17 Home Business Ideas to Make Extra Income Part Time in 2018 | Home Based Business Opportunities

17 Home Business Ideas to Make Extra Income Part Time in 2018 | Home Based Business Opportunities

– Hey there my friend. It’s Chris Njigha from chrisnjigha.com. And in this very exciting episode, we were talking about some
home business ideas, all right. Hey, are you wondering to yourself, “Hey, I need to make a
little bit extra cash. “Just a little bit extra here and there “to do the things I need to
do on a month-to-month basis.” and trying to figure out what options are available for you from home that you don’t have to
go out and do too much. Well guess what? Stick around in this video because I’m gonna share with you 17, yes, 17 different home business ideas that you can look through and decide which ones that help you
make some extra income on a part-time basis in 2018, all right. And stick around to the
end of this video too because I’m gonna reveal to
you my number one best option for pretty much anyone
to make money online with even if you have no skills and even if you know
nothing about the internet. This is gonna be pretty useful for you. And oh, by the way, if
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from home opportunities, home business ideas. And just a bunch of different ways you can make extra income in your life, doing what you’re already
doing, part-time basis, alright. So let’s get right down into it. These are the 17 ideas, home business ideas that you can use to help you make some extra income. One thing you’ll notice is
that some of these ideas are opportunity that you could make some extra cash pretty fast, without a whole lot of skill sets. And some of them will require a little bit more energy and effort to put into it. And like you might imagine, ones that require more energy are generally the ones that have a lot more
reward on the back end. So I just want you to kind
of keep that in mind here as we get this party started. So, first one up, first one,
outsourcing and freelancing. I mean you could make
some quite a bit of money just outsourcing your
individual skill set. Let’s say example, you have
skills in graphic design or maybe you have skills
in editing, video editing, doing videos, you got skills
in setting up websites. Man, there are people
who are looking for you that will pay you to do those things. One of the best places you
can go to is fiverr.com. Fiverr is just a nice
little website where, hey, if you know how to
do graphic and design, then you can basically put
your skill sets on there. Digital marketing, maybe
writing, videos and animation. You got tech knowledge,
maybe music and audio stuff, you know how to do voiceovers
and mixes and stuff like that. You can get paid doing that. You simply just come on
here and set up a profile and set up your page and
you just get started. And then nice thing, you
can do it on your own time, part-time, your own time line and you decide to work with
whoever you want to work with. So it’s really pretty cool. Another one that is pretty good that you want to consider is Upwork. So Upwork is kind of like a
more upscale version of Fiverr where, like I said, if
you’re a freelancer, you know how to do web
development, mobile development, you know how design or writing, you know admin skills,
customer service skills, marketing skills. You can get paid doing these things and charge your own rate
and get paid part-time, doing however, whenever
you have a time to do it. If you have skills from anything that you’ve done before in the past, there’s always someone
looking for you to do that. So this is just a really good option that you just don’t
want to kind of forget. So number two is freelance writing. So kind of going again
to that freelancing. You’d be surprised,
there’s a lot of people that are looking for writers. There’s a lot of technology that you know, they’re producing videos
and producing a lot content online, offline and things like that. But man, creative
writing is still a thing. It’s still a thing. If you like writing. First of all, you got
to kind like writing. And if you like writing and
you’re into writing about dining, restaurants or maybe you’re into
writing about lifestyle and fashion and technology. And there’s all kind of things like that. There are people that
are desperate for you to help them with their writing and they will pay you to help them write. Another place to do that is… Another, same place is with Upwork. You can go here and take
a look at, like it said, right here, it says writing. And you can find people who are like, if you’re writing music, you can literally get started here, create a profile, post
your working profile and then just let people find you, who want to hire you out and pay you. I mean you can do this on your own time once again and it’s part time, so it’s a great home business idea for you to consider freelance writing. Another option you can consider is going to this website
called textbroker.com. I actually learned it from another cat that was sharing some ideas
about home business ideas and it’s actually pretty cool. So essentially saying, “Hey, become a Textbroker author today.” So if you can write and you
can do creative writing, then you can literally
get paid by doing that, by publishing content here. So if you go to the website, you can click on where
it says I Write Content, they’ll show you how you can
make money writing articles in a few simple steps. Literally you register for free, you submit a writing sample so that they see how qualified you are, so you can’t write crap. So if you want to get better at writing and I’m sure there’s
courses and things like that you can take to get better
with your writing skills. And then they’ll rate you and then they’ll complete
your author profile and then you start writing for cash money. I mean it’s really that simple. I mean it seems pretty cool to me. I have not done this but
I’m not huge on writing, but if you are, this is a
great home business idea that you can take advantage of to start making some money now. What’s the next one? Create an info product. One of the biggest things
that I really, really think that it’s just powerful by the internet is this ability to have
create digital products. You can start your own business where you’re literally creating products off of information that you already know. Let’s say for example you’re
like in the real estate, you know stuff about how to
buy houses and sell houses and make investments off of it. You could literally create a
digital product about that. Record some videos about
you talking about it, going through it step-by-step
with how you would do it. Or maybe you’re into finances and you could create anything investing. Maybe you’re into fashion, you can show people how to create, make themselves look nice. You can create an entire
course with this and sell it and people will buy it. What is the overhead
on a course like that? Nothing. Because literally, it was
just your time and energy that put that course together. And so one of the best
places you can go to to do that is Udemy. I have learned about this not too long, I was like, “Oh my God,
this is pretty awesome.” Udemy it’s a website where you can come on here and buy courses that will teach you just about anything. And so you can come here
and see what people, students are viewing. Courses about web development
or about maybe drawing. Maybe you want courses about
how to build websites in and things like that. I mean it’s really awesome. And you can literally create a course and then come on here and
put your course on here and it will sell it for you. I mean pretty awesome. And one of the things about is leverage. As soon as you put, you
create this type of work and get it out there and start selling it, I mean it’s awesome. And another thing too. If you’re that kind of
person who’s was like, “Well, I don’t know how to, “where to go and get some skills.” if I don’t have any skills
to go to Upwork for example, if I want to be a freelances, perfect opportunity, right here. Find a course that you’re interested in, want to do something
that you’re interested. Find a course, take it, learn
some skills, turn around and offer your services on Upwork. Boom! So what’s next? Voiceover narrator. Now did you know, this is pretty awesome. People will pay you to like
do voice overs for their books or for their content,
especially audiobooks. Because if you think about it, audiobooks is like a huge thing right now. Like I really am listening to an audiobook almost all the time now
when I’m on the road, to and from work, I never
listen to the radio anymore. Because like, Brian Tracy used to say, “You should turn your car
into a mobile library.” So all the people, successful people are
into doing it right now. It’s great way to consume content while you’re driving anyway. And you can get paid if you’re
really good with your voice and you’re really a good voice actor. You can get paid by doing
voiceovers for audiobooks which is really, really awesome. And here’s a website I
found as Penny Hoarder, this person has a blog, where they tell you how
you can start making money as a voice actor by reading audiobooks. So I’d recommend that you
go and try to search for it and it’s really, really good source. But essentially you want
to like take some classes so you can really be good. And then get some help and to get started with, just
so you’re on the right track. Because there’s some things
you should know to do and this blog post kind of goes over it. And then what’s amazing is that you can go to a website called Amazon Creative Exchange. Yes, Amazon is a beast. Amazon has this platform
where you can literally promote yourself to do voice acting gigs and people will find you here and you can get contracts
to do work part-time and make money just
using your voice acting over their audiobooks. I mean it’s awesome. It’s awesome. So this is probably the
place where most or coming to where you can kind of check that out. So another really awesome
home business idea to consider if you have a good voice. Next up, a virtual assistant. So if you have skills and let’s say you lack the
skills in graphic design and web development, but you’re good at following directions, you could be a virtual assistant. There are a lot of business owners that are looking for people to help them in their business and they don’t want to do
a lot of this other stuff, so you can be a virtual assistant. That includes things like, handling social media
content and curating content. You could help them, write
their emails and format them, help them do customer service when they have customers
that are calling up to their, customer support line. You can help with blog
post, formatting them. There is a ton of things you
could do as a virtual assistant and get paid pretty good money doing it. Once again one of the best
places I could think of is going to Upwork. And you can see how these people pretty much created a profile and basically posted what they do and what their skill sets
are and put their own rate and just go on from there. What’s next? Coaching. I really think that coaching
is so awesome because I cannot think of anything online where you can make the most money. There’s some things, but
coaching is very lucrative because there is a ton of people online who want to learn how to do something. And taking the courses
sometimes it’s just not enough, they need that one-on-one
attention, that mentorship. That one-on-one working time together to really take the next level. And if you’re really good and
you have skill sets and things that people are looking for online. Let’s say you have skills
in doing advertisements. Maybe you’re good at
Facebook ads or YouTube ads, maybe you’re really good
just on social media. Maybe you’re good at
like talking to people in communication. Maybe you’re good at creating
blogs and ranking videos or all kinds of stuff. If you have a skill set and
you’ve gotten results with it, there are people that are looking for you. It’s really one like I
said, very lucrative way. So you got to think about
what skills you have. But not even just online
skills, the work that you do like if you have a job. Has it offered you some skills, opportunity to learn some skills that you can help others with? Are you a teacher? You could teach other people. Are you an engineer? You can help with other things. You kind of have to be creative with these type of things. But coaching is really an awesome, like I said, a great home business idea Next up, Amazon Handmade. Man, I heard about this
and this is killer. This is why Amazon is
such a beast by the way. If you don’t know, Amazon
Handmade is essentially a platform that Amazon has created to help out people who are crafters, they’re
artists, crafters and hand makers and they create things like that. People who create earrings
or they have necklaces or they create bracelets
and beads and fashion, little fashion items and things like that, little trinkets, things like that. Amazon has created an entire
platform for these people that allows them to be able
to sell all their products. So you come here at Amazon Handmade, basically a storefront for you. If you create little necklaces and or… I’m not doing necklaces. Earrings or whatever and
you’re promoting that stuff then you can come here. Apply to be able to get
started, they’ll approve you and you’ll basically have
your own online store. What makes this so genius is that, one, Amazon is a massive platform that gets tons of traffic
already to their website every single day. Number two, they’re going to fulfill all of your orders for you. So you don’t have to worry
about sending the stuff and mailing it, they do it all for you. Yes, they take a 15% referral fee, but I mean, come on, for
everything that you’re doing, I mean it’s a pretty good deal. Like I said, you get
your products noticed. You can get some help when you need it in how to do this whole online thing. They fulfill the product orders for you. They can make custom orders easy. Join the Associates Program which we’re gonna talk about later. And they only invite you to… It’s only by invitation only, so you gotta apply and you get accepted. If your stuff is actually
handmade, handcrafted stuff, you have a pretty good
chance of being accepted from my understanding. So it’s a great home business idea if you’re the kind of person
that has really cool stuff that you do at home but you just don’t have ways
to get people to see you, you should definitely
consider Amazon Handmade. What’s next? Image consultant. Think about it. Have you seen that movie
Hitch with Will Smith? I think an image consultant
is a brilliant idea if you’re into that kind of thing. Essentially an image consultant is someone who will help you with your image. They will help you with your image, help you with your clothes and your look and your
style, your fashion. That’s what an image consultant is. They help you with interacting
with the opposite sex too if you have challenges with that, so they help you improve
your communication. This is brilliant. If you love this kind of thing, if you love communicating
with people and helping people and you know how to communicate. You love fashion, you know
what the latest trends are, you should definitely
consider an image consultant as a home business idea, because let me tell you. I personally, I’m not the kind of person that wants to be thinking
about this kind of thing. There’s a ton of guys who either
don’t know how to look nice or they don’t care, they don’t want to, but they know that it’s important. They will hire you. They will pay you big money to help them to make them look good, especially if there’s a woman involved, and women the same way too. So the Association of Image
Consultants International. Yes, believe it or not, there
is an association for it. And so from my understanding,
for you to get started, you really want to kind
of go through this site because they’ll talk about
how you can get certification for becoming an image
consultant, so you’re certified, they’ll give you some training. So even though you may be good at fashion, there’s still some
training that you can take. And then just kind of help you in the development of your
career and your business. So that’s something to consider
as a home business idea if you’re into helping people
with fashion and looking good. Next up is renting out your property. I’ve seen people who are doing this now, especially if you have
something as an extra quantity you can basically lend it out to people. And one of the biggest ones
that come to me is Airbnb. So for example, if you
have what they specialize as a platform to help
you host house listings for places that you may have extra space that is not being filled by anyone, that you can just basically rent out. So if you have an extra
bedroom or a basement or something like that
that’s not being used you can especially go
on to Airbnb site here. And basically put a listing
up and people can find you who were wanting to visit your city and get better rates, they will find you. This is a really, really great way to make some extra money. A home business idea literally from home, using your own space that
you don’t already use. And one thing about Airbnb is that it’s very simple to get started. So for example, if you’re Richmond, Texas or Houston, Texas where I’m at, then this is the monthly potential for someone just staying
in your extra room. It’s pretty cool. And what’s nice about it, like you say, they make it real simple. Literally you just create a listing, you welcome guests who
will come and you get paid. It’s no simple than that. And then also you should
also consider about the fact that if you have assets that
you can rent out to people, that’s also for a way to
make some extra money, another home business
idea you should consider. For example, I know people
who have Facebook groups that massive audiences
in a particular niche and they’ll basically rent out the top, the top posting space, the pinned posts and they’ll rent that out to people as a form of advertising. They’re making money, they
usually make money from it and they own that asset, it’s literally a residual income from them depending on how many people want to get their hands on that spot. So you just got to kind of be creative with how you can rent out assets that you’re not already using. So it’s another home business
idea to definitely consider. What’s next on the list? Uber. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Chris, that is not necessarily
a home business type idea. And I get it, but I really
like this idea twofold. Now, if you don’t know what Uber is, basically Uber is like
a ride-sharing business. Where people who have their own vehicles can be part of this entire program and basically serve as taxi people who are not really taxis. So it’s really cool, so that if you have, maybe you go to work and you come back and you have a couple hours to kill before you have to get back home, well you can slap on your Uber thing, turn that thing on and
take a couple people, you pick up a couple people, take them where they need to
go and make some extra change. So what’s nice about it, once again, is that it’s on your own time. You literally can do it
whatever you want to, whenever you feel like it you can just use your car and get paid. And so if come here to their website, it’s really simple to get started. You earn at least a thousand dollars for your first 150 trips
guaranteed in Houston. Look at that, that’s pretty cool. So work that puts you
first, drive when you want, earn what you need. And so it’s really,
really cool, I like it. We’ve used it all the time just to get places when we travel. So you might as well
make extra money doing it as a home business idea. Now, another reason why I like it is that literally when you’re driving and taking, picking these people up and taking them where they’re going, you literally can talk to them, these are opportunity to talk to people. Now if you’re afraid to communicate
and network with people, they might miss out on this opportunity but that would be a shame. Because what you could do is
use that as an opportunity to promote other products and services and things that you have just through the flow of the conversation. Say for example, let’s say you have a spot that
you’re renting out on Airbnb. Or maybe you just got started
as an image consultant. Literally you can say, “Hey,
are you new here in this city?” chat them up and
literally hand them a card and hand them, tell them
to go to your website or get them on your email list. It’s a great way to prospect with people who might be interested
in the product service that you’re promoting
while you’re making money driving them around. I mean come on. I mean that’s a two-for-one, you got to love that home
business idea right there. What’s next? Social media consultant. I think this is a really,
really awesome idea for a home business because if you’re really good with social media and you know how to get
people to pay attention, you know how to do
Facebook ads for example an advertisements on
Facebook or on YouTube. You know how to create brands
and get brand awareness and people engaging on content, that is a huge, huge skill set. Let me tell you why. Because there are a ton of people who are lacking in that skill set. A ton of business owners who
know they need to be online but they either don’t have the time or they don’t have the
want to to try to learn all these social media stuff. So there’s literally people
in your area right now like local businesses that
you could literally go up to and say, “Hey, you know what?
I’m a social media consultant, “I’ve noticed that you
don’t have a website. “I noticed you don’t have a Facebook page. “Hey, I would be willing to
help you out for a certain rate “depending on the results
that I produce for you.” Literally you can set up, get a pretty good pitch together and make a pretty compelling
argument for them. Why they need you and what
you can do to help them? It’s just a really awesome
home business idea to consider especially if you’re gonna
be on social media anyway. So next up on our list, a life coach. There’s a lot of people that I know who have gone into the
life coaching business. Essentially what it is is people that help you in your life. They help you through challenges. Let’s say you’re getting a
divorce or maybe getting married or maybe you having new children, they’re helping you
through your career option and help you make decisions
about where you should go. They help you gain more
confidence in yourself, let’s say you’re feeling down
or your heart’s been broken or you feel depressed. They just help you get
a focus on your life. They help to balance your life out so that you are physically,
spiritually, mentally and emotionally balanced. And if you are the kind of person that has your life together and you can give sound
advice, you could help people and you’re a good communicator, then a life coach is something
you might want to consider. So they actually have a
website where you can go to to be able to get some training for that. Once again it’s the same thing with I think it was the image
consultant and the other thing. You want to kind of get
some training first. The International Coach Federation will actually help you
go through the process of getting training and
then getting certified to be a life coach which helps you. So first of all, if you can ask questions, you can get coaching training. Have all your questions answered so that you are a coach that can… You know you have your skills, you got your stuff together basically. And then you can join this organization. It’s always good to be
part of the organization that’s promoting it and knows
exactly what you should do, so you have some guidance on this. But this is place that I would start if a life coach is a home
business idea that jives with you. What’s next? E-commerce. E-commerce is booming right now. Why? Because it’s one of
the home business ideas that can make you a ton of money without ever leaving the
comforts of your home. So the way e-commerce works is essentially you’re buying
products from one place at a lower price and going
over to another platform to sell it at a higher price. So that’s literally what e-commerce is. And how it works is that you literally can promote, get products promote them,
some one will buy them and you never have to do
any of the fulfillment, any selling of the orders or anything. They literally can buy the product and its shipped directly to them and you’ll never ever have to see it. That is the beauty of e-commerce. And one of the most popular
sites you can do that is Shopify. So Shopify literally is
like an online store. It literally is. You can have your own online
store, selling and promoting whatever type of niche
products you want, literally. And that’s what makes it so awesome. They really handle everything for you, so you don’t have to
worry about the platform, you don’t have to worry about the design. They really create this
whole online store for you, so you can kind of go here. So your mission is control
everything in one place. Selling your products in many
places can be overwhelming. Just use their platform and
get everything from one place. So what’s powerful about
it is that you can see a lot of businesses, even reputable businesses
are using Shopify right now and it’s got a lot of features. So you got your own
website that you can have. Your online store and blog. Product inventory and unlimited bandwidth. You can sell your new sales
channels on Pinterest and Amazon and promote it. Customer service 24/7, save time and money with
Shopify shipping rates, everything is here. Another home business idea that I noticed that’s been pretty popular right now. What’s next? Reviews and critic. So let’s say you are the kind of person that likes to go to
restaurants a lot right. And you are really good at knowing what the latest restaurants
are, the latest trends, the best foods in your particular area, well you could probably be a reviewer. Especially if you’re the kind of person that likes to go on Yelp for example and give your honest
review about what you saw and how you ate and how the ambience were. You might as well get paid for that. So you can do that kind of thing just simply by getting started with it. Or maybe you want to be a critic. You can do movie reviews. I don’t know how well you get
paid with some of these things but I know that there’s
cash that can be made and promotions that you can do just by doing reviews and
critics on different things. It doesn’t have to be
restaurants or movies, it can be on fashion, it
could be on businesses. It could be on different events in different areas in your city. There’s all kinds of
stuff that you can do. All you got to do is set up your business, get started with it,
start writing your reviews and getting it out there
and start promoting and letting people know. And you can attract these
different restaurants and different establishments and you can work out
certain deals with them too. So that’s an opportunity right there that you can create some home
business part-time income in your business. All right next up is blogging. If you think that blogging
is not working anymore and nobody blogs anymore. I want to tell you that that is false. Blogging is one of the best, if you ask me, one of the best ways, best home business ideas that is available where you can make great
money on your own time. You simply think of a niche. You think about a thing that you like that’s likely to be around for a long time and you start blogging on it. You start coming up with
ideas on different content and things like that. And literally the way it works is you create content around it and then you can go to other sites and put affiliate sites
and affiliate links, we’re about to talk about a little bit. And that’s how you can make a lot of money through your blogs,
through your blog posts. And so I had a friend who asked me, “Hey, is it a thing? Is
it not a thing anymore?” And I told her, “To be honest with you, “blogging is one the
most leveraged activities “you could ever do for
an online business.” it literally is. Blog post stay out there forever, continue to get traffic. They continue to get clicks and they continue to get sales. It may take a little bit
time to get your blog up. But it is one of the best things. Once it’s going, I mean it’s
leveraged, it’s super passive. Part-time, you could
make full-time income. Let me give you an example of a blog that I’m familiar with. Now this is a guy that I know, Rob Fore. He is an affiliate marketer
and an internet marketer and does a whole lot of affiliate
marketing using his blog. I want you to notice something. Notice how plain this blog is. There is nothing special
about what you’re seeing here. He’s writing posts
about make money online, make money blogging. And would it surprise you
if I told you that he makes well over a hundred grand
a year on this blog? Well over a hundred grand a year. Part time, okay? So if someone tells you that blogging is not a thing
anymore, don’t listen to that. Blogging is one of my
top home business ideas that anybody can get started with and literally start making
money but not quickly because it takes a little bit of time. But once again these are the ones, the ones that I said that take a little bit of time to get started. You just have to stick with it, get some training, get some skills and start putting your blog together and keep on going, keep on and when you look up, you
are making a killing with it. Next, number 16, being an influencer. I believe that anybody
can make money from home, work from home, a full-time income, not even part-time but full-time, if they committed themselves
to becoming an influencer, something that nobody
really is talking about. Now what do I mean by that? Think about what influencer is? Someone who influences others, is someone who’s recognized, an authority in a particular
niche, an established expert. Someone that people just look up to. One the biggest examples of an influencer that you can think of
is becoming a YouTuber. So you go to YouTube, you
see all these people here who are creators, that
are creating content and have gathered an audience. Within just their audience
they can influence them. They influence them and they
make tons of money doing it. Think of it the same
way as reality TV stars. These people are people
who are just regular people just like you and myself, who have gathered an audience. They niched themselves in a particular way and are either entertaining or providing education to people. And so when they create
content, people show up. And when they recommend
something, people buy. You can come here and
find all kinds of people doing the exact same thing. That’s what makes YouTube awesome, because literally anybody
can become a reality TV star. Look at this couple here, Grace Helbig. They’ve got literally
165,000 views on their video. Talking about what? Each other’s outfits. I mean, you scroll through here. This guy’s doing a
blind chicken wing test. It’s got 1.9 million views. This is another one of
those home business ideas where it takes a little bit of time. Building an audience is something that happens over time. You have to consistently be
showing up for your marketplace for that particular niche
creating content and showing up and being someone of value,
someone that commands authority. Here’s another example is Instagram. Instagram, people show up all the time with all kinds of stuff. So if you’re into makeup, all you’ll gonna do is create a niche. Find a niche that you like. Maybe you’re into make up,
maybe you’re into fashion, maybe into working out
and health and fitness, maybe you’re into investing,
maybe real estate, maybe you’re into
business, maybe into food. Whatever it is, niche yourself into it. Get on Instagram, get on YouTube, and just start creating
content around that brand. That’s how you become an influencer. Let me give you another example. On Facebook there is this woman here, she calls herself The Money Saving Mom. All she does, literally
you can come on here and see that she has videos where she is just sharing with people the latest deals that has
gone down, that she’s found, the latest coupon deals. This is crazy. She must love couponing because she wouldn’t do it if she didn’t. And now she’s created an
influence, an audience. Look at this 900,000 people. Like I said, an influencer is just one of the best home business ideas. Yes, it doesn’t pay immediately but it definitely has long-term value if you’re talking about not
only making a part-time income but making a full-time income and changing your life for the better. Now finally, number 17, we’re going into is one of my favorite home business ideas and that is affiliate marketing. Let me tell you, affiliate marketing is probably the greatest thing ever invented. It is a genius of idea. Why? Before I get into it. What is affiliate marketing? If you don’t know. Essentially what it is is you partnering up with any business that promotes a product or service. And whenever you promote this company’s product
or service to someone and someone makes a purchase because of you promoting to them, not only will the business make a sale but then they take a portion of that sale in the form of a commission and pay you. It can range between 5%,
10%, all the way 40%, 50%, sometimes a 100% commissions, depending on the product,
depending on the service, depending on the niche. Now, what affiliate marketing? Why affiliate marketing is so awesome? Is that literally you
could have no skill sets. Literally you can be the person that say, “Chris, the rest of these home-based ideas “didn’t work for me.” But it doesn’t matter because you can literally
become an affiliate and market anything with anyone you want with no prior skills and experience and start generating some
income just by doing that. Now one of the best places
you can start off by doing it is by going to Amazon. Amazon is a beast, it’s got everything. So Amazon Associates is their program. Literally to get started for free and all of the products that Amazon already has on
their websites, which is a ton, you can literally create links from them and then post them wherever
you want to post them and promote to whoever
you want to promote to. If they click on that link and go in there and make the purchase, you just may aimed a sale, a commission. And it’s up to 10% right
here as they’re saying in whatever it is that they bought. I mean it’s amazing. That’s how a lot of bloggers,
a lot of influencers, a lot of all the stuff we
kind of mentioned before that’s how they make a lot of their money. What makes it so simple for them is because they’ve kind
of gone through the part of the marketing part. They have an audience of people who are willing and ready to start buying whatever they recommend to them because simply they have the expertise, they have the influence over them, that’s why I really like that idea. But you can easily do this without having the influence just yet and start making some
extra cash right now. Another popular option is ClickBank. So ClickBank is a place that houses a ton of different products from all kinds of niches. Like if you literally just come here and can see everything they have between arts and entertainment,
business and investing, computers and internet,
e-marketing, business education, fiction, games, health and fitness. Whatever you’re into they have something that you can promote,
that might jive with you and then you can start promoting. You create an account,
very simple, very quick and you find a product
you want to promote, you get on there and
then you get your links and then you promote it and market them wherever you want to. Someone clicks on and buys, you just made a sale
in affiliate marketing. So it’s really, truly one of
my favorite places to start for anybody who’s looking to think about, “Hey, how can I start
making money right now?” This is my favorite home
business idea, no doubt. And so that’s it my friends. I hope you enjoyed it. I hope this was helpful. This was 17 home business ideas that will help you make some extra income on a part-time basis for 2018. Hopefully, it was helpful, all right? Be sure to subscribe. Definitely give this video a like and definitely subscribe to the channel. And hey, if you have any ideas, other home business
ideas that you know of, that you’ve used that’s worked for you. Hey, leave it in the comments
section, I’d love to see it. And oh, by the way, before
you leave, hey, I want… If you haven’t already checked it out, I want to share with you my number one recommended way to make money online. If you’re looking for
the best home business idea that I have, this is
the best one that I’m using. I actually put money in my pocket and I absolutely know that
it can too for you too. Especially if you’re on a part-time basis and will help you in any
type of marketing effort that you’re looking to. So my number one recommended program for making money online
is in the link below. So definitely click the link right there and get access to that, all right? So that’s it my friend. This video has been on
17 home business ideas that will help you make some extra cash, money part time in 2018. So until next time, be
blessed, stay hungry out there and I’ll see you on the next one. Bye now.

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