20 Minute Hatha Yoga (Workout For Core Strength) Day 5 | Fightmaster Yoga Videos Fix 30

20 Minute Hatha Yoga (Workout For Core Strength) Day 5 | Fightmaster Yoga Videos Fix 30

53 Replies to “20 Minute Hatha Yoga (Workout For Core Strength) Day 5 | Fightmaster Yoga Videos Fix 30

  1. Hi Lesley. Really enjoying the challenge so far. You mentioned the love big journal. What is the full title and who is the author? Thank you.

  2. I am so grateful for this challenge. Especially, that it's adding more 20 min videos which are perfect for morning workout before work.

  3. I woke up with upper back pain, Lesley so turned instead to your helpful tutorial on Ways to Stretch the Upper Back- thank you for that! Hope to get this one in later today! X Erin

  4. i got so relaxed when you said to lie down, and then there it goes core work!)) great practice as always, missed the crow pose, today i felt not as stable as usual. Thank you, Lesley! xx

  5. I expected it much harder, than it finally was ;-). So I could enjoy every move from the beginning until the end :-). Thank you and see you tomorrow!! Much love…

  6. Day 5 done! To me, this practice was the perfect combination between strength and healing. Still challenging, but also a bit restorative because of the pranayama 😊. Thanks again Lesley and Duke! Bring on day 6! 💖🙏🏻

  7. For so long I'd never been able to do and never thought I would be able to do crow pose that way, I always did it with my legs outside of my arms because it was too difficult. But now I'm proud to say I was able to do it the way you did in the video! I was only able to hold it for like two seconds maybe, but still progress haha. Thank you. 🙂

  8. Second year of following your wonderful practices. Loved all so far especially today’s. Thank you both. They just get better and better. See you tomorrow.

  9. This has been a great 5 days. You've put so much thought and care into this challenge Lesley. It's so much appreciated 🤗

  10. Funnily enough, today’s class almost didn’t happen for me, but I tried harder and it did. You already did the work by being there, ready to follow. Thank you for a wonderful Day 5.

  11. Today was great! I need to work on a few things and thankful to have the pause button to work on them! Thank you 🙏

  12. Day 5 done. Perfect length of class for a daily practice. I don't have an hour every day but I can find 30 mins xx

  13. I've completed all the other playlist: hatha yoga happiness / the 30 day beginners fix / and yoga fix 90 (yoga fix 90 i've repeated almost three time) and this is the first time i've joined a fix while it's actually developing 'live' (i found about your channel way after you did all the other playlists)
    It feels kinda cool to be this up to date! Thanks Lesley! There are no words to describe how grateful i am

  14. i started last year with your yoga Fix 90 and went on repeating that series throughout the year until December. And the whole of december I was nto able to get to my mat due to too mcuh time on some other project. Was waiting to get on again and was delighted to see yoga fix 30 which is perfect for getting back on track. I had lot of improvement last year. I hope to continue with yoga. Its brought lot of balance to my life. body , mind and soul. Thanks Lesley!!

  15. Love your classes! Perfect mix of yoga and inspiration to start my day! And love that its 20 min. FULL of yoga. Thank you!

  16. Thank you Lesley for this amazing opportunity – I am enjoying your style and balanced beginning very much!
    today was a little too fast for me – I guess as a complete beginner I will do it for a few days before moving on to day 6. The leap from day 4 – 5 was HUGE for me.

  17. Yay! Day 5 done! I got crow pose for the first time ever today! Thank you so much for your videos. Namaste 🙏 🙂 <3

  18. Yeahhh i learn 2 new poses today.but i couldn't do the crow pose oh my god it was really tough😲😲😲.butt i tried something new and yes that wheel pose was pretty challenging too but i did it bcuz of u thanks alotttt.love you trainer 😍😍😍you are amazing😍

  19. Hi Lesley, I just found your channel and I have just completed day 5 of the challenge. I love it, it's the perfect day to start my day before work. Please continue to post great videos!
    If I could leave a request it would be for the shavasana to be a bit longer at the end of the videos as it is so short. I know I can just stay in the pose for longer myself but it's not the same.
    Thanks again for the great work!

  20. Been super busy and struggling for time to get much yoga in for the last few weeks. Going through the yoga fix 30 again, great length videos for a quick fix and just great all round 🙂 🙂 🙂

  21. Started the program on July 2nd along with some dear members of my favorite group on FB, and loving the classes so far, they are a nice addition to my morning yoga routine. Thank you Lesley and Duke for making them! Sunshine and butterflies to both of you!

  22. day 5 check in: yoga for me is being at ease in what ever position i am now. when i first started yoga i wanted to do all the fancy moves . now no matter how deep i can get in a pose i accept it i breath i feel at ease and i work with that comfortable feeling to have a better understanding of my body and soul . namaste.

  23. So, in light of being busy with family and the recent holiday, I missed day 5. However, I plan on catching up today by doing day 5 and day 6. Normally I would be disappointed in myself for missing but I'm choosing to relish the fact that I spent time with loved ones instead. These classes are beautiful. Perfect pace, perfect level of challenge, and perfect balance between strengthening poses and restorative ones. Thank you so much for all you do.

  24. Love the pranayama breath, it's perfect to start the mornings. Core work still challenging for me, but little by little I will get there. Thanks, Lesley!

  25. day 5 done I'm excited for day 6. Each day I get a little better with keeping up. Thanks Lesley I love your clips.

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