A 2020 Soca Riddim that will touch your soul!

A 2020 Soca Riddim that will  touch your soul!

Waz di scene allyuh It is, Di Soca Analysts! I gotta tell yuh we bringing in the 2020 Trinidad carnival season, one of the sweetest riddims So lewwe pull up! This is perhaps one of my sweetest riddims for Trinidad Carnival thus far. This riddim features Voice, Skinny Fabulous Konshens and of course the king of soca Machel Montano That’s meh boy. One of my favourite things about the Soul Chase Riddim is that each song, has a very different vibe. You have Skinny Fabulous on the riddim who pretty much is a riddim banton. He has two chunes on de riddim. Both of them are pure vibes. He has one chune by himself and next chune is with Jamaican artist, Konshens. Many of you will know him for his dancehall hits and his contributions to soca since 2011 Next up on de riddim we have the conscious soca man himself, Voice. One thing about Voice is that he always makes music that people can relate to. and Voice song on the riddim is called “Honest Dollar” It’s about all the fight down and competition that’s going in the entertainment industry, in this chune Voice says that “it have room for all ah we” You know in fact, it does. It have room for Rich & I, it have room for the man down the street, the doubles man, and the next doubles man and the next man and the corn soup man. Although I’m totally, leaving ALL the DJ’ing up to Jel, I’m not toucing the turntables anytime soon. On a real, there needs to be no competition and I think that Voice took a lot of what people were feeling and put that into a hit record on this riddim. My personal favorite is Voice, because I feel like it is a chune that like it needs to be sung. You know what I mean? Just like the whole concept of a song is a conversation that Caribbean people need to have. This is a perfect way to take a social issue and put out there to like the public and be able to take a social issue and make it mainstream. Normalize it, have people talk about it. I think it’s something that Voice does so well, he’s been making these conscious chunes that really make people think about “Well shit maybe we have an issue with violence that we can fix with soca music or unity.” Maybe this is something we should look at I really really glad that he made this chune because there is a lot of fight down in the industry, and there’s a lot of negativity and we as Caribbean people We Di Soca Analysts, if we really wanna take culture to the world, we have to fix it right here with ourselves first. You know what I mean? And um, I think this is a really beautiful song vocally, your Voice is incredible. It blows my mind how well Voice and really put his soul into his lyricism and make a soca song that really really just takes people’s emotions and let’s them really have that feeling and that experience. Voice could be a politician, bringing all the social issues to light. Run against Donald Trump, I’m sure you’ll win. Next up is Machel Montano My favourite on the riddim, not because it’s Machel. It’s because Machel Montano took the love route. Skinny Fabulous wrote “I love you” and Machel heard it and fell in love with it instantly. “I Love You” I think is going to be the 2020 wedding and engagement song. I think similar to Erphaan’s “Overdue,” this song is going to be soca love song that everyone is going to connect to. My favorite part about the riddim is the production. I gotta big up Captain John. This youth outta Saint Vincent & The Grenadines For making this such sweet soca riddim. It’s so reminiscent of something we would get in the early 2000s, cause it have that nice brass and guitar. A lot of people saying it’s slow BUT it have that cool down point right after lunch (playing mas) Yuh can’t go on the road and want to pump pump pump This is the riddim you have to play after you leave lunch, whether you’re with Tribe, Yuma, Bliss and you’re chipping down the road This is the riddim I want to hear. For those of you who don’t know Captain John, He actually produced the Morning After Riddim Which was a huge riddim last year. The Soul Chase Riddim was mixed and mastered by Kasey Phillips outta Precision Productions Kasey, big up yuhself for entrepreneur of the year award Yes, many of you may not know Precision by name You definitely know a lot of their productions. He’s produced so many of the biggest hits in soca. He’s one of the most influential producers in soca. Overall this is a great and groovy riddim to warm up the carnival season. Definitely, definitely, definitely check it out. All these songs on the riddim are fantastic You will definitely want to add this to your collection of Soca 2020 So that’s what WE THINK! What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. But wait nah allyuh now decide to analyze 😂😂😂😂
    But JEL yuh lehgo this riddim out before everyone realize
    It even make Gym Series
    Bless up family for always toting out small chunes for we to hear

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