A Diehard Mac User Switched To Windows — Here’s What They Thought

A Diehard Mac User Switched To Windows — Here’s What They Thought

– I’ve been a Mac user for over 15 years. I hated PCs. They came loaded with a bunch of software that slowed down my machine, and they caught viruses way too easily. – Last year there were 114
thousand known viruses for PCs. – PCs, but not Macs. – [Steve] Then I discovered the Mac. And it had everything the PC didn’t. But lately, I’ve grown
frustrated with the Mac lineup. And while Apple has let
its Mac lineup stagnate, Windows 10 computers
have gotten really good. So I decided to make the
switch back for a few days and tested Huawei’s new Matebook X Pro. Which runs Windows 10 and
starts at about $1200. Some have called it the
best laptop you can buy. And guess what, Windows
is actually really great. And I may even like it better than my Mac. Windows 8 tried to be two
operating systems in one. One for desktop and one for mobile. And it failed at both. It even got rid of
Windows’ iconic Start menu. But Windows 10 reversed
a lot of those mistakes. The Start menu’s back and it
works great on the desktop. Windows 10 comes with Cortana. The Microsoft Digital Assistant. It can dig through files on your computer and even search the web. It’s almost as good as Google Search. Windows 10 also has a lot
more hardware options. You only have a few options
when it comes to the Mac and they all come with
terrible trade-offs. But the Windows 10 hardware ecosystem has something for everyone. 2-in-1’s, convertibles,
tablets, regular laptops, and everything in between. It let’s you work the
way you want to work. Windows 10 machines
make the MacBook lineup look pretty outdated. Then there’s touch, which I think is the key
advantage to Windows 10. Many, if not, most Windows 10 PCs have built in touch screen controls. Apple has refused to put
touch screens on its Macs, even though people love to use them. Next, there’s price. Windows 10 computers range
from a couple hundred to a few thousand bucks. You’re always gonna find
something within your price range. But regardless of which Mac you choose, you can always expect to spend
at least a thousand bucks. The MateBook X Pro I’ve been testing, is the perfect example of
everything Windows 10 does right. This thing has it all. There’s a gorgeous touchscreen
with minimal bezels. And unlike MacBooks, it
doesn’t compromise on ports. There’s the new USB-C and
the classic standard USB. So you don’t have to
worry about buying dongles to plug in all your accessories. Then there’s the beautiful design, clever hidden webcam, fingerprint sensor, all in a tight package. It looks great. If you had told me five years ago, that a Windows laptop would
have all of these features, I never would’ve believed you. So what if you also
want to make the switch. It’s actually pretty easy. Today, most programs store
all their stuff in the cloud. So things like Slack and Gmail and your web browser’s
bookmarks all sync up, no matter what machine you’re using. Of course, there are some
drawbacks to Windows 10. Windows 10 tablets are pretty bad. The app selection isn’t nearly
as good as it is on the iPad and if you just want a tablet, you’re better off with the iPad instead. It can also be tough to
switch over if you’re already using Apple services like
iCloud, iMessage, and Notes. That data can be pretty hard
to port over to a Windows PC. But overall, the Windows
10 ecosystem is superb. And at a time when the Mac isn’t showing any sign of improvement, Windows 10 has never looked better. It’s a tongue twister, the Mate- – [Producer] Remember when
it was just IBM ThinkPad? – Yeah really or just MacBook.

100 Replies to “A Diehard Mac User Switched To Windows — Here’s What They Thought

  1. Are u saying windows has become better? Were you born out the wrong end? Win xp was great. Win vista was shit. Win 7 was just fine. Win 8 was like a epileptic finger painting. Win 10 is bearable.

  2. is this an ad? and Cortana is almost as good as Google? like wut? I cant even get Cortana to find my calculator…

  3. Cortana is not almost as good as Google Assistant. Not, by a long shot. That's why Microsoft is apparently using their tried and true retrenchment therapy on Cortana. The Matebook X looks like a fantastic device and Windows 10 has really matured but, Cortana needs some work…

  4. Cant wait to see what he thinks of the superior platform unless you use music related software it's the superior OS

  5. People would say that they got virus all the time with Windows PCs… I never got them.. I was careful of what I visited and installed. It also helps to be a tect too. I never owned a laptop that cost more than 400 dollars. I got my laptops after a year they came out so I would get a 50% discount from the day they came out. I spend my money on my desktops, not my laptops.

  6. The only reason Windows has more "viruses", because I've never gotten one and I've been using Windows since XP and I know what to touch online, is simply because it has a lot more users than macOS and attackers won't be losing time trying to attack a small group of people when they can attack a bigger group, but macOS also can get infected.

  7. that guy: "Cortana is almost as good as Google search"
    me: HAHAHAHAHA. How much did they pay you?
    PS: Cortana outside of the USA is garbage.

  8. Sorry Windows 10 is still trash. Only thing it has over Mac is better options in hardware. I honestly have problems with both Mac and windows but they are the only two consumer options. So I prefer the Mac OS over windows but I have both.

  9. Sorry but Windows 10 is still bullshit. Macs are old, but at least you have control over the OS, it won't do stuff you don't want it to do. Just try to totally delete 'Cortana' and get it 100% off your Windows 10 system, and you will see what I mean by that. I have stuck with Windows 7 and I love it. I also have a MacBook but I cannot run my favorite programs on it, so I still find myself using mostly my Windows 7 laptops for most of the things that I do everyday.

  10. This was totally sponsored….

    People who say Windows and Android are better and Apple isn’t making any innovations have always hated Apple. Jobs dying had nothing to do with them hating or loving Apple.

  11. I'm a Mac user, but gave windows a shot with an Asus after 5 years using my Macbook Air, but ended up getting a Pro after one year using Windows. My dad seems to prefer Windows since it allows you to do a lot more, but I found it hard to switch back to windows after getting used to Mac

  12. Linux would be closer to Mac Os as they both have an origin in Unix. Plus no secret shoutouts to Redmond.

  13. if he didnt look at his script few inches away from the camera, it wouldve been even believable. two words: linux mint

  14. Did he just pronounce Hauwei as Wow-Way? The company name starts with H. How can it sound like W… How ridiculous…

  15. Oh. Finally. Someone gets that anything is better than the shitty legacy Apple closed ecosystem.

  16. Maybe stop buying shitty black box default computers and build your own so the stores you buy it from wont bloat it with adware. And if you think building your own computer is hard then you're wrong it's basically like legos and matching colors.

  17. Guy #1 I like windows better than Mac os
    Guy# 2 Just cuz u cant aford it lolllzzzz poor windowws useserrrrreee reeeeeeeeeeeee

  18. I really hate MacBooks, windows is way better and talking about smartphones, I really hate iOS, and androids is way more better, but Now I’m using a iPad because my Samsung has no battery and it’s now charging.

  19. I really think windows is better than Mac. Windows is affordable and Mac is expensive. Windows is best for gaming. Gaming on mac sucks. Windows is good at work also.
    A PC is better than a mac.

  20. What about viruses? Still, the question remains. I replaced hard drive after hard drive on my windows due to viruses and paying for protection that hardly worked. That was the ONLY reason I went to Mac 5 years ago. Promise me, less viruses, a great screen and a great photo editor and I will go back.

  21. LOL your get viruses just get a Vires Defender, And if the Windows Laptop pree install programs slow down your PC "Which they DONT" Then you Got a Cheep $200 PC lol

  22. I wouldn't advertise it like this guy, but I am pissed off at Apple too. That's why, my new laptop has only 2 letters on it instead of the Apple logo. Windows might be a little weird for a first time user, but it's not THAT BAD. And via touch screen, every 2-1 laptop has a build in iPad in it. I still hate Microsoft (and Google), but Apple is now on that list as well. – PS. No more beach balls!

  23. I think the macbook pro still has the best build quality and design, but the hardware is garbage and the price is ridiculous. Shame on you, Apple! You can install mac os on a windows laptop btw.

  24. My 2015 MacBook Pro with MacOS Mojave is way more usable and convenient to use than my 2018 loaded HP zBook I use at work.

  25. The only excuse Mac Users use to combat Windows 10 (Clearly Superior):

    It has tons of viruses

    Do you want to know why Mac doesn’t get viruses as often, because the OS is an expensive hunk of junk.

    Try gaming on Mac.
    (Spoiler Alert: It’s junk.)

    Also, you pay more for less?!?

    What about the 3 “Dots” at the top-left corner of your screen. That is a horrible UI (User Interface). So complex to use, so much worse for almost double the price!

  26. All these comments about which platform is best are a waste of time. At the end of the day, they’re just computers that basically accomplish the same things. Use whatever your personal preference is, or whatever handles your workload best, and stop giving a crap about what everyone else uses. I chose Apple after using both, but I don’t care if someone else prefers Windows. It’s just a computer.

  27. Now i get why many ppl prefers Mac, if you use Windows default features like Store, Start and other stuff then yeah its nothing great, i personally used Windows for my lifetime and since Windows 8 release i never touched the Start and the stuff inside and never used any single app from the store, because its like mobile nosense for below average pc users ( such as ur mom or grandpa ). Windows becomes superior when ure doing the real stuff ( video editing, computer graphics aka CG, programming, gaming, customization, design etc ), because it supports everything and has like 10x more stuff to choose from especially many of it is free, even for avg users has the best players that Mac doesn't support. Oh and Windows is compatible with any Hardware.

  28. Only reason why macs get lesser viruses is because there are so few users that hackers don't even bother the effort. Also, most businesses run Windows. Has nothing to do with macs being more safe, it's just that there are so few viruses written for the OS X. Also, the OEM programs that comes with new computers takes just a couple of minutes to uninstall. One could also just turn off the autostart. If you cannot perform such basic tasks, then you are simply too stupid to use a computer.

  29. Biggest positive of Windows: it can run on computers from 2006 and later and does so decently well. Mac OS can't do that

  30. I think Windows has a better content it's made more organized imo. But after buying a Mac mini and using the macos, man, the Mac really looks good. Apple when it comes to listening to user feedback on their os… It's number one.
    Just an opinion of a pc user since dos 3.

  31. I look at it like this. I have windows, Mac and Linux. Windows is by far the worst. Constant updates that makes computer sit there for 30 minutes when I need to use it. Truthfully I almost never use it anymore because of the ads for dumb games I don’t want just trying to find a file. Plus they have back door built in for governments. Your not even allowed super user privilege. Only Microsoft can have that. It’s straight garbage.

    macOS I do like a lot. Some things I don’t like are no VR support and I can’t just buy os to put on desktop I build. Overall though no issues with viruses on Mac even with no antivirus.

    Ubuntu is great for lots of reasons. For example your not searching for drivers for new graphics card. All those are built in the os. It supports gaming now and ease of use is pretty good. The only real issue is learning terminal commands. Luckily Ubuntu actually does pretty with support if you have an issue.

    Overall windows is horrible. I only have it for VR that’s it.

    Linux is nice if you build your own desktops. Super easy installation and upgrades along the way.

    macOS my favorite overall because of the ease of use. Plus how you can set it to work with phone and watch. I’m not saying apple is hack proof but I never had an issue with macOS. Windows I have been forced to do clean install numberous times when I used it due to viruses.

    So I think most of this video review is garbage. Windows is by far the worst os to use for security or for mission critical things. There is a reason most servers run Linux over windows.

  32. There is a reason windows has so much market share. If it wasn't capable of meeting the needs of most people it would have been abandoned long ago and something else would have taken it's place.

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