Необычные визитки

Необычные визитки

Now I would like to share with readers a business idea. Her development has pushed me to one event.

My adventures in the shops in search of a gift to his wife and little daughter led me to the store “Children’s World”! And that’s what I saw! Near the entrance to the granny sitting with a huge shield and selling – do you think that? Business cards !!!

On the big board was written in large letters “The mystery of your name.” Beneath this inscription was pasted dozens of five cards with different names. Each business card was written for a specific name, its interpretation is given. Immediately we were given the characteristics and description of rocks, which are inherent in this name. And it all completes 2 glued pebble that match the given name. These small cost 4 hryvnia, and there is no curfew! Customers right there !! We have $ 1=5.30 USD. What is not a home based business!

Business cards can be made on my technology, described in one of my ideas published, and the rest – just a trick!

Now comes the time to various holidays (New Year, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, 8 March, on February 23, and so on), each of us has to make a variety of gifts. And such a gift as an unusual business card with the name of congratulations, its decoding and application of appropriate stones – a great gift!

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