Amen. Yes i know what sister and all our brethren are going through. The Lord showed me how the enemy oppresses our Spirit . But the Lord will not leave us nor forsake us. He is faithful and true. He yes will guide us through His Powerful Power of the Holy Spirit through all things. He is God of the Impossible! I just been through wow so much that i at times just cried to Him as soon as i was alone of how much evil is around us trying to throw us down and using co workers , our family and friends and even some of our brethren. We are supposed to be one body that of Christ and the mind of Christ! Love for all . Love has grown so cold in most and hurts to see this in humanity. He made us the smallest weakest of the beings that he created but he loves us dearly. We are the apple of his eye. He loves us with beautiful steadfast love and mercies. My health was attacked again but the Lord renewed my strength. I cried out to the Lord and he rescued me! He had mercy on me ! Oh come and taste the love of the Lord and His mercies all you people! Repent, get baptized after accepting the truth! Seek Him in Spirit and Truth. He knows all hearts and needs no man to tell him . Jesus our Savior, this is the true life which is our beloved Lord Jesus Christ! Call on Him while you still can. He is the bread of life. He gives you living water. Call on Jesus Christ,amen. All the Glory and honor be to God the Father and our blessed Lord Jesus Christ forever and ever,amen.

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