10 Minute Morning Yoga Stretch For Beginners

10 Minute Morning Yoga Stretch For Beginners

good morning and thank you for joining
me in this fun little practice this morning such a great way to start the
day feeling refreshed and energized even before getting out of bed so let’s begin
lain we’ll go ahead and reach overhead grabbing opposite elbows we’ll take a nice side stretch here
reaching the elbows towards the left side
feel free to sneak in a yawn get it out it’s almost inevitable for me to yawn in
any sort of stretch back to Center we’ll go ahead and draw the elbows towards the
right all right back to center reach the hands towards the top of the mat for
nice full body stretch here exhale bend the knees feet meet the mat we’ll begin
rocking the knees side to side it needs the chest go ahead and draw the forehead towards
the needs good squeeze release grab the outer edges of the feet drawing the
heels towards the hips rest here or take it deeper by taking your happy baby pose
option to rock side to side hug knees to chest release the right way go ahead and
draw the left knee towards the right side stacking the hips for a supine
twist option to utilize pillows underneath the knees of this little too
intense this morning go ahead and release opposite sides
again option to use some pillows underneath the knees for both added
support back to centre
jump come to seat it begin circulating the hips working our
way up the spine maybe into the shoulders in the upper back then you
even begin to move with the breath here you opposite direction again connecting with
the breath bull inhales full exhales come to Center exhale left hand meets
the match right hand overhead inhale back to Center exhale right hand to the
mat left hand overhead inhale sit tall let’s take a gentle twist here exhale
right hand to the left knee left hand to the back gaze over that
left shoulder inhale back to Center exhale left hand to the right knee go
ahead and take your twist inhale back to centre
begin rolling the head nice gentle movements here filled the clicks and
tics in the neck maybe in the upper back moving with the breath next exhale begin walking the hands
forward stopping where you meet that stretch option here to rock side to side release hop out of bed come to standing
I’m going to use this end table we’ll go ahead and place our hands on the bed and
being walking the feet out until they are there at the underneath the hips option to bend the knees play around to
her do whatever feels good the leaves come to standing granny through the feet
inhale hands overhead grabbing all that space exhale hands down beside the hips
inhale hands reach tall exhale hands to heart center one more time inhale reach
tall here grabbing all that space exhale hands to heart center thank you so much
for joining me this morning namaste

11 Replies to “10 Minute Morning Yoga Stretch For Beginners

  1. Been doing this for over a week straight and my body feels so loose getting out of bed. Maybe will try this before bed too and see how I sleep. Great stretches. 👍🏼

  2. Thanks ! Needed this sister ! Be Blessed with Love, Light, Life and YOGA ! Keep YOGGING ;0) from HAWK ISLAND AKA MONTREAL ! almost fogot AND FINANCIAL BLESSINGS for you to make a Living from your YOGA and Be Stress Free!

  3. Yummy floor work to start. I really liked the neck and upper back sitting posture stretches. I will do that throughout the day. Thank you.

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