15 Animated Charts Put America’s Anti-Vaccine Movement Into Perspective

15 Animated Charts Put America’s Anti-Vaccine Movement Into Perspective

– Measles now a public health emergency with a surge of those infected. – Measles is back in the US. – The threat’s so severe, some hospitals arming each
entrance with security guards to screen visitors for
symptoms of the virus. – In the first few months of 2019, US doctors reported 314 cases of measles to the Centers for Disease Control. Now compare that to the
number of reported cases in the year 2000. Less than 100. What happened? Scientists put much of the blame on the anti-vaccine movement, which is thriving in some
parts of the country. – Washington state has
been called a hotspot because of its anti-vaccine movement. – Washington state, where more
than 70 cases were reported, is one of 17 states that allows parents to object to vaccinating their children on the basis of personal or moral beliefs. And with fewer kids vaccinated, measles is far more likely to spread. In fact, the disease is so contagious that 93 to 95% of a population must be vaccinated to
prevent transmission. Yet, in a number of states, more parents are seeking
nonmedical exemptions from routine immunizations. But here’s the thing. Overall, the US is doing pretty well when it comes to immunizations. If there is a big vaccine problem, it’s not here in the US, but abroad in Africa, in parts of Asia, and in the Middle East. There were about 20
million infants in 2017 that didn’t receive routine immunizations, such as for diphtheria,
tetanus, and pertussis, or DTP. And about 60% of them
live in 10 countries. In Nigeria, for example, only a third of the population received the third dose of DTP in 2017, while that rate is closer to 85% for the rest of the world. You see, immunization rates
are tied not just to beliefs but to economics. Poor countries often lack
infrastructure like electricity, which is needed to keep
vaccines refrigerated. Consider South Sudan. Less than 10% of the population had access to electricity in 2016, which might help explain why the country has one of the lowest
immunization rates in the world. But there are also other factors at play. Like conflict. Following the civil war
in Syria, for example, immunization rates for some diseases fell by nearly 40%, and that trend is mirrored
by other countries that are also marred
with political strife. Yes, these numbers look bleak, but they are improving thanks to an increase in awareness and funding for immunization efforts, especially in countries like Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Sudan. And in 2017, a record 123 million
children were immunized with at least one dose of DTP. So even as this anti-vaxxer movement grips parts of the US, as a global species, humans are actually closer than ever to ridding the world of
vaccine-preventable deaths.

74 Replies to “15 Animated Charts Put America’s Anti-Vaccine Movement Into Perspective

  1. Vaccines don’t cause autism. I have autism and I didn’t get it from a vaccine. I was born with it

  2. Not giving your children vaccines should be considered child abuse and they should get their children taken away

  3. Put all the blame on the anti-vaxxers & none on the people crossing the border bringing these diseases in with them. Political correctness at its finest. not.

  4. Survival of the fittest, anti-vaxers will eventually die out due to being infected by diseases that vaccinations would prevent.

  5. A good solution to bypassing the storage of vaccines is producing the vaccines in the plant body. Also referred to as "Biofarming"
    This way, as the fruit or vegetable let's say banana or potato remains viable, so does the vaccine.
    This is cheap as well. I wonder why it never really got commercialized. I read this in a book of 2007 related to genetics and molecular biology.
    Probably, the pharmaceutical money mafia knows how to deal with such things.

  6. vaccine is expensive my dude. but not in the US. so its pathetic to see the US having anti-vaxxers roaming the streets

  7. Here are some things that never get old related to not vaccinating

    •Making fun of them for being idiots
    •Their kids

  8. You forgot to mention how they have been proven to be unsafe. You also forgot to mention how measles isn't that big of a deal.

  9. Overpopulation: I’ll end the world’s food so everyone will finally die

    Anti vaxxers: hold my beer-

  10. Yea, true, but anti-vaccine movement is still a dangerous movement because more and more will get on board with it. Which will cause even more of a problem.

  11. There are 4 different types of measles-induced encephalitis that are a real possibility once you have contracted measles, all with possibly permanent neurological damage. One in particular, Sub-acute sclerosing panencephalitis has to be the worst. When a child gets measles very young, like under the age allowed for vaccines in the first 2 years of life, it will reappear some 6-15 years later as neurological decline then moves on to full body shutdown until they die. The incidence for this type is rather high too ,1/5500 who contract measles before 2 years. Some reports are now coming out that it could be higher, possibly 1/600 as it is being misidentified as it happens so much later in life after contracting measles. So by you not immunizing, you put at risk small children to later die in life. Not to mention risking the already fragile health of immune compromised people. Why does no one talk about this!

  12. I'm not a kiwi. I'm an American, but I must say… @ 1:18, where's New Zealand? I think they have a point, yo.

  13. Jacobson was never denied employment and his child was never denied an education. This precedent predates doctrines of informed consent. History shows that more people died from the smallpox vaccine, than from smallpox, but this court ruling was never overturned.

  14. How can you say the US is doing well in comparison to other countries in Africa when they have literally no access to vaccination or education to know how important they are. In the US they are doing this willingly and freely because they think a day long Google research is better then a years long education in medicine. They are doing it to themselves. And so many parents in Africa or other countries would do sooo much just to get their kid vaccinated so it won't die

  15. I took vaccine for swine flu when I was a kid and I've never been the same. I have countless health problems including constant fatigue since that day.

  16. Well, most of the anti vaxxers in the US dont even have diplomas, what do you expect. Stupidity is infinite but that doesnt mean it should be a habit.

  17. This video compares USA to developing countries. How about comparing USA vaccination rates to other developed countries?

  18. Why compare US to less developed countries? Why not compare it to more developed countries and see how it measures up?

  19. If the medical system wasn't constantly screwing us people would actually trust what they say, I'm not anti vaccine but I know western medicine is fucked in so many ways

  20. Would you rather have vaccination or death/trauma from nearly dying to diseases like meningitis, polio, measles and at least ten others.

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