6 Best Cervical Spondylosis Home Exercises हिंदी में

6 Best Cervical Spondylosis Home Exercises हिंदी में

The most common reason for neck pain is cervical spondylosis You will feel pain and stiffness around the neck and you will feel irritated whole day But need not worry as it can be treated by following simple exercises routine Hello, friends, this is Dr. Sunit, you very own physiotherapist and in this video, we will learn 6 best cervical spondylosis exercises Friends, before we proceed make sure you subscribe to our channel because I always bring video on health issues And when you subscribe us you will receive a notification every time I upload a new video and you will never miss out Friends, in present days, cervical spondylosis has become a very common health issue This is due to our sedentary lifestyle and work nature which involves hours in front of computers, during studies or when we work on our mobile device we work by bending our neck forward, this is the biggest cause of cervical spondylosis The common complaint is pain around the neck which may lead to neck stiffness you will feel like not to work and cause irritation, whole day a dull deep aching pain will disturb you Friends in this video we will learn 6 most effective exercises to get rid of it completely But before we learn exercises, let me mention some common rules of exercises Every exercise we are going to learn has to be performed twice daily: Morning and Evening Early morning exercise is best, but if you are busy then once in the evening is okey The best starting posture would be in sitting or standing straight & alert Or you may adopt yoga pose “vajrasana” as starting posture. Finally, a minimum of 10 repetitions per exercises is required, if you exceed this then its well and good but it should not be below this So, the first exercise is active neck rotation exercise Let me adopt the standing position as my starting posture stand relaxed, keep the shoulder in normal position and neck straight then, rotate your neck to the right side and then slowly to left side, then again to right, then left repeat the process for a minimum of 10 repetitions. By doing this it will help to release neck stiffness 2nd exercises is neck flexion and extension exercise Again stand alert by keeping the neck straight. Now slowly bend forward your neck after 3 seconds bend the neck to backside, again bend forward, then once again to back side as I have told, 10 repetitions and twice daily 3rd one is neck side bending exercise Stand or sit as per your convenience and then bend your neck to either side alternatley so, let us start with right side bending. Bend to the point when you feel stretch on the sides of neck Then slowly take it to the left side 10 repetitions and twice daily 4th exercise is chin tuck exercise this is a very good exercise and is also effective in corrective the bad neck posture bad posture something like this called as forward neck posture I have already discussed in detail about forward head posture, visit the I button above to learn more Coming chin tuck exercise, let me display it in the side view tuck your chin against the neck like this Note the direction of motion f chin, you may use finger to direct it Hold this position for 3 seconds, then release and keep in mind then not to bend neck forward you may compare it with the pose of a dancer, minimum 10 repetitions is suggested. 5th exercise is neck stretching This exercise involves stretching of neck muscle on right and left side T stretch the left side neck muscle use right hand and hold the head like this and pull it pull it to a point where you will feel stretch on the muscles. Hold this stretched position for a minimum of 1 minute release it slowly and repeat the process on right side neck muscle, hold for 1 minute and release it slolwly Since it is a stretching exercise, you should not repeat it for more than 1 or 2 repetitions 6th exercise is neck strengthening exercise, to be particular, isometric strengthening exercise We have to strengthen muscles all around our neck. On the front of neck, both sides, and back of neck let us start with muscle on the front of neck. Let me display it in the side view For this, take your hand, place it over forehead and push the hand with forehead Hold it for 3 seconds and then relax. Again push it , hold for 3 sec and relax………… Minimum 10 repetitions required, twice daily Now coming to muscle on the back of neck; clasp your hand behind the head and repeat the process Similarly, use your hand to strengthen the muscle of left and right side of neck. 10 repetitions are essential Friends, with neck pain we also develop pain on upper back region around the shoulder blade It may be due to “trigger point”, about which I have already discussed in a video you may watch the video by going here. If you loved this video then do like it and share it and if you are new to the channel please consider subscribing us. Thank you for watching friends. Bye Bye

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  1. Problem in my c5& c6.i m feeling pain in head neck shoulder arms & upperback thorax.headache, dizziness, vertigo & imbalance.full day.tingling numbness in my head face fainting like.what sl i do .plz guide sir

  2. Sir mere C7- T1 level ke disc me pressure hai….to kya me is vedio me apne jo excercise dikhaya hai wo sab kar sakti hu?? Sir plz rply dijiye….pls help me….

  3. Hello sir mere small we question kitna dinose exercise korke atse hoge cervical ? Mera 8 sal ke pura hota hi bat tik nehi hua etna duk hota hai

  4. Sir I was suffering from Vertigo/ dizziness problem from last two weeks.. doctor ne bola ki x ray karo..report me likhha hai ki cervical spondylitis .. kya may in sab exercise kar sakta hunn? Kya dizziness in exercise se thik ho sakta hai?

  5. Sir,I am living in dubai.
    I have serious pain in my back side of neck along right hand shoulder and limb. For the last 15 days .The doctor in NMC did MRI and found C5 And C6 of back bone of spinal cord slightly displaced.He gave many injection for pain relief but did not work.he suggested a minor surgery on neck but my family members asked me to go to India for medical treatment. Now today I am leaving.please advise me what to do? Your cooperation will be highly appreciated sir.

  6. https://youtu.be/lM5va_v0brE

    इस लिंक को क्लिक करिये, ये मेरी पहली वीडियो है, मैं एक योग ट्रेनर हूँ, अभी मैं योग और बहुत सारे वर्कआउट, के बारे में भी वीडियो बनाऊंगा, मैं हेल्थ से रिलेटेड सब तरह की वीडियो बनाऊंगा, इस वीडियो को आप लोग देखें, शेयर करें, और चैनल को सब्सक्राइब करें

  7. Hlo sir hme bhi problem h chakar bhut aate h hme back head me bhi bhut pain ho rha h kya kre hm plz ans me🙏🙏

  8. aap ek video me bolte hain neck ko front our back bending karne ke liye our ek me Mana kortein hain (aug 12,2019) I am confused. Muje isko clear karke help kare.

  9. sir Ser me pain rahata h neck me bhi h chacker aa rahe hai uthte baithte
    doctor se advise li thi tablet de h
    4 days ho ga a h per ser ka pain nhi band ho raha plz advise

  10. Sir mujhe ek bath janna tha very argent q k mujhe neck me pain hota Suva or Sam ko jada pain hota hai or es pain k sath sans lene me dikkat hota hai thora sa kya sans lene me dikkat hona spondolysess me am bath hai please reply me

  11. due to prolonged sitting on computer I developed penile numbness , I have errections but penis is numb can you please help me what exercises should I carry out , thanks

  12. Sir, spondylitis ki problem hi. Back pain, neck pain hi. Muje kabhi kbhi chakkara bi ati hi. Daily my exercise bi karati hnu. Chakkara ki problem se my bahuta tanga agayi hnu. Dr.ne chakkara ke time me medicine dete hi.chakker rukane ke liya my kya karasakati hnu. Porashan change, sone wakta utane wakta muje chakkara ati hi. Muje pahale chakkara naiti lekin sal me eka bar chakkara ati hi. Chakkara se bachane ki liye upaya bata digiye

  13. Mujha servical ke wja sa chakar at a ha hath pain me choti finger sun ho jati han pora badan gardan or reerh me haddi dara karti ha koi dwa bta Dan pl

  14. Sir, Very good information. But you missed to display 360 degree circular movement of neck and whole face/skull in both clocwise and anticlockwise. I do it every day.

  15. Sir my neck is slightly towards the left side and the my right side upper body is totally messed up. Scapular wing is not stable and my right shoulder is also lower than left. Please help

  16. Sir, please can you show exercises for stiff frozen shoulder. I have frozen shoulder from last 5 to 6 yrs. Exercises has reduced the pain. But how to open the lock shoulder.

  17. Sir maine appke Chanel pe sare video dekhe app bas Hindi language ka upyog karen taki har aadmi Hindustan ka appke video ko ache se samajh kar ushka labh utha sake 🙏

  18. Forward head posture k liye agar chin taq exercise karte hain to wo thik ho jayega but double chin jo form hoti ja rahi hai chin taq se usse kaise thik karen agar upar dekhke hoton ko khole band kare agar ne forward head posture ko badahaba milta hai???????

  19. नीचे की तरफ बैंड नहीं करना चाहिए, बिलकुल नहीं l

  20. Mujhe Spondalytis hai hrpl sar ghumta hai or pura sorir mai chirchirapon or hath pair sunno ho jata hai or khali swapna ata hai neend thik nhi hota please sir kuch upai boliye ya dawa 🙏🙏🙏

  21. Good evening sir i a suffering pain from my right side neck hank, back side pain and right leg , some time unable to walk even of 10 min , i Gone through scan , all reports are normal. please guide to overcome from the problem.Thank u so much sir.

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  23. my friend has been faced with this issue. he went to many reputed hospitals but he has not got relief. after that, someone told him about Planet Ayurveda. he went there and starting treatment, he was improving day by day. Now he is fine. so if anyone is facing this kind of issue or any other issues, they will definitely go Planet Ayurveda

  24. Very informative sir.. It's helpful.
    May I know, if these excersies also helps us to get rid of dizziness , which is causing mainly due to my C5 C6 cervical narrowing of left nerve.
    But, I don't have any pain or stiffness in my spine or neck ..its just dizziness.
    Hope these excercises improve that issue too?
    Plz help

  25. I became so done with being unsteady, out of balance and dizzy that I commenced searching for a health supplement to try. I tried out this dizziness vertigo solution “Yοkοntο αyb” (Google it). The symptoms have improved tremendously. It looked like the signs and symptoms are beginning to go away and also my balance is somewhat returning back to natural. .

  26. very helpful video…..i have severe pain behind my neck n i get migraine headaches…hope this will help…..Can you plz also do a video on TMJ……. i have bad pain in my jaws too…Thank you

  27. Thank you sir, it really works sir
    I was suffering from neck pain nearly form one month.
    After doing this exercise I got totally relief
    Thank you once again

  28. Sir mera cervical spondalysis hain..or c3-c6 main curvature hai..problem hote hain..medicine Liya kam to nehi ho rahihai ..Kya Karu .

  29. Sir mera mera report mein tortocoliis c3-c6 spondalysis hain…bhuhut medication liya ..or mera giddling…vomiting..neck pain or pura body jukte hain..plzzzzzz help me sirrr

  30. My own husband had been encountering nausea for 4 to 5 years by now so I found this dizziness vertigo remedy “Yοkοntο αyb” (Google it). Outcomes were promptly observed on the 4th day and after a full week, it is basically 100% that this light headedness has vanished. I hope, with regular application, he will be giddy free before a long time. .

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