5 siblings’ house – Surprise event for Dongguk’s win [The Return of Superman / 2016.12.25]

5 siblings’ house – Surprise event for Dongguk’s win [The Return of Superman / 2016.12.25]

(Incheon International Airport, November 27th, 2016) Donggook is back home after winning the AFC Champions League. – It was so hard trying to get this. / – You did well. (There are crowds gathered to congratulate the win.) (This is a happy moment for Donggook and his fans.) – Congratulations. / – Congratulations. It’s over now. The Return of Superman episode 161, “A Dad is a Child’s First Teacher.” (Why is it so quiet?) (Donggook is coming home after a long time.) My puppies. (Looking around) Where are my puppies? Contrary to his expectation, the kids are nowhere to be found. Let’s hide. (The kids are hiding in the master bedroom.) – He won’t find us. / – We’ll hide. What’s going on? Where are you? (Why are they hiding?) What is this? What is this? That scared me. (What happened?) What’s going on? Let’s congratulate Dad today. – There are balloons. / – Hello. – Hello. / – Try this on. There are many balloons! This party supply shop has caught Sian’s attention. Why are they here? (Why are they at this shop?) Dad got great result in a game he really wanted to win. We wanted to make him happy, so we prepared something. (Sian is busy choosing party supplies.) Sian, look at me. – Do you want to try this on? / – What is this? What is this? (Is he head banging?) (He has a free spirit like rockers.) (He’s protesting for freedom to wear clothes he wants.) What is this? (He tries to take it off without using his hands.) Hello. (He’s a bit slow.) What is it? What is it? Sian asked, “What is this?” What is this? (Sian’s curiosity is going through the roof.) What is this? (He is excited.) It’s something that pops. It’s scary. – Which one do you want? / – Choose a color. – This one. / – Which one do you like better? – This one. / – It’s not a must. Take this to the lady. Seola chose this, Sua chose this – and Sian chose that one. / – Mom? (Did you say “Mom”?) – Mom? / – Let’s put these back now. – Mom. / – What about Mom? Hey, where are you going? No. – We have to pay for it first. / – This one. Put this back, please. – How much is it? / – It’s 19 dollars. It’s 19 dollars. Let’s go. Shall we drink this? (These siblings have an order.) Is it good? – Seola, / – Let’s drink it all. Sua, Sian. Yes. It’s Seola, Sua, then Sian. (The second oldest drinks.) (Why is she drinking so much?) – You drank so much. / – Next is Seola. (Nervous) (Sian is watching.) Do you want more? (She wants a refill.) – Of course she wants more. / – No, no. – No, Sian. You can’t even finish this. / – Sian. (Waiting is so hard.) Sian. What was that? (It’s finally Sian’s turn.) Dad is going to come. Sian, that’s it. (Everyone finishes drinking juice.) – We’re now / – Shall we cover it with tin foil? going to cover this in tin foil. (What are they making?) – Dad… / – It’s a trophy. It looks like Dad’s trophy. – We have to do this. / – Dad will cheer up. – Put it here. / – Look at this. Good job. It’s Dad. It’s Dad! I love you. Dad will be so surprised. – He’ll jump. / – He’ll be surprised. (What is this smell?) Sian pooped. Sian pooped. (Flustered) Did you poop? – Not Sian. / – No? Santa won’t give you a gift if you lie. Did you poop or didn’t you? (Sniffing) He pooped. He smells. Come and smell him. Let’s see. (Screaming) I pooped. (He finally confesses.) I pooped. Come here, Sian. Come on. We have to change your diaper. Pull down his pants. Pull it down. Okay. (His sisters change him.) My two eldest kids are good at looking after kids, too. They’re as good as their mom. (Feeling comfortable) (Smiling) – I know. / – All good. (She dries him.) It’s clean. You’re clean! All done. Okay, wash your hands. Go up. (Now he washes his hands.) This? Go on. (Jaea pulls up his sleeves.) Here. Go like this. Get some soap. Try to do it yourself. (Pressing) Press hard. Harder. Good job. Now rub your hands together. (He rubs his palms.) You’re good. Rub them together. Bubbles, bubbles. (Bacteria extermination.) What should you do with this soap? (He can do it by himself.) All done. (Wow, I’m clean now.) They’re in the last stage of preparations. I think we’re almost ready. – We’re almost done. / – Almost. It’s still… (Sua and Sian both want to play with the balloon.) Mine. (They’re fighting over the balloon.) If you fight over it, I’ll take it away. (What should we do?) (Jaea looks for something.) (Scissors?) (Snipping) (She cuts the string without hesitation.) This scene looks familiar. (Sarang and Yuto were fighting.) Sunghoon solved the problem like Solomon. (He cut a pair of 3D glasses in half.) How did Jaea think of something so fast? You were bad, Sua. Sian was playing with it first when you took it away. You shouldn’t cry about it. Look. You were fighting over a mere balloon. Should I just give this balloon back to the store? (Why did I fight with Sian over such a trivial thing?) Sian. Do you like Seola or Sua? Sua. He likes Sua. Who do you miss? (Sian likes and misses…) Sua. Sua! Let’s not fight anymore. Good job. – Next time… / – I’m sorry, Sian. Sian, Sua has something to say to you. Sian, take it. Thank you. (You are the best.) The siblings found peace again. The party preparations are all done, too. All done. It looks pretty good. Dad’s going to like it, right? Donggook has no idea as he heads home. Did you buy presents for the kids? I didn’t have the time. I wasn’t there for training. I went for a game. Well, I brought a medal back. – You can give them the medal. / – Yes. (It’s my kids.) – Jaea, Jaesi. / – Dad. Yes. – Dad. / – When are you coming home? – When are you coming home? / – When are you coming? I’m on my way. – Hurry up. / – Hurry up. Okay. – Pray so I can reach home fast. / – Dad, please come. (We prepared a lot, so please hurry.) Okay, I’ll see you soon. – Okay. / – Okay. What were you doing? (He’s flustered.) – Sian. / – Yes? What were you doing? Well? We were playing. – We were playing. / – Were you? Yes. (Seola is bringing the trophy.) (No!) Ta-da. What is it? (Is the surprise ruined?) Dad, it’s your award. (Jaesi hides it.) – What is that? / – No. – Dad, this is… / – It’s nothing. – Hurry home. / – Hurry home. Okay. What was that? She hung up on me. Why did you tell him? Seola, it was supposed to be a surprise. My goodness. Guys, watch and see if this drops well. Throw it. (They’re working together for the surprise.) It fell. (Ringing) He must be here. Guys, he’s here! Let’s hide! – Come on, hide! / – Dad’s home! (He tries to rush, but got caught.) Hurry, Sian. (Running) (The signage is on standby.) (Sian is going outside.) Outside. No. We’ll go out when Dad is here, okay? Come here, Sian. Dad! He’s coming. Let’s hide in here. (They’re hiding.) – He won’t find us. / – He won’t find us. Timing is key. Let’s get our timing right. (Dad is home right on time.) My puppies. (Peeking) (Nervous) (He comes into the living room without a clue.) (Now is the time.) What is this? That scared me. That scared me. (There is a sign falling from the sky.) What is this? (Laughing) (Donggook is so happy to see the sign.) (Congratulations) (They come out to congratulate him.) ♪ Congratulations ♪ – Congratulations. / – Dad. Dad, look! – It’s your trophy. / – Thank you. – Thank you. / – Blow the candle. Let’s blow together. One, two, three. Thank you. (Their surprise is a success.) – What is this? Is it a trophy? / – Yes. – We made it. / – Sian. Sit down, guys. Look. – I brought this. / – Sian, come here! – Dad won the medal. / – I came to put this medal on your necks. This is the medal for the winner. (They bite the medal.) Isn’t it great? One… Don’t eat it. Sian, here. (Sian has the medal on him.) – Sit down. / – Bite it, Dad. Try biting it. Let me see. One, two, three. Sua, you have to sit closer. Why are you blinking so much? One, two, three. The medal shines even more with the five kids. This is Dad. – Dad, we did this. / – What is this? – Dad. / – What’s your dad’s name? Dad is – Gook! / – Am I Gook? Mom’s name is Jin! Let me get changed. – The floor is… / – I just… Yes, we should clean up. It’s messy. I have to start babysitting now. (The kids are helping with housework.) The kids are helping their dad with housework. Over here, over here. Here, too. Where? I’ll go. – Where? / – There. Just watching them makes him forget his exhaustion. You’re good at cleaning. (They successfully cleaned up and surprised him.)

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  1. how jaesi and jaea grow up so well they do amazing job taking care of their sisters and brother ㅠㅠ they need an award for that. jaesi jaea hwaiting!!

  2. the children grow up so well like they're so lucky to have such thoughtful children and the children are so lucky to have really awesome parents who raised them well. this family is so goals i suddenly want 5 children

  3. jaesi and Jaea are such good sisters! so responsible!!!!! how old are they? it must be hard being an older sibling right?

  4. What beautiful family. I hope they'll continue to receive abundant blessings in their lives in all aspects and have more memories like these. After seeing Jaesi and Jaea look after their siblings, hahaha I want to be an older sister too HAHAHA for the first time in my life (perks of being the youngest lol).

  5. We can clearly see how different Jaea Jae-si are, Jaesi tried to talk to Sua to mediate the situation, but Jaea just cut off the string to teach them a lesson

  6. Wow…. their must be very proud☺️ I mean to me, what they did isn’t simple, this will a very good memory for them and their father☺️

  7. I am a little disgusted about the girls washing their brothers BUM IN THE SINK WHERE YOU BRUSH.😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷

  8. Why am i feel like a proud mom here..😂😂 even cry..oh gosh these kids are just so precious..good job to their parents..

  9. Omo the way Daebak got confused and keep turned to say «omma ? You said ommma ?» I kept replaying this part so cute and funny 😂😂😂😂😍😍😍

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