20 Minute Yoga For Weight Loss ❤️ (Power Workout) – 💕Fightmaster Yoga Videos

20 Minute Yoga For Weight Loss ❤️ (Power Workout) – 💕Fightmaster Yoga Videos

65 Replies to “20 Minute Yoga For Weight Loss ❤️ (Power Workout) – 💕Fightmaster Yoga Videos

  1. Just woke up to this perfect practice for a Monday morning! I feel energized and ready to grab my healthy breakfast, seize the day and the week. Thank you 😊 ❤️💪🏼

  2. This practise was nice and energizing, thank you! 😊
    It’s great to be reminded to stop beating oneself up and to practise self-compassion. Knowing what my body is capable of and accepting the flaws is easier, when I am reminded from time to time that it is ok to be perfectly imperfect. Thank you for that, too! xox

  3. My Happy thoughts will help create my healthy body <3 I love you the way you are, and I love my body too – it gives me opportunity to follow you and practice what is so good not only for the body, but the soul too.

  4. Right Lesly, I agree! Fat-loss is mostly related to dietary intake, out-yoga-ing a junk food diet or even what is called standard American diet is probably impossible, low-fat whole food plant-based is definitely your best bet for optimal health.

  5. Weight loss seems quite difficult for me now…I guess I am just getting OLD :-((( but, I do feel I am so much healthier and stronger! Thanks, beautiful Lesley!

  6. So thrilled to find this new video today- the ideal length to fit into my morning, and I LOVE your cardio/HIIT/weight loss flows!

  7. You rock Leslie. Yoga has allowed me the path to self love and acceptance. I don't strive for that impossible super skinny. Because even when I get there it is not good enough. Was any how. Namaste

  8. Beautiful beginning/introduction for the class! Thank you yet again for sharing these classes. Sending rays of strength and love for all battling with weight and body image issues!

  9. Another great practice session! Leslie, I know I've said it before but you pack so much into such a short span of time. You make it easy to practice yoga. Your videos are like practicing with a friend. Thank you for all that you do! xoxo

  10. As always perfect practice Lesley! I love doing your videos it feels like you are right here with me! Thank you for sharing this classes with all of us! You are the best! xoxo

  11. Thank you for these wonderful reminders. Our lives should not be about losing weight. They should be about becoming the best versions of ourselves, no matter what size.
    I've found so much more peace within myself and with my body through doing your videos. I've come to value all that my body is capable of, rather than how skinny it can be. So thank you, Lesley!
    Also, beautiful scenery and practice, as usual. And I can't believe you did all that on a table! I would be so scared of falling off! 😜

  12. Been feeling pretty anxious lately, and the affirmation in the beginning of your video brought me a sense of peace. "My happy thoughts help create my healthy body." Thank you!

  13. I was unfortunately sick last Monday and really missed starting my week with you! So happy to catch up again with this wonderful energising practice 😊 Hope you gain a few more Patreons this week, I can't wait for another hour-long class! 💖🙏🏼

  14. Very good for a 23 minute class! Really worked through the poses nicely – thank you! I love your videos!

  15. Been feeling very stressed due to GCSE exams coming up but your yoga has helped me so much with getting over it.Thank you 🙂

  16. I started practising with you over a year ago and even though I now also attend yoga classes where I live I always love to come back to your videos! Lots of love, namaste <3

  17. Very nice practice, I sweat and get tired, definitely it will help to lose weight, thanks for sharing, your voice is always kind, namaste.

  18. I've been subscribed to your channel for about more or less 3 years. Forever thankful because of your yoga teachings and inspirational thoughts about self love. Namaste 💖

  19. The ending comments were lovely, I shed a tear or two during Shavasana.
    Thanks for another great practice Lesley!

  20. Another nice video. That exercise with the rotation of the leg on the beginning (that dog something 😂) is fun.

  21. I love your spirit and flows, Leslie. It has kept me coming back to you and this is a wonderful example of that. The additional crucial motivator to "love self" and be gentle to that self and inner child, while making healthy choices for her very best is such a great illustration of why you are so popular! Thanks for bringing yourself to the world and committing to helping others in these ways!

  22. You truly changed my life! Love your videos! They encourage strength and focus in a unique way which I haven’t been able to achieve through other forms of exercise 😀

  23. I love the infusion of hip opening in the beginning of sequence; I like mixing disciplines together anyway, if it's possible and good for the body. Yogalates is good.

  24. Commitment! I started this 20 minute playlist after the 30 day challenge to keep my newly developed home practice going. It's the perfect next step. It is a bit more challenging, allowing me to build on my skills and strength. I hope to graduate to the 30 minute a day videos by the 90 day mark. I can't thank you enough Leslie for these videos.

  25. ha! I thought this was one of the beginner series and thought.. what the hey! relieved that it wasn't considered beginner. 😀

  26. I am doing Yoga every other day with walking, cycling and strength training on alternate days. I really like your video's. Thanks.

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