Реакция на BTS(방탄소년단)MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 ‘Interlude:Shadow’ Comeback Trailer

Реакция на BTS(방탄소년단)MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 ‘Interlude:Shadow’ Comeback Trailer

Hi everyone,welcome to my channel! Today i buy new BTS album And i will make a giveaway in my Instagram ONE MINUTE! It’s SUGA It’s all u need to know MIN YOONGI OH my God! i have goosebumps i have goosebumps i can’t think now At the beginnig it’s like SUGA voice When it like Min Yoongi Or it’s Agust D? I don’t know what to expect from all album It’s already SOOOO COOL Do u hear to this chorus? I need comeback-trailer from Yoongi since i was borth This voice It’s Agust D! It’s really Agust D comeback! What can i say? We will die after comeback I didn’t expect trailer like this I think maybe it wiil be like Seesaw In this trailer it’s SUGA,Yoongi,Agust D It’s really cool! I like chorus where he sing I like the end.It’s like bad Agust d vibe At the begin it’s like SUGA vibe. It wiil be cool if he said “SUGA” Write in comments your reaction I will read translation after the video From what i heard i can say that lyrics are so deep “I want to be a rockstar,i want to be popular,rich etc.” But all of this has another side waiting for comeback! bye! I hope u still alive

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  1. Круто не ожила что ты вылажишь видео 😳 на счёт тизера у меня нет слов, а это мать его всего лишь ТИЗЕР 🤡🤡🤡🤡 и да я когда смотрела у меня были мурашки и всё тело тряслось 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡💓

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