10 Difficulties Old Souls Face

10 Difficulties Old Souls Face

Being an old soul is hard. However, this is often overlooked because we’re so good at internalizing our conflicts. To gain a better understanding of what an old soul is, you can watch our previous video, 10 Signs You’re an Old Soul. It takes courage to be different from the crowd, and the path isn’t necessarily easy. These are ten difficulties old souls can relate to. Number one: you’re marginalized. Society doesn’t know how you operate and because of that, they think you’re overwhelmingly different. People don’t always know how to handle differences, so instead of attempting to understand you, they ignore you. Being marginalized isn’t actually a reflection of who you are, but a reflection of the fears of those who separate you from themselves. Number two: you’re misunderstood. It’s like you speak a completely different language from others. You feel like you have to explain yourself a little more because people don’t understand where you’re coming from. What you think is truthful and significant might not mean anything to others. To convey your thoughts and ideas, try using a creative outlet, such as illustration or photography, which are great methods of indirect communication. Number three: you have more existential crises than the average person. What happens when life gives you lemons? You’re exactly the type of person to ponder over such questions and, consequently, you overthink. You start to become unaware of what life has to offer and lose yourself within that. On one hand, you have incredible insight and wisdom but, on the other, it might be downright chaos. Instead of drowning in your thoughts, let things happen in moderation and find your stability. Number four: your need for space can drive people away from you. Space is essential for you, and when you demand it, the people closest to you might take it the wrong way, creating massive misunderstandings. During such situations make sure to find a way to compromise. Number five: you feel lonely. With all the misjudgments you face, and the difficulties you go through, it can get lonely from the view up top, and you never really grow out of it. Loneliness follows you everywhere you go. Mostly because wisdom and a certain degree of isolation always go hand-in-hand. Number six: it’s hard to find people similar to you. People often find you boring because you don’t like hitting the bar like a normal young adult, or you’d rather stay in and watch a movie with a hot cup of tea instead of going out to a party. You struggle to find others who share the same, relaxing hobbies. Number seven: love seems impossible. The dating pool seems small and dim when you struggle to talk to a majority of the people available. As a result, you feel cynical when it comes to love. Making connections just doesn’t seem worth it half the time, especially if you feel more rejected than accepted. If you want to find and build something real and long-lasting, you have to be honest about what you want. Number eight: your philosophical tendencies can be overwhelming. Your mind is constantly connecting every piece of information to one another. It’s called webbed thinking, and while being able to create limitless possibilities sounds genius, your thoughts can became a mess, leaving you tangled and overwhelmed. Number nine: you forgive things to easily. You see things and understand what peoples’ intentions are, never reading things just on a surface level You dig and find reasons for why people are the way they are and, consequently, you have a great capacity to forgive, even for those who don’t necessarily deserve it. Number ten: it’s hard for you to participate in life. Instead of participating in events, you’d rather observe and analyze on the sidelines because it allows for your mind to roam. And as someone who values space, it’s hard not to indulge in that. As it becomes a habit for you to watch instead of do, you find it increasingly harder to join in. You know you’re missing out, but it’s also hard to shut off your judgments against yourself. Remember, you’re a work in progress, it’s okay to be scared, but don’t let yourself stop yourself from doing what you want. Do you consider yourself an old soul? If so, have you ever experienced any of these difficulties or have tips on how to overcome them? Feel free to share in the comments below. If you enjoyed this video, be sure to visit our website and other social media for more content. And if you’d like to support us, please check out our new Patreon account or grab a digital magazine from our shop. Also, for a limited time, Psych2Go is giving away free PSI pendants to those who purchase our magazine bundle. So grab them quickly. Links will be in the description below. Thanks for watching!

100 Replies to “10 Difficulties Old Souls Face

  1. Finally I have a name for all these things I have felt and thought all my life. I'm an old soul. I like that. It makes me feel better about it somehow

  2. I keep getting told I'm the lame friend it hard to explain how I feel when I don't really know myself but hearing videos like this help me voice who I am. Even though sometimes I wish I was "normal"

  3. Yes. Everytime i socialize theres certain shit esspecially when ur in a country whos full of very iggnorant shitheads and low understanding human at times i dont even considsr them as humans and i stick to thoes who are teachers, professionals and mannered people and i keep cringing and smirking on how will they fall awefuly in life while i float up to success

  4. This explains most of my life. People always Said I think too hard Through out a simple problem. I can't really find Friends who relate to me Mostly boys do than girls. Explains Why I want to be Alone. And People Come for me to Advice. This explains my life Almost As an extrovert. This is funny I'm 11 XD

  5. As an old soul the best thing I’ve ever done is stop trying to be happy, accept being a “down” or generally unhappy individual, accept it, and Appreciate happy as it comes and goes.

    Trying to be happy and continuously failing makes you unhappy.

    Being unhappy and taking the happiness that comes gives you happiness without the struggle…

    I’m high. Pisces. INTP. Old soul. <3

  6. As far as the last point about not being able to join things, I struggle with a lot, but I think I’ve found a way around. What holds you back is the thought that you’ve spend too much time waiting, so you’ll make a fool out of yourself since you haven’t developed the same skills as everyone else. To combat this, start practicing quietly. I’ve always want to be able to dance, but never really found it in myself to start learning until a couple days ago. Without telling anyone(besides my parents) I looked an easy dance tutorial to a song I liked and now I’ve almost got the chorus down. AND I don’t have to embarrass myself in a class full up much more talented people than me because I’m in the safety of my own room. I find this can be applied to a lot of things when you think about it. Hope this helps!

  7. Having an old soul in today’s world is very difficult. While communicating with others we are able to express our simple goals such as understand them, forgiving them, and share our truest self; we see the goodness in others but sometimes they don’t see the goodness in us. We have stronger and more energy towards our judgment but makes it hard to stay by a standpoint because we see their intentions and want to fulfill their wants and needs over ours. We see the kind of chaos we could make but choose to be the bigger person always and it honestly is the worst. We over analyze everything and once you realize you can’t make everyone happy, you’ll soon learn life can be easier when you try not to let little things effect you. I wish all the old souls out there good luck on your endeavors. It’s okay to focus on your personal goals and try to meditate to relax your webbed thinking.

  8. I'm not really sure if I am, but these wraps up the final years of my high school though,
    Also, I thought I completely despised love, but then realizes I need it.
    If one is considered an old soul, is there a chance that that person could regain soul youth? Anyone please answer😥

  9. I’ve been read except for the forgiving part. And it’s incredibly hard to to be with someone like us because.. well I don’t need to tell you do I?

  10. I can relate to every point.
    As someone who went through a partial foot amputation at the age of 5, survived cancer at 17, and having to deal with the severe dysfunction in my family since I’ve been born, all this coupled with the fact that I’m also an old soul has made life completely miserable. I don’t have the balls to take myself out though lol guess there’s still hope for me, just don’t know where to find it.

  11. I definitely face all of these
    Although it's rather liberating to me
    If there's one that particularly annoying, it's #2
    Nobody wants to open their damn eyes and see what's wrong in this world
    Sometimes i don't mind the loneliness
    It gives me plenty time to think
    And i've found there's hardly any problem that can't be solved with knowledge and contemplation
    Personally, when i experience an existential crisis, i think of it as the result of finding a daunting answer to a special question
    Also as for #8
    I solved that a long time ago with the help of notepad
    Trust me, it's never a bad idea to spill your mind into a txt file, i do it all the time
    Infact i'm typing up a foundation for a story, for a game that i hope to make
    I've typed up to 98 KB in text/txt files so far, and i'm still going, i'm just waiting for the right opportunity to bring it to life in the form of a game and a story
    If all goes well, it's gonna be one hell of a game, but it's likely gonna take a couple years or more

  12. I dont know what to do😳
    After more than a year I finaly found friends but now I still don't feel happy😯😔
    IDK its just that my friends is always talking and complaning mostly on shalow stuff as any teenager which is nice but for a long term I can't relate to any of her problome and than I just sound to her "as a show off who thinks she smarter " and I hate that cuse I don't and I realy don't want to but it feel like she is don't even try to understate me 😳

  13. I've related to 9/10 and I didn't hear of anything about "old souls" until now but I'll search for more information🤔

  14. Yes, I always have different mind than people around me and often overthinking of unkown. Does that mean I'm a professional soul??

  15. I look for ppl lik me an im alway misunderstood, i need my fucking space an my family thinks im anger im alway lonely like yeah cause i need space at time but not all the time an finding love is dam ass hard, my brain is driving me think cause i think to much at once,an i forgive to easly but i dont trust the same, my parnets are alway saying ur a 13 year old girl be normal

  16. i really hate to say this but yes, im an old soul…i found to be more connected to adults then people my age. i just wish to be stupid.

  17. Wait wait wait, you’re an old soul so you’re really wise and have experienced many lives… but you think that you should be rejected less than 50% of the time when asking someone out, you have some odd reaction to the basic fact that if you’re abnormal most people won’t be like you, or that most people are stupid. Those are some odd and huge blind spots in exprience for someone so wise, I’ve only lived one life (at least that I know of) and even I know most people are stupid, even I know I shouldn’t expect to be accepted as a mating partner by every woman ever, even I know there’s only a few people that are very similar to me. I also know I’m a moron myself, at the very least to a certain extent.
    That’s another tip about being wise, if you haven’t realized you’re stupid yet you probably aren’t going to be wise for a while, I’m still not wise either though so eh.

  18. Definitely relate to all of them except the love part. I was always open to love, as I craved it. It was my self doubts that made relationships into a constant "well, they're gonna get what they need from me, then kick me to the curb" thought process, mainly due to my previous relationships. It wasn't until my husband came into my life that I was practically forced to accept that I'm worth being with.

    But holy crap do I totally relate to the fact that it's so hard finding like-minded people. Even in high school, my friends liked to go out drinking, do drugs, and just do dumb crap, but I always refused to tag along. I didn't like being teased about it, but I knew I didn't wanna get mixed up in that crap. I always felt like an old lady amongst my friends. I only found a couple of people in high school that I connected with. Now, as an adult, I don't really seek anyone out. It's an absolute joy when I meet one, but I'm in no rush to meet them asap. What will be, will be.

    And, yes, having a conversation with most people is difficult. I have to hold myself back from saying all the things I want to say because I know they won't understand. I also think that if people want your help, they'll ask. I don't like jumping into long, existential conversations about life, health, love, and self healing, because it's usually not well received by the masses, which does make me feel… lonely. -_- I have SO~ much knowledge and I KNOW I can help these people, but their mental blockages keep me out and it's… painful. I'm getting better at accepting it, though. When I open my business, those who seek my knowledge will come to me. Hell, I even joined a Discord server that's a lawsuit waiting to happen just because it's dedicated (in a small part) to mental health and helping people. I soon was chosen to be a mod, but it only lasted a month. These young souls did not understand, nor appreciate, the help I was offering. They labeled me as a liability, even though I wasn't doing a thing that would get them in trouble. Their lack of understanding concerns me greatly with regard to those who join the server to seek help.

    And, yes, I'm totally on board with that knowledge = chaotic mind. My mind has always been a mass of chaos. My anxiety disorders are one thing, but top that with all the knowledge I have and wondering HOW to use it wisely……. Ugh, it's madness.

  19. I experienced all of these as a teenager and I was miserable and very angry because I felt so misunderstood. I still feel lonely at times but it does help to surround yourself with people who except you even if they don't necessarily understand you.

  20. "When life gives me Lemons"
    "I'll sell it coz in my country its expensive so I'll be rich by then nyahahahahahahahha😆😆😆"

  21. Some days we old souls drown in the waves of our thoughts and the gaining loneliness is only an anchor pulling us down faster but nevertheless were always self sufficiently strong no matter what Hopefully one day i can find a significant other thats like me

  22. I don’t know if I’m an old soul.
    I’m a weird guy, I see life and I just want to live it, I see pain and I just want to help, I see problems and I come up with literally 100s of answers and paths ( it’s sometimes exhausting ), I can open up anybody whether their a hard or soft person, I easily forgive I only found 3 times where it took time to forgive, I love movies and time spent together, I try to be fit 😅 I will be fit one day😊, I like long hikes, I like deep conversations, I strive for greatness but at home I’m a little lazy which I will overcome, I only read really good books so once in a great while, I love documentaries, I love people, I like my alone time because it’s my charger but I found out to much alone time is bad, I get lost in my own world sometimes, I forget stuff sometimes, I love to learn, I know when I’m being taken advantage of ( new skill ), I trust people even when I know they have bad agendas( I’ve lived with business sharks so I know the Game of thrones games ). I still don’t know myself 😅 what am I because I could write a 500 page book about myself and still be like what are you.

  23. Owwwh so…. I'm a old soul too
    I thought I was an introvert before and now I'm both
    Ugh now I know why I'm always alone

  24. Some people like to claim the "old soul" label even when they're not because it makes themselves feel special and unique.

  25. See the hardest part for me is that I don't connect with anyone my age, I don't have an urge for doing the things I feel I should be doing in my early twenties. It's very strange, but in a way it's always kind of been like this.

  26. I am an old soul and I approve of this message

  27. Overwhelming philosophies
    Hard to find similar people
    Love seems impossible

    Damn. Thanks for exposing me Psych2go 😃😃

  28. I just hate parties and family reunion. The noise of people talking and laughing hits my head like i'm sitting in a giant boombox

  29. In the process I've learned that I don't need people to understand me, because they truly never will. GOD is the one who turly understands me, and that's alright, because his greater than all of us.

  30. I've learned to embrace it and make it work for me. People watch from a far and just wonder. Too fearful to ask and I'm too smart to offer.

  31. I am 15 and I am an old soul. I am a kindred spirit, have an old soul but is also a child at heart. I’m like double sided, probably because I am a Gemini

  32. Sucks in society. That is why I never related to society. I am that kind of person who would love to wear a "F**k society" t-shirt.

  33. It’s hard to find a partner thats worth it and has something good to talk about other than Instagram parties

  34. Infj-T for turbulent and a cancer sign youcan imagine turn 50ty world artificial spirit world is the true world of endless learning

  35. What the hell? This video seems to know me personally! I almost felt attacked! Number 1 to 10 described me accurately!

  36. I relate to almost everything in this list. The loneliness, the overthinking, and some other things. At the same time I'm accepting myself, not forcing myself to relate to others my age or others at any ages. I found it made me happier to just live and let live, and to just try to get out of my comfort zone once in a while.

  37. Yes, I have literally all these difficulties, I really have issues finding someone like minded, it's like I'm roaming an endless desert, a lot of things come and go, and I've had difficulty trying to attract someone who wants to stay for the long haul. Like the other video, I look for the future, and that seems impossible to have someone stay for the future

  38. For my age, no one fully understands me. Not even the two close friends I made only a year ago. Most of the time before that, I would always be observing other people's behaviors and actions and think about that and connect all of the pieces. This makes most people ignore me and think I'm weird. I'm just glad I at least understand why I am like this. 🙂

  39. I watched this thinking I was going to learn something about my dearest friend. Now I think, I too may be an old soul…or that I've become one over time.

  40. Everythings correct except loneliness. I honestly enjoy the "loner" life. As I'm very socially awkward as well. It makes me an upgraded old soul.

  41. As an old soul interaction is hard, and my aspirations seem to fly away after thinking about taking the chance. I'm too afraid to ask for help or borrowing things, but maybe that's because of something else.

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