1 Hour Ashtanga Yoga Inspired (For Personal Power)

1 Hour Ashtanga Yoga Inspired (For Personal Power)

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  1. I really love your every yoga video…hatha yoga is my favourite..nd one more thing you drs ..nd drs clr just woww…..nd your room…just fantastic..ur r just not only a good teacher..also a beautiful woman.. nd u also make your home too much beautiful.. there is a ganesha,lord shiva,vishnu,budhha dev..nataraj avtar…just wow..🙏🧘❤️💜🙏

  2. I’m not huge on Ashtanga Yoga but I’m loving your ashtanga inspired classes. Thanks for such beautiful long classes ❤️

  3. Thanks Lesley. Hopefully one day I can do all the poses as beautiful as you are. Love your energy in your videos! Thanks again xo

  4. It’s been a while since I’ve done an Ashtanga class due to various body pains. I decided to try it this morning and it went pretty well. Thank you!

  5. It’s been a while since I’ve done an Ashtanga class due to various body pains. I decided to try it this morning and it went pretty well. Thank you!

  6. Thank you for another fabulous class 😍 I never 7sed to be keen on ashtanga but now love the structure of the flow, I do prefer the hour long classes rather than the full ashtanga ones

  7. You're videos are my go-to for ashtanga! I use one of your other videos for my practice, happy you've a new video out.

    Appreciate the detailed explanation and guidance on each asana. And i just love your voice, so relaxing. 😌

  8. I was scared to do this practice because I’ve never done a Fightmaster yoga 1 hour Ashtanga before. It was somewhat difficult but totally doable. I am now feeling so powerful!

  9. I was not feeling very strong this morning and wasn't sure I could make it through this, but I did! Feeling powerful!💪

  10. Powerful! I get nervous when I hear the word ashtanga. But this powerful practice was very do able with a bit of modifying. I loved it! So rewarding. I am glad I did it. Thank you!

  11. Thank you so much for a great class! The way you talk through mindful breathing is really effective! Do you have any meditation, herb, oil, tea, flow, etc. tips for PMDD? I'm trying to improve my mental health when my balance is adversely affected (as a professional dancer, that time of the month reeeally takes a toll on me)

  12. I love Ashtanga. It's actually my favorite yoga practice. I think it's because of all the flows and movement, my body craves activity. It's hard for me to be be calm LOL. And what you said at the beginning about letting go of those who are not supportive and surrounding yourself with positive people. Girl, you are preaching to the choir! I have been focusing on this for the past few years. It's been hard to let go of some, but in the end, it's been worthwhile for my personal well being.

  13. Loved this. I need to slow my practice down more often. Can you do a video on engaging your pelvic floor? I’m about a year postpartum and I’m trying to reconnect to it but I’m finding it to be difficult. Would love some advice on engaging and strengthening it. Thanks!

  14. I must admit Ashtanga is not favorite style but I am growing to appreciate the more I practice it with Lesley. Power!

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