15 Trends in Graphic Design for 2018

15 Trends in Graphic Design for 2018

hi I’m Philip Van Dusen I’m going to share with you 15 trends in graphic design for 2018 now trend is really important for entrepreneurs and small business people because using trend and utilizing trend is a way to keep your brand appearing contemporary to your customers into the marketplace into your competition and for creative professionals and designers understanding and being able to recognize trend and utilize trend is even more important because you have to be able to provide it to your clients and customers to show that you are up-to-date you’re paying attention and you’re giving them the best design that’s the most contemporary and it’s going to benefit your clients brands so with that let’s jump right into it okay trend number one disjointed text disjointed text is a really interesting visual take on photography and that is truncating the letter forms so it becomes a very kind of abstract take on the letter forms and so it’s a great way to kind of bring text into a design but keeping it illustration ‘el and keeping it very much of a kind of a design element rather than something that you read trend number two is brightness so using a lot of really bright garish color it has a kind of eighties feel the type of color that’s being used but it’s super bright super neon and it’s juxtaposed with opposing colors trend number three is glitch this is one of my favorites I’m seeing it everywhere and it’s hasn’t I haven’t seen it a lot in past years but it’s definitely showing up a lot now and that is an imagery that looks like it’s being kind of transformed or broken up by some sort of digital errant interference so I think glitch is a really cool technique trend number four is color Channel color Channel is a really cool looking trend it’s if you took some imagery and you broke out all of the colors CMYK or RGB and then you took those channels and overlaid them with a level of transparency to each other it’s a really cool technique and I’m seeing it both in text and also in imagery trend number five is sliced text so sliced text is a little like disjointed text but it’s more like whole words are being sliced with an exacto rather than individual letter forms being truncated in some way and it give us a level a kind of a feeling of collage to a certain extent and also creates a lot of visual interest when you’re only using typography trend number six is integration integration is one of my favorites integration is where you take fonts or letter forms or number forms and you integrate it very closely with a photograph almost like the text and the photograph we’re living in the same physical space there’s a really kind of interesting way that they’re inter woven with each other like they’re really physically with each other rather than laying on top of each other so integration is a really cool trend I see out there and in one I think that a lot of people a lot of creatives can leverage in really interesting ways trend number seven is liquid-liquid is a really kind of interesting take on typography and it makes use of visual highlights that you see when you see liquid pooling and it gives it a sense of kind of a 3d effect you can either use liquid in a very 3d way or you can use liquid in a very flat way like that ampersand with the cutout paper or the word liquid on in the lower part in the center there’s a whole lot of ways that you can address the liquid trend trend number eight is font as illustration so using a font or a letter form or a number form as illustration element in and of itself either creating a face like the parentheses in the exclamation point on the right or the head of a swan on the poster for Black Swan using a font or letter form is a way to create illustration is a really fun and interesting trend trend number nine is ikana fication ikana fication is taking photography or illustration or imagery and really bringing it down to its most simple linear form and creating to a certain extent an icon out of it trend number ten is also really cool when I call it playbill it kind of references old fight posters or musical posters of you know way back in the 20s and 30s or even in the 70s and 80s but it’s layering of texts in different shapes and different orientations it’s being used a whole in packaging posters and music I think it’s a really kind of interesting trend and design methodology that you can utilize in a number of different ways trend number 11 is text as design and this is kind of like Texas illustration but it’s different in the fact that it’s using fonts and using text forms as the illustration or the design in and of itself so it’s not using any kind of photography any kind of element or illustration other than the letter form it’s using certain unusual fonts it’s kind of bring that kind of uniqueness about or it’s using you know kind of scale and overlaying or how those spots are cropped to give it visual interest but it’s kind of a really interesting take on how you could addressed using type as design try number 12 is systematic color so when you do a logo and a brand identity system the business card letterhead envelope etc you generally do it and it’s higher palette so it looks like an entire system this is what I’m seeing but in other areas of design from it corporate reports to advertising posters twos as that you see online or in magazines there’s a very tight color palette being used and a very specific design layout system being used that creates this incredibly systematic take on color and the cohesion across all of those different designs is being caused by the use of color trend number 13 is deconstructivism deconstructivism harkens back to russian deconstructivism and art and design movement in the previous century it also harkens back a little bit to how fine artists are showing work in the data movement so this is utilizing stark monochromatic type designs interspersing black-and-white photography and bright colors broken letter forms chopped design elements chops spatial elements a very collage II sort of way so deconstructivism really cool trend try number 14 is another one my favorites photo masking photo masking is a lot like a previous photography trend that I showed called integration but it’s different in the fact that they’re using text elements bars of color shapes to mask photography in kind of a really interesting way in some cases like the piece in the center on the top they’re actually using shapes within a photograph to mask a photograph in a really interesting way so I think photo masking is one of those trends I’m seeing across a lot of different things from packaging to music to online to fashion magazines it’s really making the rounds so photo masking is one of those trends I think is really strong and also it’s incredibly interesting and fun as far as a design element and last but not least trend number 15 transparency transparency is a little like color channel in the fact that we’re using transparent color as a design element but the transparency trend in this case is a little more specific and the fact that the colors are cut into geometric shapes and generally overlaid over black and white photographs to create a stark juxtaposition between color and photography so that’s it I hope you enjoyed this video on 15 trends and graphic design for 2018 and if you did please hit subscribe below so you can see my videos when they come out and visit me at Philip Van Dusen dot-com slash muse mu SE and subscribe to my newsletter comes out every two weeks and I share an insight and resources and inspiration and articles on graphic design and entrepreneurship and with that thanks again for watching bye for now [Music]

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  1. Most Important Parts
    1- Disjointed Text 0:40
    2 – Brightness 1:07
    3 – Glitch 1:21
    4 – Colour Channel 1:42
    5 – Sliced Text 2:01
    6 – Integration (type and photo "physically" interwoven) 2:25
    7 – Liquid 2:59
    8 – Font as Illustration 3:27
    9 – Iconification 3:53
    10 – Playbill 4:09
    11 – Text as design 4:37
    12 – Systematic Colour 5:15
    13 – Deconstructivism 5:56
    14 – Photo Masking 6:27
    15 – Transparency 7:15

    Really to make it easier for us to jump quickly to each trend

  2. 2018 design trends = recycling design trends that have been around for decades. Not that that is bad, good design is good design … but it makes me wonder if we've reached a point where nothing truly new can be done? Everything new is "retro".

  3. First time on this channel. Never heard of Philip, but like how he has a Dutch last name and also for the name of his company. Inspiring video, so consider this designer subscribed!

  4. These are all great observations. I'd just make the point that your pronunciation of typography sounds like topography, which obviously isn't the same thing.

  5. Thank you so much sir…i didnt know all are…
    I designed but didnt know much more about it…
    Thank you so so much it really help me

  6. Really enjoyed your video, thank you. You've compiled some excellent examples. One trend I noticed was missing was the incorporation of hand-illustrated elements. I'm seeing line work and water colour a lot, and even hand-drawn type. Maybe this could be included in your 2019 trend video. 😉 Thanks again.

  7. Thanks Philip for the trends update!
    It was great seeing all the wonderful design elements that were used in the 70's and 80's still in use today!
    Very refreshing! Love it! design history!

    All the best
    Carl B3

  8. I design alot in PowerPoint and I would love to see you do a inspirational video about PP design. Alot on the YT is pretty bad 🙂

  9. Tomato were doing this in the 90s as were the designers republic. Trend is bull. By the time a designer copies these trends it is immediately passé. Just be real to yourself. Nothing new here. Pretty stuff though.

  10. I would not think this as a movement or a trend, but more like an option of the knowledge from all of time. The reason a trend dies is because they are overused but that can we avoid if we have so many different options. The trend to day has another volume than the 80’ word for trend. Design should not be choosen by a cliché, but with a twist so that the design speak for it self. Subscribed!

  11. Interesting that you label these as trends, surely they are tools in a designers arsenal when appropriate to the message and brief?

  12. Even though I've only graduated last year, I feel as though I've been out of the design world for awhile now. This video is a nice verbal summary of what I have been seeing my friends doing. Although, I will have to say, using "interesting" to describe any visual art was a "bad word," and literally not permitted during critiques. There are so many other adjectives out there to describe "interesting" pieces out there, like "eye-catching," "captivating," "textured," or "high-contrast." xx

  13. Nowadays anyone can be a graphic designer (that's what they think) because of the computer. The basic design and typography are all over the place. People just don't know or have a clue about design and typography. Everything is recycle from the past. Trends for 2018. Give me a break! I work as a creative art director since the seventies. I have seen all these so call trends before.

  14. I like a lot of them, but now that I've been given names for them I'll probably get sick of them very quickly.
    The thing I have most recently gotten sick of is websites with that multiple layer scrolling effect. Too flashy without being very functional or smart.

  15. i like this educational video its nice and clear well directed looks like you used the same cam as i did to make my video

  16. Where did the trend come when phone numbers are now done with periods? This is one trend I just cannot stand and refuse to support any business that uses it.

  17. tbh, trends in graphic design are solely related to poster graphics or graphics that are for here and now, for lasting graphics such as logos or a "look" for a client you need to either have a natural instinct or need to be classically trained. personal opinion.

    Good video for the content though

  18. sir, is graphic designing as a profession dying? there are many readymade designs in the internet and also much advance designing websites are popping in which are very cheap.

  19. I have a question. Should we let trends be a focal point in the concert sketching stage of design. Because I'm designing a concert poster for my local school I would like to know if I should incorporate these in my rough design.

  20. A lot of these are great and clearly have massive nods to typography trends back in the late 90's. If you look at the Typography Now book series by Rick Poynor you'll see the origins

  21. I am appreciative of this video because I am new to the graphic world because I just started a customization business. It amazes me how many people would rather copy and paste vs. learning to design their own. Thanks for the inspiration.

  22. 10 years ago every graphic designer was using Apple products, has anyone noticed designers switching to other brands of computers to do design work?

  23. Thank you for sharing such valuable concepts i loved it, the one that really catch my eye was the first image in second point (brightness) time 1:11 could you please tell what its called.

  24. Van I'm now taking interest in Designing to earn some money for my family as Fiverr and some other places allows Freelancers to work. How should I start and what basics you would recommend me?

  25. Great video, I learned so much! That's what I like about Graphic Design, different trends tends to appear, I was wondering if You are thinking about creating a video about 2019 trends? 🙂 Have a great day.

  26. do you have any preference of which different ones look good combined? like brightness and glitch + disjointed text in one piece?

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